Kine Exchange Review

Kine Exchange Review

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


What is Kine?

Kine is primarily a decentralized derivatives exchange offering advanced trading options, unlimited liquidity, low-fee trading, and more. Although the exchange was only launched in 2021, Kine has quickly become one of the biggest decentralized crypto exchanges, with over 100,000 registered users and an average daily trading volume of over $260M. 

I was surprised by the number of innovative features and mechanisms they have brought for the average crypto user. Kine utilizes a layer 2 network to sustain the zero-fee trading model, and the peer-to-pool mechanism to keep slippage low and liquidity high.

Another interesting Kine feature is that they allow their users to choose between the DEX and CEX versions of their platform. With the CEX version, you have to sign up with your personal details. On the other hand, the DEX version enables you to get started instantly with no KYC, by connecting an existing crypto wallet. I was provided with a similar set of features in both versions of the exchange without any compromise.

  • Web Address:
  • Main location: Singapore
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, LTC, SOL & 15 more
  • Fiat Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & more
  • Deposit Methods:  Visa/Mastercard, Bank Cards, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency
  • Deposit Fees: Determined by network
  • Trading Fees: 0.05%
  • Mobile app: For Android and iOS

My Overall Thoughts on Kine

Kine might be a relatively new crypto derivatives exchange, but they have quickly become one of my favorites when it comes to advanced trading. While the exchange targets advanced crypto traders more, amateurs can also get the hang of it, thanks to Kine’s friendly interface, AI guide, and helpful content. The top 3 reasons why I like Kine are:

1) Zero gas-fee trading and low trading fee:  I don't have to worry about paying a hefty gas fee every time I execute a trade. Plus, the trading fee is a very low 0.05% for all trades.

2) Unlimited liquidity and low slippage:  Thanks to their peer-to-pool mechanism. I never faced an issue executing a trade at Kine, and all my orders were fulfilled instantly. The slippage was less than 1% every time I traded, allowing me to buy or sell any asset at my intended price.

3) Copy trading:  This can be the perfect way for someone to get started in the crypto industry, by entrusting your crypto with top traders. There are many successful traders at Kine that you can copy trade, which means that whatever trades they make, yours will be made at the same time.

The only feature missing at Kine was the spot market. The good news is they plan to bring spot trading in the future.

Key Features & Advantages of Kine

I have been using crypto exchanges for the past eight years, and Kine has grabbed my attention like no other, thanks to their diverse range of features and services. I have gathered a list of top features and advantages of Kine that you can check out below:

Negatives & Disadvantages of Kine

I really loved my experience trading derivatives at Kine, but I do think the exchange needs to fix a few things:

What Services Does Kine Offer?

To help you easily understand what kind of services Kine offer, I have briefly reviewed each of their key features.

Choose between the CEX or DEX version of the platform:  I have rarely seen crypto exchanges offering both centralized and decentralized versions of their platforms. This feature makes it easier for different types of users to cater to their preferences. For instance, a beginner or amateur crypto trader might like to start with an email and password, avoiding all the complicated work of connecting a wallet, choosing the right network, and more. However, if you understand crypto and already have an external crypto wallet, the DEX version of Kine is attractive as you don't need KYC, and can trade anonymously.

As my main focus was to test the decentralized functionality of Kine and assess how good of an experience they offer, I connected my MetaMask wallet to Kine and was able to access all of their features.

Instant crypto buying and selling:  Having the option to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with fiat is always a good idea on a crypto exchange. It means you can always top up your account with more crypto or sell it if you want more funds in your bank account. This is exactly what I found at Kine with their one-tap crypto buying and selling. They have partnered up with third-party payment merchant Remitano to bring this feature. Kine supports several fiat currencies, including USD, AUD, CHF, EUR, and GBP, but only USDT is supported as a cryptocurrency, whether you are buying or selling.

When I went to make a crypto purchase, I was redirected to Remitano, where I had to first create an account and then fulfill the KYC verification. It did take some time, but in the end I was able to make a purchase with my Visa debit card instantly. Future purchases will be much quicker as I have already set up my Remitano account.

Popular cryptocurrencies are available to trade:  While I might not consider Kine as the most diverse crypto exchange, they do offer the most popular cryptocurrencies to trade. I like their strategy of keeping things simple and not overcomplicating their crypto markets by providing hundreds of assets with low trading volume.

