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By Robert McDougall
About Sign Up to the Best Crypto Trading Platform

Find out how to choose a cryptocurrency exchange, and follow a step-by-step guide on how to set up your account.

Key Takeaways

  • It is important to select a crypto exchange that is legitimate, safe, has low fees, lots of trading pairs, and is accessible in your country.
  • Our #1 recommendation is MEXC Global, which has 1,520+ coins, zero trading fees for market makers, and $30 FREE USDT for new users. 
  • Sign up to MEXC and fund your account following the easy steps below, in preparation for your first crypto trade.

How to select a crypto exchange

Now that you understand some of the basics of cryptocurrency and trading, it is time to choose a crypto exchange. There are plenty of options out there, but you need to make sure you are choosing a safe platform that is legitimate and secure. All of the exchanges that we recommend in this trading course are safe, we have personally tested them and they are trusted sites. 

Besides security, you want to choose a crypto exchange that supports a wide range of coins, has advanced charting tools, and plenty of trading options, including margin tradingcopy tradingbot trading, and demo modes. After hours of testing and research, we have come up with a following list of the top 3 crypto trading platforms below. 

Our #1 recommendation is MEXC Global, as it is a comprehensive trading platform with more than 1,520+ coins, over 2,110 trading pairs, and extremely high liquidity, meaning your trades will be executed quickly. You can use MEXC without any KYC or identity verification, and it is available in almost every country, including the USA. The trading fees are free for market makers, and very low for takers. If you sign up with our link, you will receive $30 USDT FREE, as well as 10% discount on all your trading fees! If you want to do more research before choosing an exchange, you can read our MEXC review here, or see our article on the best crypto exchanges.

In this crypto trading course, we will use screenshots from a MEXC account, so if you want to follow along easily, you can sign up to MEXC here.

Crypto ExchangeFeaturesScoreMore
Best Overall
MEXC Global

MEXC Global

☑️ Huge range of 1,520+ coins and 2,110+ trading pairs

☑️ Deepest liquidity, almost 10x higher than Bybit, Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, and OKX

☑️ Zero trading fees for makers, and only 0.2% taker fee for spot, and 0.06% taker fee for futures

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Free Spot Trading


☑️ Spot trading, margin trading, copy trading, staking, and more

☑️ Zero fees for spot trading, and low fees for derivatives trading: 0.01/0.06% (maker/taker)

☑️ Over 280+ different cryptocurrencies supported

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Popular Trading Platform


☑️ More than 700+ cryptocurrencies available to trade

☑️ Additional features such as crypto lending, crypto borrowing, staking, and futures trading

☑️ Low fees: 0.1% for spot trading, 0.02/0.06% (maker/taker) for futures

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How to sign up to a crypto exchange

Once you have decided which cryptocurrency exchange you will use for your trading, the first step is to open an account. We will show you how to do this, with screenshots included. If you decided to use MEXC, simply click here, which will take you to the 'create account' page, as shown in the screenshot below. If you are using a different crypto exchange, simply go to the homepage and click 'sign up'.

When you see the screen above, you can choose to register with your mobile or email. Enter your phone number or email, choose a password, tick the box to agree with the terms & conditions, then click 'Sign Up'. Then you will receive a verification code to your email or phone, simply enter that code, and you will be taken straight to the MEXC site, like below.

How to fund your crypto exchange

Now that you have signed up to your crypto exchange, it is time to fund your account so you can begin trading. While we do not recommend you start trading now, before reading the following lessons, it is a good idea to have your money ready to go. This way, you can easily follow along and test out some strategies when we get to the upcoming lessons.

Transferring crypto to MEXC

If you already own cryptocurrency that you wish to trade, for example USDT or BTC on another exchange or wallet, you can easily transfer it to your MEXC account. Click on 'Deposit' (circled in red below) to get started.

Select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit, and the relevant network, and then click to generate the address (circled in red below). You will see a QR code as well as a string of characters underneath - this is your wallet address. Copy the address, and then sign in to your other exchange or wallet, where you want to transfer your crypto from. Paste the wallet address in the relevant field when transferring crypto, and then send it to MEXC. It should only take a few minutes for the funds to arrive in your MEXC account.

Buying crypto on MEXC

If you do not yet own any crypto, you can buy some on MEXC to begin trading. To use fiat to purchase crypto, you need to complete 'Advanced KYC' verification. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner, then click 'Identification'.

Click on the 'Verify' button next to Advanced KYC. Fill out the relevant details and follow the prompts to complete the process.

When you have successfully completed verification, click on 'Buy Crypto' in the menu along the top, and a dropdown menu will appear, as shown in the screenshot below. You can see there are various methods you can use, and the most popular is the Quick Buy/Sell option. Simply select the currency you wish to pay in (eg: USD) and the amount, then select the crypto you want to buy. For trading, we recommend you buy USDT, as it is the most commonly traded stablecoin. Select your payment method, and then click the green 'Buy USDT' button below. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Your MEXC trading account is now ready to go, so let's continue this course and go to our next lesson, where we learn about the different types of cryptocurrency orders.

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