How to withdraw money from Visa card

How to withdraw money from Visa card

Robert McDougall 

October 2, 2023

Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular crypto exchanges around the world, thanks to its user-friendly app and the fantastic Visa debit card (read review), with perks such as crypto cashback on each purchase. If you are reading this article, I'm sure you don't need to be told about how great the card is. You have probably been using it for some time, and now want to know how you can withdraw money from the card.

Withdrawing money from Visa card to your fiat wallet

You would have found it easy to deposit fiat currency into the app and transfer it to your Visa card. However, it isn't so easy to transfer the money back to your fiat wallet or your bank account. This is because unfortunately does not support this action.

I have personally spent hours trying to research how (if at all possible) to withdraw money from the Visa card back to my wallet. The only option to send money from the Visa card is to send it to someone in your Contacts. This doesn't send the money to their bank account, but gives them a link to sign up to, and the money will be sent to their app. This is not helpful for what we are trying to achieve.

If you have money stuck in your Visa card, what can you do besides spend it? Is it stuck there forever?

Luckily there is another option to withdraw money from your Visa card.

Withdrawing money from Visa card using an ATM

The only way to withdraw your money from Visa card is to use an ATM. You will be able to withdraw fiat currency from your local ATM or even any ATM around the world. This is great if you are travelling, as you can easily withdraw money in the local currency when you need it. 

Each month there is a set amount that you can withdraw from an ATM free of charge. The fee-free limits depend on which tier of card you have, as follows: Visa Card Tier

Monthly Fee-Free Limit


$1,000 USD

Icy White, Frosted Rose Gold

$1,000 USD

Jade Green, Royal Indigo

$800 USD

Ruby Steel

$400 USD

Midnight Blue

$200 USD

If you wish to withdraw money from an ATM after you have reached your monthly limit, there is a 2% transaction fee. If you are not in a rush to withdraw your money, you can gradually withdraw some each month to save yourself the transaction fee. However, if you need to withdraw your money immediately, a 2% fee is not an unreasonable amount.


If you have accidentally transferred too much money to your Visa card, you won't be able to send the money back to your fiat wallet. However, you can easily withdraw your money from your Visa card by using an ATM. Depending on your tier of card, you will be able to withdraw between $200 and $1,000 USD per month free of charge. When you exceed this monthly limit, the fee is 2%.

I hope you have found this article helpful, and you are able to withdraw your money from your card. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


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