HaasOnline Review

HaasOnline Review

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


A lot of people are trying to get the most out of the crypto industry, considering its rapid growth and how web 3.0 is being adopted by the world. Most of us who understand the industry’s potential are either investing in digital assets or trading them to earn and profit at the same time. But trading cryptocurrencies is not as easy as it seems. You need to have years of professional experience, understanding, market reading skills, extensive time, and the right approach, to be successful. If you have not yet acquired all these qualifications, automated trading bots like HaasOnline can help you.

HaasOnline is among the world’s most advanced automated crypto trading bots that are specifically designed for those who want to trade while they sleep. It offers a variety of services and automated tools that you can choose or which can enable you to manually design your own strategies to generate profits. With HaasOnline, everything has been back-tested, thoroughly examined, and checked, so you can rest assured that your trades are running on the best possible premade strategies. 

A HaasOnline feature not commonly found among other providers is their use of HaasScript for automation. HaasScript is considered to be one of the most advanced crypto scripting languages that enable users to do free-hand give commands, play with functionality, and deploy everything within seconds. To get started with HaasOnline, just pick one of the available plans, provide your email address, and you will be good to go. Just make sure to thoroughly consider what each plan comes with so you won’t miss out on crucial aspects.

HaasOnline Pros & Cons

  • Over 20 crypto exchanges are supported
  • Backtest your strategies or paper trade
  • Unrestricted trading bots and indicators are available
  • Visual editor running on HaasScript
  • Rapid algorithm development with drag and drop
  • No free plan or trial is available
  • Learning content is not thorough

HaasOnline Features

  • Easy cloud management with 99% uptime
  • Massive variety of automated crypto trading bots
  • Backstable strategies
  • Paper trade, backtest, and learn on-the-go
  • Drag-and-drop strategy builder
  • Full reporting with notifications
  • Use custom scripts, HaasScript, and tools to create bots
  • Popular crypto exchanges are supported
  • Unlimited trades and no fee
  • Amazing customer support

HaasOnline Price Plans

  • Beginner: 0.005 BTC (3 Months)
  • Simple: 0.007 BTC (3 Months)
  • Advanced: 0.012 BTC (3 Months)

HaasOnline Supported Exchanges

How does HaasOnline help traders?

HaasOnline has been in the automation business since 2014, and they have been consistently working on bringing new technology, products, and standards that can change the automated crypto trading concept. HaasOnline has also made it easier and accessible for all types of traders to get started without having extensive knowledge or experience in the industry. Even if you have just come across the web 3.0 concept or the cryptocurrencies, you can get started with HaasOnline by choosing an automated bot that would handle everything for you.

This is where things get interesting. HaasOnline offers a wide variety of tools and manual integrations, so that the professionals and advanced users in the industry can play their way, backtest their own strategies and paper trade, and finally mold their own concept that would win them the trades. With the great support of crypto exchanges, HaasOnline makes it possible for a wider community to easily access their portfolios spread among popular exchanges and integrate the automated bots with ease. HaasOnline also saves a great deal of time for their traders as they do not have to stick to their computer screens evaluating the charts or reading the news all day long. With automation, you can relax on your sofa, manage other chores or businesses, and still make a good profit in the end.

HaasOnline Features

Flexible trading bots with proven strategies

HaasOnline prides itself on providing users with flexible trading bots that work on proven strategies and allows them to configure them easily. You can either choose a trading bot from a wide variety of pre-made ones with specific strategies or customize your own with the strategies you desire to get started. The backtesting engines provided by HaasOnline also help you refine your strategies by using historical data and metrics that accurately establish parameters to help you win in the industry.

Drag and drop to create your own bots and algorithms

HaasOnline does not restrict users with premade bots by giving them a free hand to create their own. And you don’t need to have extensive coding knowledge or know how to write scripts. You can simply drag and drop indicators to create an algorithm that works for you. You may write your own scripts on an advanced level, provided you know how to integrate scripts, and write and modify them. HaasOnline’s drag-and-drop builder is fast, efficient, convenient, reliable, and very flexible.