Kine includes all the big names, including BTC, ETH, SHIB, SUI, NEAR, AVAX, BNB, DOGE, XRP, LTC, and more. You can check out the complete list by visiting their trading section and using the dropdown list provided at the top.

Advanced trading layout with up to 200x leverage:  Having years of experience trading cryptocurrencies, I prefer advanced trading layouts filled with useful features and functions. I was not disappointed with Kine! Their entire trading interface is well-structured, enabling traders to navigate and find the functions they are looking for easily. I loved the detailed data chart that you can use to check out the movements of any particular asset. You can easily switch between cryptocurrencies, and the chart will automatically switch, with up-to-date data. I was also able to select different time intervals and evaluate data from past years with just a single click.

Kine allows you to use indicators while trading and design and combine different algorithms to get the best possible results. I was also able to replace the candles on the chart, use drawing tools, patterns, and enter full-screen mode for better focus. On the right-hand side, I was provided with the order execution panel. I was able to select different types of orders,
leverage of up to 200x, conditions, trailing stop, and set up Take Profits and Stop Losses. You can also check out your open positions or transactions history from the bottom lower panel of the trading screen and keep up with your trades at all times.

Zero gas fee trading:  Kine prides themselves on providing traders with the zero gas fee trading option, which I think is a really beneficial feature. With most decentralized crypto exchanges, traders have to pay a gas fee for each transaction. Gas fees can be very high, so many traders try to avoid it. With Kine, you won’t have to worry about paying a gas fee.

Kine made zero gas fee trading possible through the implementation of a layer 2 network on their exchange. Layer 2 network is usually built on a layer 1 network like Ethereum Mainnet, but utilizes the power of that network more efficiently.

Unlimited liquidity and low slippage:  I always try to find crypto exchanges that offer low slippage and high liquidity. Low slippage allows me to buy or sell a particular asset at a price very close to what I intend to execute the order on. If slippage is high on an exchange, I will lose a percentage of my funds on every executed order. With Kine, I did not face this issue and was able to execute my order with very minimal slippage.

Kine has opted for the peer-to-pool mechanism, which allows them to offer unlimited liquidity to their traders. All of my buying and selling orders at Kine were fulfilled instantly, and I did not have to wait.

Copy professional traders and simplify trading:  I have spent years learning how to read the charts, how much to invest, how to use advanced features for my benefits, and when or when not to trade. If you think you are not cut out for it, Kine might just have a perfect solution for you. With copy trading at Kine, you can copy any professional trader on the exchange and let that trader do everything for you. There is no need to spend hours studying charts to evaluate your chances of suceessful trades.

When I checked out the copy trading section at Kine, I was provided with the list of traders, and some of them were gold medal traders with proven records of trades. I recommend you only copy traders who have excellent profit history, good strategies, and low fees.

Kine also provides you with the option to be a professional trader and let others copy you. You can earn up to 30% profit share from your followers, which can be very lucrative.

Dedicated mobile apps are available:  Kine brings dedicated mobile apps that you can download on your iOS or Android device.

As I have an iPhone, I downloaded and installed the Kine app right from the App Store. The app works really smoothly and flawlessly. I logged into my existing Kine account and was able to access all the features that I found on the desktop version of the exchange. Kine also gives you the option to make crypto purchases or do full-fledged trading right from the device in your palm. I found the interface of the mobile app quite easy to use. I could easily place orders of different types, set limits, and view the charts.

Stake, farm, and earn with Kine Finance:  If you want your crypto to make money for you, explore staking and farming, as it can bring you huge benefits. Kine's dedicated website for staking and farming can assist you. When I first visited the site, I had to connect my crypto wallet. Then I was provided with the complete list of crypto assets to stake, with details of yield and locked durations. I like that Kine supports taking and farming on stablecoins so that you won’t have to worry about price volatility while you lock your crypto for the long term.

Get rewards with the mission center:  It's not every day I see a crypto exchange with a mission center where you can earn rewards for completing simple tasks. It makes the whole experience more fun and gives the motivation to trade in a particular way that could profit you more. With Kine’s mission center, you can earn Loyalty Point (LP) rewards for simply leaving reviews on their social platforms. I also took part in their LP program, where you can participate in treasure hunts or trading competitions. I was also able to exchange the LP points for USDT, deposited into my wallet.

