ApolloX Review

ApolloX Review

Robert McDougall 

January 8, 2024


What is ApolloX?

ApolloX is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables traders to trade centrally or de-centrally through their two platform versions. Either platform provides a safe and secured trading environment. ApolloX is a relative new cryptocurrency exchange that was developed in 2021.

They have been continuously expanding their services by bringing more features and strengthening their ecosystem. ApolloX has introduced their native token, APX, which offers a lot of utility and benefits.

ApolloX focuses on the trading and investing elements within the crypto industry. They offer a considerable variety of popular cryptocurrencies. Traders can also explore futures and enhance their trades even further. The decentralized version also comes with its own benefits and advantages, and you can get started there by simply connecting your crypto wallet. For the centralized version, you need to register by providing a few personal details, and you will be good to go.

  • Web Address: www.apollox.com/en
  • Main Location: Antigua
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, SOL, and 10+ more
  • Fiat Currencies: USD, EUR, AED, AUD, ZAR, and more
  • Mobile App: Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Payment methods: Credit/Debit cards, Cryptocurrency
  • Deposit Fees: Crypto: free, Fiat: crypto purchases will incur a fee by third-party payment merchant
  • Withdrawal Fees: Varies depending on coin
  • Trading Fees: Spot trading: 0.10%, Futures trading: 0.02% for makers and 0.07% for takers

My Overall Thoughts on ApolloX

Probably one of the very few exchanges to combine the concept of CEX and DEX right in one place, ApolloX has proven to be a comprehensive crypto exchange. Although relatively new, ApolloX has managed to achieve a lot through their ecosystem, diversity in the features, and the advancement in their trading layout. The platform allows users to trade spots and futures and leverage their trades up to 200 times. You can also easily swap your cryptocurrencies with zero fees.

ApolloX provides countless benefits that can make your overall experience even better. But do you know what I love the most about ApolloX? Take a look below:

1) Trade futures and spots on ApolloX CEX/DEX: Traders can trade spots and futures on both versions, CEX and DEX. Both trading markets include several assets or pairs that you can trade. But futures come with greater diversity and offer the option to leverage the trades and take a little more risk.

2) Impressive APX ecosystem: ApolloX has created an ecosystem through their native token, APX. By buying, holding, or staking APX, traders can claim limitless benefits and even enjoy a cheaper trading experience. You can also get considerable returns through staking, and also lower your trading fee.

3) Fast and advanced trading interfaceThe fast and advanced trading interface allows traders to trade professionally. It comes with all the features like depth charts, order books, indicators, time spans, and many other things that can be replaced or tweaked. 

However, ApolloX has compromised a little on the variety of cryptocurrencies available in the platform. Their customer support is also not the best, as you can only contact them by submitting a ticket.

Key Features and Advantages of ApolloX

ApolloX has delivered on its promise to make trading easier, quicker, and more efficient. By introducing the decentralized version of the exchange, they provide a faster and more efficient way to trade and invest. Instead of signing up or going through a long procedure, you can start trading instantly with the ApolloX DEX version and even stake or play games on the exchange. Traders who want a simpler trading experience should definitely go with ApolloX CEX as you can easily make deposits there, check your portfolio, swap your assets, and even claim different rewards.

But it’s important to note that both versions serve the trading community in different ways. Be it amateur traders or traders with years of experience; they can all get started on ApolloX. But do you know the complete features of ApolloX? Take a look at the list below:

Negatives and Disadvantages of ApolloX

Unfortunately, ApolloX has some negatives and disadvantages that you should keep in mind before using any of their services:

What Services Does ApolloX Offer?

ApolloX is a crypto exchange that does not stop with simply providing a trading service to the traders; they also bring limitless possibilities to their users looking to prosper in the crypto market. They have not only divided their cryptocurrency exchange into two different versions, they have also brought some services aside from trading. The diversity in the markets, the advancement in the trading interface, and deep liquidity prove how seriously they take the experience of their clients.

