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Robert McDougall

Marketplace Fairness CEO

Robert is a seasoned professional in the industry and possesses a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. His passion for cryptocurrency is unmatched, as he is constantly exploring and researching new developments in the field. He is an avid believer in the power of decentralized systems and how they can revolutionize the way we live and transact.

Robert is known for his insightful commentary and expert analysis on the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market. He is always eager to share his knowledge and insights with the community, and his passion for the industry shines through in everything he does. Whether through his work on Marketplace Fairness, his new online store, or through speaking engagements, Robert McDougall is a true advocate for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Mission of Marketplace Fairness

Marketplace Fairness was originally created to educate readers about the Marketplace Fairness Act, but it gradually grew into a broader website covering various topics about traditional finance and cryptocurrency. At Marketplace Fairness, we aim to help our readers make better decisions with their investments. We hope that we can create a fair marketplace for the everyday investor through education.

Meet Our Team

At Marketplace Fairness, there are a lot of people working together to ensure the website runs smoothly and to provide a great experience for our readers. Here are just a handful of our staff who are brave enough to show their faces! If you wish to reach out to us with a question, or to pursue a brand partnership, please leave us a message on our Contact Form.

Robert McDougall


Bill Bernstone

Content Director

Gerry Bernstone

Health & Fitness

Maria Tilley

Graphic Design

Daniel Chan

Chief Technical Officer

Daniel Longreen

Operations Manager

Robert Donnelly

Chief Financial Officer

Avi Lebovitz

Business Analyst

Đức Vũ

Vietnamese Content

Heidi Foster

Human Resources

Ashley Long

Web Development

Seo-jun Park

Korean Content

Will Chandler

Performance Analyst

Lara Middlemiss

Brand Partnerships

Miguel Morales

Spanish Content

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