Best Australian mobile share trading apps

Best Australian mobile share trading apps

Daniel Chan

January 9, 2024


It’s no longer necessary to be tied to a trading desk to complete a stock trade. Because of trading apps, multiple trades can be completed on a mobile device when there’s internet access. 

These apps permit share trading across the ASX market and international exchanges using just your smartphone. While many online brokers do offer a branded mobile trading app, not all of them do. Also, some trading apps are mobile-only without desktop access. Therefore, for Australian stock traders that prefer to use a mobile app to trade, here are the best stock trading apps for Australia in 2021. 

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While we’ve tried to be fair in our comparisons, the reality is that there is not a top share trading app. Why is that? Because your personal preferences vary from ours and other peoples’ too.

Also, whether you can trade Australian shares or other types of securities, is not always consistent either. Some trading apps only permit US trading, for instance. Therefore, there’s considerable variance from one mobile app to another, and one service to another. So, what’s best for you won’t be the same. 

We’ve reviewed 8 mobile share trading apps, so you have a good selection to choose between:

CMC Markets Stockbroking app

The CMC Markets mobile app, fortunately, provides just as much functionality as their website too.

It’s possible to trade on the move but also get a larger view from a laptop or desktop PC later. Buying shares or selling ones that have hit your sell target is possible via linked or conditional sell orders. Scanning your current stock positions, and history lets you know where you are at. Relevant real-time charting, market information, portfolio details, and watchlists round out the features. 

The CMC Markets app is offered on both iOS and Android devices. It also includes the latest news and insights to stay abreast of market actions through the trading day. 

  • There are no commissions charged to trade stocks listed on US, UK, German, or Japanese stock exchanges. 
  • Multiple order types are supported, so it’s possible to add linked or conditional orders, make last-minute amendments, initiate sell or buy orders, and then go about your day.
  • Current marketing information, charts, and news.
  • Create watchlists and update them as needed.
  • Focused mostly on experienced, not novice or new traders. The interface may also be too much for beginners who require something more simplistic, and less chart-based.

IG Trading app

IG is no slouch in the trading app market. They don’t have just one but a slew of mobile apps to trade the market. There are apps to trade using an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, Windows Phone (most likely discontinued soon due to this platform dying out), and Windows tablet too.

  • IG app can be downloaded and tried out free of charge.
  • App design is native to the operating system, so it will immediately feel comfortable.
  • Frequent updates to apps for security and to add new features.
  • Aimed at active traders and investors over infrequent users. Still likely to be easier than CMC Markets mobile app though.


Disclaimer: Below content does not apply to US users.

eToro is heavily promoted online and so it’s likely that you’ve heard of it before. 

This trading app is extremely popular. It’s available for iPhone or Android devices. Perhaps its most in-demand feature borrows something from social crowd sharing by letting traders see what the highest performing traders are picking and copy their trades and stock portfolio. The traders are selected by the team at eToro.

There are no costs to trade US stocks. Foreign exchanges can be accessed to trade stocks at a low 0.50% fee. eToro can be used to trade stocks and 110 cryptocurrencies too. 

  • Free US stock trades and discounted foreign exchanges at 0.5% for those supported.
  • Mimic the best eToro traders to take advantage of their stock picks and other insights.
  • No access to trade ASX stocks, so Australian stocks aren’t accessible yet.
  • CFDs represent higher risks than some traders will appreciate.

eToro AUS Capital Limited AFSL 491139. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.


The aptly named Superhero is a mobile app that lets users access Australian and other markets at a low cost. It also sports a pleasing interface. It was only launched this year, so the design features the latest touches to make it easier to use. 

While a minimum of $500 is typically required to buy into a publicly-traded Australian company, that’s reduced to $100 with Superhero. There’s also a standard $5 brokerage fee and no monthly costs to worry about. 

  • Flat brokerage costs of $5 and zero cost to trade ETFs in the Australian market.
  • Initial stock investments capped at $100 instead of the usual $500 for Aussie ASX shares.
  • Live stock prices are provided at no fee (while the markets are open).
  • Create watchlists and update them as needed.
  • Only launched in 2021.
  • No access to global stocks yet.
  • Limited features, so beginners will be fine but advanced traders will look elsewhere.


Affordable trades at $9.50 per completed trade is a major selling point of SelfWealth. The price remains the same regardless of the lot size or frequency of trading too. The SelfWeath app can be used on the desktop, Windows tablet, smartphone, or tablet too. It’s free to use and there are no monthly fees or inactivity fees with the Basic account. 