ApolloX has also kept things simple and sound by developing their layout in a beginner-friendly manner. Informational guides and content are also available to sort out your issues and let you trade, swap, and invest freely. But there is much more to ApolloX than what I have mentioned above. You can check out all the services of ApolloX below and see what they offer to their users:

Easily switch between CEX and DEX versions: You can switch between centralized and decentralized versions of the exchange with one click if you are using ApolloX for your crypto trading or investing purposes. The platform has provided their users with a switch on the top left corner that allows them to switch between the versions anytime they want instantly.

Having the CEX and DEX versions allow traders to trade easily, swap or start investing their assets without any restrictions. The best thing is that trading is not limited to CEX only. If you want to trade in an even more secured environment without providing any of your details, you can head to the DEX version of the exchange and start trading with just your wallet connected to the platform. 

The availability of both versions fulfills the needs of all types of traders, whether you are looking for a basic experience or an experience where you can be a part of the ecosystem, earn rewards, have deep liquidity to trade with, and even enjoy governance rights.

Futures and spot trading is available: Traders can trade both spots and futures on ApolloX and have a diversified trading experience on the platform. Both markets can be accessed through both versions of the exchange, and you can start trading by registering or by connecting your wallet to the platform.

For the spot market, ApolloX has offered a variety of crypto assets, which apparently only includes the popular names like BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, and ADA. But the variety of futures is quite good considering the number of pairs traders can trade and benefit from. While spot trading offers you a standard trading experience where you can simply execute orders of buying and selling, futures allow the traders to trade with margin and leverage their potential to earn more. But futures also come with a great risk that you should keep in mind before trading them.

ApolloX has created diversity for their traders instead of limiting them to a specific market. Both advanced and standard traders can trade on the platform and enjoy the features as per their preferences and skills.

0 fee instant crypto swaps: While most of the cryptocurrency exchanges offer the crypto swap option in their decentralized version of the exchange, ApolloX has provided it in their centralized version that can only be accessed by registered users.

The crypto converter available at ApolloX allows traders or investors to quickly, efficiently, and easily swap their crypto assets for the asset they actually want. You simply have to head to the converter section, choose the asset you want to swap and the asset you want in exchange, and your transaction will be processed within a second. ApolloX charges zero fees, and everything is completed almost instantly.

Instead of going through the hassle of trading all the way to simply convert your cryptocurrencies, you can just use the converter and have whatever crypto asset you want.

Advanced trading interface with integrated features: The trading interface offered by ApolloX is unquestionably one of the best out there, and it is, of course, due to the features it comes with, along with the layout distribution and its accuracy. 

The main highlight of any trading interface is definitely the charts at the bottom that define the market movements and conditions to let traders know how an asset has been performing. ApolloX, has made sure to keep their charts fast and accurate to offer you precise data. You can switch between charts of different pairs instantly and evaluate the data accordingly. ApolloX allows you to check the depth chart and TradingView chart. You can use several types of indicators and use them to evaluate or predict the movements. Traders can go with different timestamps and check the data of that particular period. ApolloX provides complete data of a pair on the top header of the layout. For order placement, traders are provided with a separate section at the top-right corner of the exchange. That is where you can set up the leverage, switch between modes, implement stop limits, and execute your orders.

If you are a professional trader who does not want to compromise on how you trade, ApolloX will not disappoint. Their features and options will let you explore the advanced side of the crypto industry.

iOS and Android Mobile applications are available: ApolloX has designed mobile applications for users who always want to keep themselves connected to their crypto portfolio and trading opportunities. The mobile applications are currently available for IOS and Android devices and can be downloaded through their respective stores or through the QR code available on the exchange.

ApolloX mobile applications come with a full-fledged trading system. Just like the desktop version, the mobile version allows traders to easily trade any pair, whether on the spot or futures market. You can even check charts of the pairs you want along with the details you want to see. The mobile interface of the exchange is designed not to lag and to offer you a smooth experience. You can also access your ApolloX account through the applications and make deposits to get started.

If you do not want to miss a trading opportunity, download the ApolloX mobile application on your smartphone. You will not even have to worry about carrying a portable computer as you will be able to trade whenever you want and wherever you want on your phone.

