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Robert McDougall 

January 8, 2024


What is is a popular trading platform launched in 2016, that has now grown to over 4 million users from 180 countries. provides an excellent platform for experienced and novice traders alike, with over 6,000 CFD markets available, tight spreads, and low fees.

Their web and app-based platform utilize the latest technology, and the intuitive layout has disrupted the finance industry by making it easily accessible to everyone. It really caters to those who want to learn, by providing a wealth of educational content, including market analysis, reporting, insights, guides, and webinars. is committed to complying with laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions, which gives traders the peace of mind that they are using a trusted and secure site. It is easy to get started at; just complete the registration form, make a deposit, and then start trading. 

My overall thoughts on

The motto of has always been to make trading simpler, and they have achieved this by offering two different trading layouts, one for amateurs and one for professionals. Moreover, they provide a platform where traders can access all markets in the one place, rather than signing up on various sites to trade different markets. You will find crypto, indices, forex, commodities, and shares on, and trade over 6,000 CFDs.

The inclusion of the MT4 layout is just another step towards the advanced and automated trading structure. Traders who understand how algorithms can trade for them while they sleep, make larger profits compared to day or long-term traders. Here are a few aspects of that we like the most:

  • 6,000+ CFDs within multiple markets

    Not only does this allow traders to have a diversified portfolio, but it also allows them to explore different markets that they may not have traded before. With, you can trade CFDs of cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, commodities, and indices.

  • Low fee structure

    Deposits and withdrawals of all kinds are completely free on When you trade there are no fixed fees or commission-based fees; instead, they make money from the spread.

  • Learning opportunities and guides

    If you are a beginner in the trading field, then is the perfect place for you to get started. The platform provides users with a demo account to practice for free, as well as tons of educational content, including guides, news, analysis, and webinars to keep up with the market.

Key features and advantages of offers traders access to more than 6,000 CFDs, on cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, shares, and commodities, making it easy to trade various markets without having to sign up to several platforms. The spreads are tight, and there are zero fees for trading, depositing, or withdrawing, making it an appealing choice for traders. offers professional-level traders a range of useful tools to enhance their trading experience. You will find instant price alerts, detailed charts, and MT4 support. There is also a strong focus on security and regulation, so traders can trust that it is a legitimate platform, where their funds are secure and protected.

To learn more about, see the list of the key features here, which we will discuss in further detail later in the article.

Negatives and disadvantages of is an excellent trading platform, but there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. You can take a look below to find out where is lacking:

What services does provide?

There are several reasons why millions of users prefer For starters, it is really easy to get started with and learn everything from scratch. The platform is known for its strong educational content and analysis that you might not find anywhere else. They have also aced all CFD trading aspects, bringing variety sufficient for both professional and institutional-grade traders.

Other features like an advanced trading layout, support of MT4 traders, mobile applications, and low fees also make an excellent choice for traders. Take a look below to understand everything about and see what the services and features they offer.

Easy and fast deposits with several payment methods

Deposits at are actually quite fast because the platform allows credit or debit card deposits and even offers a good range of other payment methods. You can simply buy a variety of cryptocurrencies as per your preferences on the platform and pay through your card without worrying about the supported fiat currencies.

Having several payment methods allow users from all over the globe to choose the option that suits them the most. Some prefer direct bank transfers, some prefer electronic wallets, and others go with credit or debit cards for hassle-free and instant deposits. All of these payment options are available on

After signing up for your account, you can head to the deposit section and check out the available payment methods. supports Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney, Trustly, Sofort, and a few other electronic wallets.

Over 6,000 CFDs are available to trade is way ahead of other cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of diversity. They offer 6,000 CFDs that can be traded right away after creating an account with the platform. These CFDs are divided into multiple markets, including cryptocurrencies and forex, so you won’t have any restrictions.

Unlike other crypto or forex exchanges, provides great diversity of assets that allows users to have a free hand while trading. You can also diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple categories rather than sticking to a few assets only. The best thing is that diversifying your portfolio allows you to lower the overall risk and explore limitless opportunities that can be beneficial for you. also adds new assets every now and then to keep users updated with the latest market. You can check out their markets page to access the complete list of assets available in multiple categories.