  • Inexpensive trading at $9.50 for each completed trade. Flat fee, not dependent on lot size.
  • No monthly account fee or inactivity fee when not trading.
  • Zero minimum balance requirements. No minimum transfer levels into the account either.
  • Strong tools to compare between other traders’ portfolios and look at market information.
  • Limited to Australian shares (ASX) for now.
  • Funds must be transferred to the SelfWealth Bank account to trade.


Stake is intended to let you build up yours for no cost. It’s possible to trade the US exchanges without paying any brokerage fees. Accessing ETFs and US stocks like some of the biggest names in tech, social media, and telecoms is possible. 

You will be charged to convert the Aussie dollar to US dollars (and visa versa). So, a little is lost there. 

  • Free trades on US exchanges for domestic stocks and ETFs. This saves on average $20 to $40 cost for Australians to take advantage of the US marketplace.
  • Access more than 3,000 US stocks large and small or ETFs to slice ‘n’ dice the stock market.
  • Easy to use the app.
  • Find the right stock or ETF using a complex filtering system to dig deep.
  • Only trade US ETFs and stocks. No access to Australian shares with the Stake app.
  • Foreign exchange currency spread of 0.7% typical when exchanging currencies.


CommSec provides a trading app to get onto their platform. It works on an Android device, or an iPhone or iPad. The app delivers excellent access to share purchases and sale orders, to access live pricing, and manage stock watchlists to know when to trade. 

  • Free mobile app when already owning a CommSec Trading Account.
  • Watchlists to monitor groups of shares and see when they reach the required price level.
  • Australian shares account requires no ongoing subscription or inactivity fees.
  • Add purchase or sell orders directly from the app.
  • Higher brokerage fees, especially for orders valued over $1,000. 
  • Trading fees for international, non-Australian shares are high and include an inactivity fee too.
  • App restricted to iOS and Android users only.

nabtrade IRESS mobile app

The nabtrade IRESS mobile app is expressly intended for use by people who already have a nabtrade account. Otherwise, it cannot be used. When using the app as an account holder, it lets you sell or purchase shares directly from your smartphone, use contingent orders that only execute under certain conditions, to see live pricing, charting, market information, and more. 

See all the current holdings in the trading account, current and past orders, and the status of any outstanding orders. Also, view charts that can be adjusted to your needs, and get a look at the winners and losers in the ASX. 

  • Access full trading options inside the app for nabtrade account holders.
  • See live data at a higher refresh rate to make better trade decisions.
  • Use contingent orders to place trades or sell positions based on certain factors.
  • Only accessible via Android or iOS devices.  

Westpac Online Investing app

Westpac is a well-known brand in Australia, so many people will be more comfortable using their mobile trading app. It’s available for use on an Android or iOS device, with versions for both the iPad and iPhone too. 

Trade a mix of shares, ETC, ETFs, and warrants. Also, view live quotes, the latest news, a list of your current holdings, and work with watchlists too.

  • Trade shares, ETCs, ETFs, and warrants.
  • See live quotes, chart data, company news, and more.
  • Create watchlists, and receive alerts relating to sudden price changes or relevant announcements like a dividend.
  • No app for Windows phone.
  • Some may wish to go with a fintech brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Share Trading Apps

Can I place trades with every share trading app?

Many mobile stock trading apps do not permit trades to be completed on the Australian stock market due to security concerns. Others do permit this, plus also provide access to company news, live pricing, stock analysis, and other features. All the apps in this review do permit buy and sell trades. 

What’s needed to create an account?

Every trading platform has a unique sign-up process. However, proof of ID, full name, contact information, and banking details are typically required. Most permit signing up via their mobile trading apps, but some will need it to be completed on a PC or Mac. The reviewed apps above allow signing up via the apps or, at least, to begin the process that way. 

How do I locate the top share trading platform?

See our guide above to help you to narrow down your choice to the right platform for you.

Where to download the share trading apps?

The apps should be downloaded directly from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, respectively. While they may be shown on a mobile trading website, they’re usually linked to the listing on the app store for downloads. 

Are all mobile share trading apps free?

The majority of mobile share trading apps are free to use. Some apps also offer free trading but that depends on the service. Some may be free for their primary country, be that Australia, New Zealand, or the US market. Most also do not have an ongoing admin or subscription fee, nor do they have inactivity fees. However, there are occasional exceptions to this, especially for foreign stock trading and other exotic trades. Therefore, it’s necessary to look at the specifics of the trading account that comes with the mobile trading app to be certain. 


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