How to Execute Advanced Orders on CoinSpot

How to Execute Advanced Orders on CoinSpot

Robert McDougall

April 11, 2024


With endless crypto exchanges available today, one platform that Australian traders highly trust is CoinSpot. Founded in 2013, this exchange is renowned for its diverse selection of over 450 digital currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. 

CoinSpot also features a dedicated mobile app and robust security measures like two-factor authentication and Blockchain Australia certification.

But these are not the only features that make CoinSpot stand out compared to other top Australian exchanges. It extends beyond basic transactions and offers various market order types and the most popular crypto bundles for strategic investments.

Offering tools such as limit orders, market orders, stop orders, OTC — the platform empowers traders to strategically navigate the complexities of crypto trading. 

In this blog, we will help you closely explore the different advanced orders offered by CoinSpot and how you can make the most of them to improve your trading outcomes. 

Understanding Advanced Orders 

Before we explore the different types of advanced orders on CoinSpot and how to execute them, it's essential to understand them. So, what are advanced orders? 

These are orders that go beyond the simplicity of basic buys and sells, offering tools that traders can use to trade more effectively. In the cryptocurrency trading industry, where market conditions can change rapidly, utilising advanced orders becomes a valuable asset for any trader.

Advanced orders like limit orders and stop orders provide a structured approach to the otherwise unpredictable nature of the crypto market. Specifically, a limit order allows traders to specify the price (maximum or minimum) at which they are willing to trade an asset, providing control over entry and exit prices. 

On the other hand, a stop order serves as a protective measure, automatically triggering a buy or sell order when the asset reaches a predetermined price level, limiting losses. 

These advanced order types offer precision and risk management beyond the straightforward nature of basic trades.

Types of Advanced Orders on CoinSpot 

Now that we've discussed what advanced orders are, let's explore the different advanced order types supported by CoinSpot. 

Stop Loss Order

A stop loss order functions as a protective mechanism. It automatically triggers the sale of crypto if the price hits a predetermined level that is lower than the current market rate. These orders play a crucial role in risk management, allowing you to minimise potential losses by swiftly exiting a position when market conditions turn unfavourable. 

Take Profit Order

A take profit order is a strategic exit instruction designed to automatically close a trading position when the crypto reaches a predetermined price level, one that is more favourable than the current market rate. Setting take-profit orders allows you to secure gains while following your planned trading strategy. 

Buy Limit Order

A buy limit order enables traders to set a specific buying price for a cryptocurrency instead of accepting the current market price. Simply put, traders can pinpoint their desired entry point, typically based on calculated analysis. 

Buy Stop Order

A buy stop order is an instruction to purchase a crypto when its price reaches a specified level or goes beyond it. Once this price is reached, the buy stop order can be executed as either a limit order or a market order, obtaining the crypto at the next available price. This type of order allows for automated buying at a predetermined price level, providing a strategic approach to entering a market position.

Market Order

A Market Order lets you instantly buy or sell a cryptocurrency at the current market price. It prioritises quick execution, making it suitable when speed is crucial, especially in fast-paced markets. 

While a market order ensures prompt entry or exit from a position, it's important to note that the execution price may vary slightly from the displayed market price due to market fluctuations. This type of order is favoured when speed takes precedence over a specific execution price.

Setting Up Advanced Orders on CoinSpot 

Now that you know the advanced orders you can consider when trading on CoinSpot, let’s move on and see the steps for setting up each advanced order type.

Setting Up Buy Limit Order

To set up a buy limit order, start by:

  • Clicking on the Buy/Sell option

  • Select the coin on which you want to set the order and click the ‘Buy (ex. BTC)’ button > Select Order BTC.

  • Now, click on 'Buy Limit.'

  • Choose the coin for the order.

  • Enter the desired Buy Price and Purchase Amount.

  • Review your order and tap on 'Preview Buy Limit.'

  • Confirm your order.

  • Congratulations, you've successfully set a Buy Limit Order.

  • To view or update, navigate to 'Go to Open Orders.'

Setting Up Buy Stop Order

You can set up a buy-stop order by:

  • Clicking on the Buy/Sell option

  • Select the coin on which you want to set the order and click the ‘Buy (ex. BTC)’ button > Select Order BTC.

  • Now, click on 'Buy Stop.'

  • Choose the relevant coin.

  • Enter the desired Buy Price and Purchase Amount.

  • Review the order and tap 'Preview Buy Stop.'

  • Confirm the order.

  • Congratulations, you've successfully set a Buy Stop Order.

  • To view or update, go to 'Open Orders.'

Setting Up Take Profit Orders

For setting up take profit orders on CoinSpot, you need to:

  • Click on the Buy/Sell button

  • Select the coin on which you want to set the order and click the ‘Buy (ex. BTC)’ button > Select Order BTC.

  • Now tap on 'Take Profit.'

  • Choose the coin for the order.