Backtest and paper trade to verify your strategies

No one wants to lose money using unproven strategies. To solve this problem, HaasOnline provides traders with the option to backtest the bots and algorithms before trading with real money. You can also verify your strategies by paper trading and see how they would perform in the actual market. This improves the bots you created; you can also opt for a different premade algorithm that is beneficial for you. You can also adjust and customize the HaasOnline backtesting engine to test different types of orders or simulate the real-time data and the reaction of algorithms with that data.

Easy integrations with several popular exchanges

HaasOnline has partnered up with several popular crypto exchanges so that the users have their portfolios across different cryptocurrency exchanges and can easily automate their trading experience. HaasOnline supports almost all of the biggest exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, and many other names that you might have come across. You can execute as many trades as you want through those exchanges with the automated bots. Every available plan on HaasOnline supports the entire library of exchanges, making it possible for you to access all the exchanges even with the cheapest plan.

Hassle-free maintenance with easy access

Thanks to the cloud server on which HaasOnline is based, you can easily access your dashboard and maintain everything from there without any problems. Everything is based online, and there is no need to install any kind of software or program into your computer to get started. HaasOnline provides all users with customizable dashboards from where you can check the bot activities and results. You can also access your account and portfolio from your mobile device, tablet, or PC anytime and wherever you want.

HaasOnline Pricing Plans

There are different pricing plans available on HaasOnline that one can opt for. Make sure to select the time duration of the plan you are planning to buy, as it greatly affects the price. Take a look below to find out what each plan at HaasOnline consists of:

Beginner (0.005 BTC for 3 Months)

The beginner plan is the cheapest. As its name suggests, the plan is designed and crafted specifically for those who are planning to try things out and get familiar with the automated trading concept. HaasOnline has placed some restrictions on this plan’s features that you should keep in mind. For instance, you can only have ten active trading bots with the beginner plan. Users are allowed to access 11 insurances whereas more are available with the other plans. The beginner plan allows you to use around 20 indicators with your automated bots. Unfortunately, this plan does not come with the visual editor, which restricts users to premade strategies.

The rest of the basic features, like exchange integration, backtesting, paper trading, VPS credit, and some other aspects, are available for all plans without any limits placed. You can also place unlimited trades with the beginner plan; only the active bots will have a limit placed on them.

Simple (0.007 BTC for 3 Months)

This is the plan that HaasOnline recommends to users. It is ideal for growth investors who have an idea of how profitable the crypto industry can be and how you can make money while sleeping. With this plan, you can have 20 active trading bot positions allowing you to trade more. You can access up to 13 insurances and 20 safeties, along with 40+ indicators, compared to 20 indicators with the basic plan. 

The simple plan also enables users to use the visual editor to craft their own strategies or manually enter the scripts for their own algorithms. It also gives you access to all the basic features like exchange integration, unlimited trades, premium customer support, and VPS credit.

Advanced (0.012 BTC for 3 Months)

This plan is for users who want an unprecedented and flawless automated trading experience, although, of course, it is also the most expensive. There are no restrictions on the number of active trading bots you can have or the insurances, safeties, or indicators you can access. With this plan, you also get full access to their virtual editor with HaasScript and even get a free developer’s license. The advanced plan is ideal if you are an institutional-grade trader or rely solely on trading as your main source of income.

HaasOnline Coins and Exchanges Compatibility

HaasOnline supports all digital assets available on the exchanges they support. So technically, you only need to worry about the exchanges HaasOnline supports, as the tradable assets will be linked to the exchange you have chosen.

HaasOnline supports all the popular exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase. You can integrate HaasOnline with all of them and automate your experience with ease.

HaasOnline Ease of Use

HaasOnline is a beginner-friendly platform. To get started, you just have to provide some basic details like username, email address, and password. Then, select an appropriate plan to proceed with the platform and access the available services.