A variety of crypto wallets and networks are supported: ApolloX has excellent support for crypto wallets. Users using the decentralized version of the exchange can easily connect a variety of crypto wallets to the exchange. ApolloX does not only support popular names but a few not-so-popular wallets as well.

Supporting a variety of cryptocurrency wallets allows the traders to easily get started with the exchange without worrying about transferring their assets from one wallet to another. ApolloX supports the two most popular crypto networks, Ethereum and BNB Chain. You can go with any of them by tweaking the settings on the top-right corner.

The crypto wallets that ApolloX supports include its own native crypto wallet, Metamask, Binance Wallet, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, and a few more names. These are the wallets that most crypto community members use to keep their assets safe and sound. You will not have to worry about your wallet not being supported on the exchange.

Impressive benefits of APX tokens: APX was introduced by ApolloX in 2021, closer to the initial launch of the platform. They’ve always been focused on their native token to create a better ecosystem for their traders and investors. That is probably why APX comes with a lot of benefits and advantages for those who hold it or stake it on the platform.

One of the benefits of APX tokens is that it comes with a deflationary system that burns the tokens. Since the launch, almost 224 million APX tokens have been burned, which also plays a crucial role in increasing the value of the asset. You can also stake APX on the platform and earn up to 3.5% APY, which is certainly good considering the other benefits of the token. You can also get trading rewards by simply locking up APX, and they will also help you improve your trading tiers. You can even get a discounted trading fee to enjoy a cheap trading experience. And lastly, you also get governance rights as you would be able to vote and be a part of the government of the token.

Being a part of the ecosystem created by ApolloX can be very beneficial for you if you want to trade and invest on the platform. You will not only be able to save money but have the potential to earn more, too.

Get a $5 voucher for every referee: You can get a $5 voucher for every person you bring on the platform, and it can be a great way to earn through your convincing power. ApolloX has a unique referral program which does not reward their users a particular percentage of trading commission. Instead, they offer a voucher that users claim. If you prefer the commission-based rewards, check out their affiliate program that offers up to 70% in trading commissions.

When referring the platform to others, partners also get a lucky draw card that gives them the chance to earn up to a $600 bonus for every three qualified referees. ApolloX provides you with a unique referral code or link that you can forward to your friends or family members. As soon as someone registers and trades, you can claim your rewards.

If you have a big crypto community to which you can refer ApolloX, you can earn a considerable amount of money and create a passive income stream. You will just have to use the right techniques to make people join ApolloX.

Beginner-friendly platform with guides: There is no doubt that ApolloX is a very beginner-friendly platform where even inexperienced and amateur crypto users can trade and learn with ease.

ApolloX has kept everything separated and easy to access, whether it is the DEX version of their platform or different trading markets. To make things even easier, they have provided detailed guides, articles, tutorials, and even whitepapers to understand the ecosystem and vision they have been following since the start.

You can learn and understand new things with the guides available at ApolloX and gain experience to start trading professionally. Even if you are a beginner, you do not have to worry about anything, as ApolloX will help you trade, invest, and understand effectively.

Claim sign-up rewards, staking rewards, and trading rewards: ApolloX has a great reward system through which you can earn up to 700 USDT right after joining the exchange. But the rewards are broken into different categories, and in order to claim them, you have to complete each of them in order to move on to the next one.

Just by depositing 100 USDT to the platform, you are entered into a lucky draw where you can earn up to 50 USDT. Then you move to the trading bonus, cashback vouchers, trading volume bonus, and the list goes on. You always get something for completing the tasks, and that is how you can kickstart your trading journey on ApolloX.

It is definitely a great way to attract more users and let them earn right from the start. Users can even get funds to maximize their trades and broaden their crypto portfolios.

Things I Don't Like About ApolloX

There is no doubt that ApolloX has brought countless useful features to the crypto community. However, they have a few cons and negatives that you should consider. You can take a look below to find out what are the things that I don’t like about the platform:

A very low number of cryptocurrencies are available: There are only thirteen cryptocurrencies available in the spot market that can be traded on the platform. Traders on ApolloX are stuck with a meager quantity of crypto assets that only include the most popular names like BTC or ETH and nothing else. ApolloX will have to bring more cryptocurrencies and create diversity for the traders so that they can explore more markets and get the opportunities to succeed.