  • Set the desired Sell Price and Sell Amount.

  • Preview the Take Profit Order.

  • Confirm the order.

  • Congratulations, you've successfully set a Take Profit Order.

  • For adjustments, head to 'Go to Open Orders.'

Setting Up Stop Loss Order

Now, if you want to set up a stop loss order on CoinSpot, you need to:

  • Tap the Buy/Sell button

  • Select the coin on which you want to set the order and click the ‘Buy (ex. BTC)’ button > Select Order BTC.

  • Then, click on 'Stop Loss.'

  • Now, choose the coin.

  • Set the desired Sell Price and Sell Amount.

  • Preview the Stop Loss Order.

  • Confirm the order.

  • Congratulations, you've successfully set a Stop Loss Order.

  • For future changes, access 'Go to Open Orders.'

Setting Up Market Orders (Buy Limit Orders)

To set up market orders, you need to: 

  • First, open the Markets Page > pick your preferred trading pair. 

  • On the ‘Buy’ tab, enter the purchase amount > then enter the price to purchase your coins > then select ‘Buy’ 

  • Click on ‘Confirm Buy’

  • Now, you can check and take action on your market orders on the ‘My Open Orders’ page.

Tips for Effective Order Placement and Management:

Did you know you can implement specific crypto trading tips to make order placement and management more efficient? Below are some tips that we believe are highly beneficial to consider for both beginner and seasoned crypto traders: 

  • Start by clearly outlining your objectives and stay attuned to market trends. By having well-defined goals, you can align your advanced orders with the overarching market dynamics, ensuring a strategic approach to your trades.

  • Make sure to leverage the analytical tools offered by CoinSpot for a thorough market analysis. Study through the comprehensive data provided by the platform to make informed decisions when setting advanced orders.

  • We also suggest being proactive by routinely reviewing and adjusting your orders. Since the crypto markets evolve, your strategy must evolve with them. Regular updates to your advanced orders allow you to better adapt to changing conditions and optimize your trading approach.

  • Lastly, don't forget to stay in the loop with real-time information by utilising alerts and notifications. CoinSpot provides tools to set up alerts based on specific market conditions, helping you stay up-to-date with market updates.

Strategies for Using Advanced Orders Effectively 

Boost your cryptocurrency trading skills by using advanced orders strategically to increase profits and reduce losses effectively.

Harmonise with Market Trends

To navigate the cryptocurrency landscape adeptly, align your advanced orders with overarching market trends. In less volatile markets, opt for limit orders which provides a cautious approach. 

Meanwhile, use stop orders as safety nets in more unpredictable environments to mitigate potential risks.

Diversify Your Order Types

Reliability lies in diversity. Seasoned traders understand the importance of mixing limit, stop, and conditional order types. This diversified trading strategy allows you to adapt to the dynamic fluctuations within the market.

Utilise Conditional Orders for Complex Strategies

Conditional orders are sophisticated tools used in trading to execute complex strategies with precision. These orders enable traders to set specific conditions for buying or selling crypto based on predefined criteria. 

For example, a trader could set a conditional order to automatically buy a cryptocurrency if its price reaches a certain level or to sell it if the price falls below a specified threshold.

Benefits and Risks of Using Advanced Orders 


As an efficient trading approach, we believe the effective implementation of advanced orders can introduce various trading benefits. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Advanced orders offer more control over your trades by specifying exact prices for buying or selling.

  • These order types shield investments from abrupt price drops by using stop orders as vigilant guardians, triggering automatic sales in a market downturn.

  • It is also a practical approach for leveraging conditional orders to automate intricate trading sequences, making it easier for you to respond dynamically to specific market conditions.

  • With advanced orders, you can control entry and exit points, minimising losses and maximising gains.

  • Such orders also help improve trading strategies with flexibility, allowing you to adapt your strategy according to the ever-changing crypto market.


Like any other trading approach, advanced order types also come with a fair share of risk that should be considered before proceeding with a trade. These risks include: 

  • One common issue with advanced orders is the setup of overly strict price settings, which may result in missed opportunities during volatile market movements, further leading to compromised trade execution.

  • Adjusting stop orders without careful consideration can also be a notable issue, leading to unintended triggering due to short-term market fluctuations.

  • Choosing Time in Force settings without considering market volatility typically leads to orders executing at unfavourable moments.

  • Failure to regularly reassess and adjust risk management strategies is also a common issue traders face, resulting in reliance on outdated approaches. This, as a result, affects the trade outcomes.


Exploring various advanced order types supported by CoinSpot can enhance your crypto trading experience on the platform. 

To master advanced orders on CoinSpot, we recommend you gain practical experience by setting up different order types. This way, you can better understand how each order type works, making creating a personalised trading strategy tailored to your goals easier. 

We hope this detailed guide will help you maximise the benefits of advanced orders on CoinSpot while avoiding their potential risks in your trading approaches.

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