What I Don't Like About Kine

These are the things that I would love to see fixed at Kine:

Spot trading is not yet available:  Not everyone wants to trade derivatives or use advanced features like leverage or different order types. I occasionally like to spot trade because it is less risky and does not include many complications. Unfortunately, I did not find any option to trade crypto assets on the spot at Kine. Upon researching, I found out that they are working on introducing spot trading soon. 

Live chat support is not available 24/7:  The two primary ways for traders to get in touch with Kine are through email and live chat. I find email an outdated way to provide customer support, as most exchanges and platforms have introduced live chat support. Live chat support is faster and more convenient; you can convey your message in one minute and get a solution in the next.

Although Kine is a global exchange, it does not offer 24/7 live chat support. Live chat is only available from 7:00 to 24:00 (GMT +8) which could be bad timing based on your local time zone.

I also contacted Kine through email and received a reply within a few hours, which is not too bad.

Kine Fees

Kine Deposit Fees

The deposit fee at Kine is determined by the network and can be higher or lower depending on network congestion. For crypto purchases using fiat currency, the fee is charged by the third-party payment provider and varies based on the fiat currency and amount.

Kine Trading Fee

I was amazed to see how low the trading fee at Kine is. They only charge their users 0.05% on every executed trade, regardless of the type of order or the cryptocurrency.

Kine Withdrawal Fees

As with deposits, the withdrawal fee at Kine depends on network conditions, which network you are using, and the coin you are withdrawing. From my experience, the withdrawal fees are quite standard, for example to withdraw USDT (TRC20), it will only cost 1 USDT.

Pros and Cons of Kine

  • Trade derivatives with a professional layout
  • Zero gas fee trading
  • High liquidity and low slippage
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease
  • No KYC required, and no VPN necessary
  • Copy the exact trades as professional traders
  • No spot trading currently available
  • Limited number of cryptocurrencies to trade

The Verdict

Kine may not yet be a very well-known crypto exchange, but they are definitely on their way to becoming one of the best. I would recommend the exchange to anyone who is looking for an advanced trading experience with massive leverage, zero gas fee trading, high liquidity, and low slippage. Kine uses best practices to ensure security of the exchange and keep users’ assets safe.

I also loved the easy-to-navigate interface of Kine, along with the dedicated mobile apps they offer. With copy trading, staking, and farming available, and spot trading on the horizon, Kine is on my list of the top decentralized crypto exchanges. If you want to join Kine, use my unique link and claim over $1,600 USDT bonus!

If you are looking for other options of crypto trading platforms, see my article on the best crypto exchanges, or have a look at the comparison table below.

Comparison Table of the Best Crypto Exchanges in the USA

Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange
Fiat Currencies
Fiat Currencies
USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, JPY & 21 more
USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, NZD, SGD, JPY & 10+ more
MEXC, BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC & 1,520+ more
BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETC & 75 more
BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, COMP, DOT & 125+ more
BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, CRO, ADA, DOT, SOL, DOGE & 250+ more
Deposit Methods
Deposit Methods
Visa/Mastercard, Bank Cards, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency
PayPal, Debit card, Wire transfer
Bank Transfer (ACH), Bank Transfer (SEPA), Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Faster Payments Service, SWIFT, Cryptocurrency
Credit card, Debit card, Fedwire, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Bank Transfer (ACH), BPAY, SEPA, Credit/Debit card, PayPal, TransferWise, Fedwire, SWIFT, Cryptocurrency
Trading Fees
Trading Fees
0% for spot, 0.0%/0.01% for futures
Fees included in the spread
2.93% - 3.90% (depending on loyalty level)
Included in spread

Cryptocurrency is offered by eToro USA LLC (“the MSB”) (NMLS: 1769299) and is not FDIC or SIPC insured. Investing involves risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kine safe to use?

Yes, Kine is one of the safest and most secure decentralized exchanges on the internet. They have industry-leading bank-level security systems with smart contract-governed deposits and withdrawals. 

What crypto wallets can you connect with Kine?

Kine supports several popular crypto wallets, including MetaMask, BitKeep, and MathWallet. They will add support for more wallets in the future.

Can you buy cryptocurrencies at Kine?

Yes, Kine has partnered up with a third-party payment merchant to allow investors to buy and sell crypto assets using fiat currencies. provides all its content for informational purposes only, and this should not be taken as financial advice to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency or use any specific exchange. Please do not use this website as investment advice, financial advice or legal advice, and each individual's needs may vary from that of the author. This post includes affiliate links with our partners who may compensate us. 

To view our privacy policy read this page.


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