Slow customer support: ApolloX has not provided the best ways of contacting them, as the only way available is to submit a ticket. Submitting a ticket consumes a lot of time as you have to fill out a form first and then wait for hours just to get a reply.

ApolloX should provide live chat and phone support so that users can get their problems solved faster and more efficiently.

ApolloX Fees

ApolloX Deposit Fees

All types of crypto deposits at ApolloX are free except for GALA. Even for GALA, ApolloX charges a minimal fee. For fiat purchases, you have to pay a fee to the third-party payment merchant you are using to buy crypto assets.

ApolloX Trading Fees

ApolloX has fixed trading fees for both spot trading and futures trading. For spot trading, ApolloX charges 0.10% from makers and 0.10% from takers. As for futures trading, ApolloX charges 0.02% from makers and 0.07% from takers. 

ApolloX Fiat Withdrawal Fee

ApolloX does not support fiat withdrawals.

ApolloX Crypto Withdrawal Fee

ApolloX charges a flat fee from their users when withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the platform. The fee varies for every crypto asset on the platform, and it mostly covers the transaction or network costs.

Pros and Cons of ApolloX

  • Switch between CEX and DEX versions
  • Swap assets and trade spot and futures
  • Professional trading interface
  • Amazing benefits of APX ecosystem
  • Impressive rewards for users
  • A very few crypto assets are available
  • Slow customer support


ApolloX can be an excellent pick for anyone who is privacy-centric and wants a seamless trading experience with a lot of options to explore. The main focus of ApolloX has always been to offer a quick, safe, and secure trading experience to their traders, and for that, they even brought a decentralized version of their exchange. Now you can switch between both versions of the platform with a click and start using their services. While the centralized version focuses on trading and swapping, the decentralized version focuses on the ecosystem and trading. 

ApolloX has kept everything simple on the platform, and they have even provided guides for users. The staking rewards, low trading fees, and deep liquidity are some of their features that attract a lot of traders from all over the world. You can register on the platform to access most of their services or connect your wallet to their decentralized version to start your trading journey right away.

If you are still undecided and want to explore other options, you can read our article on the best crypto exchanges in the USA. There is also a quick comparison table below to help you with your decision.

Comparison Table of the Best Crypto Exchanges in the USA

Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange
Fiat Currencies
Fiat Currencies
USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, JPY & 21 more
USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, NZD, SGD, JPY & 10+ more
MEXC, BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC & 2,300+ more
BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETC & 110 more
BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, COMP, DOT & 125+ more
BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, CRO, ADA, DOT, SOL, DOGE & 250+ more
Deposit Methods
Deposit Methods
Visa/Mastercard, Bank Cards, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency
PayPal, Debit card, Wire transfer
Bank Transfer (ACH), Bank Transfer (SEPA), Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Faster Payments Service, SWIFT, Cryptocurrency
Credit card, Debit card, Fedwire, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Bank Transfer (ACH), BPAY, SEPA, Credit/Debit card, PayPal, TransferWise, Fedwire, SWIFT, Cryptocurrency
Trading Fees
Trading Fees
0% for spot, 0.0%/0.01% for futures
Fees included in the spread
2.93% - 3.90% (depending on loyalty level)
Included in spread

Cryptocurrency is offered by eToro USA LLC (“the MSB”) (NMLS: 1769299) and is not FDIC or SIPC insured. Investing involves risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ApolloX a legit cryptocurrency exchange?

ApolloX is safe and trusted. You can start trading or investing on the platform without any second thoughts.

Can users from the US join ApolloX?

ApolloX is a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers their services to users residing in the US

What cryptocurrencies are available on ApolloX?

ApolloX has more than 10 crypto assets listed on the exchange. The list mostly includes popular names like BTC, ETH, MATIC, SOL, BNB, and ADA.

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