For the payment method, HaasOnline currently only supports direct BTC transfers, but they plan to support more cryptocurrencies in the future. There is a separate community section consisting of several guides and tutorials to help users understand how different things work. HaasOnline has also provided video tutorials so that you can visually understand the concepts and working of the bots, algorithms, and their editor. You can also check out their FAQs section or take a look at their documentation and read the whitepaper. They have briefly explained everything along with the future plans to keep you updated.

It is very easy to navigate HaasOnline once you have signed up and opted for a plan. There is a dashboard where you can access everything and check out the performance of your opened positions. You can even access your HaasOnline account from your mobile device or tablet, offering you portability and ease while traveling.

HaasOnline Customer Support

There are two primary ways through which you can get in touch with the officials of HaasOnline. First, you can submit a ticket by selecting the department you want to get in touch with and then explaining your issue in the message box. The team will get back to you at the provided email address with a solution, or they might ask for further information.

You can also get in touch with them by chatting live with the available agents. You simply have to click on the chat box available in the lower right corner of the platform, and you will be notified if anyone is available to chat with you instantly.

HaasOnline Public Reviews

HaasOnline has received positive ratings across the internet, and there are some popular review sites that verify users’ reviews. At TrustPilot, HaasOnline got an average rating of 4 stars with only around 15 reviews. Some users complained about the slow customer support and not-so-efficient dashboard. Other users criticized the platform as being too complex for new traders, making it difficult for them to use their services.

SourceForge gave HaasOnline a solid 5-star rating, which is certainly promising. There are very few reviews on the reviewing platforms, but we expect to see more people offering their opinions once the platform becomes more popular.

HaasOnline Reliability and Trustworthiness

HaasOnline has proven their integrity over the years. They have been in business since 2014, and have helped thousands of people automate their trading experience. The platform has also been endorsed by popular media outlets including Forbes, Nasdaq, Bitcoin.com, Coindesk, among many others.

HaasOnline is completely safe and secure. They take necessary precautions to keep users’ accounts safe. As HaasOnline is connected to your preferred trading exchanges, there is no possible way for you to lose your money to hackers or breaches through them. All your funds still remain on the exchange that you would connect to get started with HaasOnline.

What makes HaasOnline different from the competition?

HaasOnline is certainly not the only platform offering automated trading bots and strategies. There are other platforms that are focused on the automation of crypto trading and provide similar tools. So, what makes HaasOnline different? HaasOnline offers users a separate virtual editor to craft their own strategies and algorithms, which also works with the drag-and-drop mechanism. Users can also use their own scripts and indicators, something not really provided in other automated trading platforms.

HaasOnline also provides the option to paper trade and backtest your strategies. This allows users to know if their strategies would work in the real market. Most trading bot platforms do not offer this feature. HaasOnline supports over 20 popular crypto exchanges compared to 5 to 10 that the competition supports.

Popular alternatives to HaasOnline

There are a few good alternatives to HaasOnline, in case you are not planning to go with them. Take a look below and see which other automated trading platforms you can go with:

  • Pionex (read review) is an all-in-one trading exchange that offers 16 free built-in trading bots. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to automate their trades for free, as there is no fee or monthly subscription.
  • Cryptohopper is a paid crypto trading bot that highlights the use of AI in their systems. You can trade 24/7 with their bots and automate your overall experience to trade while you sleep.
  • 3Commas mainly focuses on bots of different sorts. You can check out DCA bots, grid bots, options bots, and HODL bots. They also provide a free trial so that users can see if the platform fits their needs.

The Final Verdict

HaasOnline is a perfect combo for all types of traders, whether you are a beginner or a professional trader. Thanks to their pre-made bots, you can get started instantly. If you think you have a better strategy, their drag-and-drop builder can help you create any type of algorithm you want and backtest it on the actual market to see the results. HaasOnline has created an efficient pathway for everyone to explore automation and trade while doing practically nothing. The platform needs to work on their customer support; otherwise, they are offering everything that is required by the current standards of the crypto industry.

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