Different markets are available, including crypto and forex is not only a crypto exchange or a forex exchange, it also comes with all-in-one markets to serve all types of traders with different needs. They offer five markets where you can trade the CFDs of cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, commodities, and trade shares on the platform.

The biggest benefit of having multiple trading markets is that you can divide the risk easily. If you think the crypto market is very volatile and unpredictable for the time period, you can go with forex trading, which is considered less volatile. You can also trade commodities or shares, which are mostly more stable and are good for long-term trading. In short, you do not have to restrict yourself to risky trading options on the bad days.

A single account with gives you instant access to all the markets. There is no need to create separate accounts, just sign up and trade whatever CFD you want by checking out the available charts and deep analysis.

Advanced and customizable charts comes with two types of trading charts. Both layouts come with advanced and useful features that can help you trade efficiently. The default layout is more suited to beginners, as it does not allow traders to customize much. The other layout is specifically designed for professionals who want to have a more personalized trading experience.

The default layout is integrated with a small chart that shows the movement of a particular CFD. Besides that, you get a little section where you can place an order or execute a trade by selecting the amount. There is a section on the same screen where you can check the historical data and trading conditions. Clicking on the detailed chart button available on the default layout redirects you to another window with wider charts and more options to play with. Of course, wider charts allow you to evaluate the movements in a better way and see the historical data with more ease. You can use different tools like replacing the candles or using drawing tools for your convenience. You can also compare two different CFDs and create lists for better insights.

So, it does not matter if you are a newbie trader or a professional trader; has a solution for both. You can trade with their default layout or go with the detailed charts to take things to the next level.

Automated trading with MT4 integration

MetaTrader 4, popularly known as MT4, is a third-party trading software mostly used by forex trading exchanges. supports MT4 integration, which allows the users to automate their trading experience by using the bots or any other means.

MT4 trading is also beneficial for traders who want a dedicated trading experience with no distractions or stuffed features. The best thing about MT4 is that you can get premium signals, and you can even use 200x leverage with your trades. With algorithmic trading, you can trade while you sleep and let the trades run on the specific equation you have infused it with.

But to use MT4 with your account, you will have to go to the settings and create an MT4 account. In short, you will have two different accounts, one is the native account, and the other one is for MT4 trading.

Advanced mobile applications for iOS and Android has mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, which are integrated with pretty much all the features you will find in their desktop version. The mobile apps come with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to trade efficiently, with the same variety of assets and access to over 6,000 CFDs. You can check out the charts and the data through your mobile phone to execute orders without compromising on the insights. You can manage the risk through the provided interface and get instant alerts by enabling the notifications. You can check out the educational content or get in touch with customer support through the app. The mobile applications offer great portability, keeping you connected with your portfolio wherever you go without having to carry your laptop around.

You can download the official mobile applications of by visiting the application store of your android device or the App Store of your iOS device. mobile applications do not require any high-end specs and can run smoothly on pretty much all smartphones.

Practice for free and learn to trade with detailed guides

There are a lot of beginners and amateurs who want to enter the trading industry and learn how to trade through the provided tools. has introduced a demo trading section where newbies can trade with virtual money and understand how the system works.

The demo trading section is available for free. You get all the tools and insights that you would get with the actual platform so that you can have practical experience in trading. There are countless educational guides available to help you learn new things along with the basics and intermediate terms.

If you are a beginner and want to gain experience, can be the perfect place for you to start. Check out their demo section and keep practicing and testing your strategies until they are perfect.

Premium analysis, insights, and webinars is also very popular for providing premium and accurate analysis and insights for traders from all over the world. Professional and institutional-grade traders look forward to their insights to know what would happen and get the latest news regarding the industry.

It does not matter how much experience you have; it is always a good idea to check out the analysis and keep learning about the ever-changing industry. updates their content every day, sharing the latest news 24/7, and arranging webinars and conferences that traders can attend.

You can subscribe to their newsletter to get the news in your inbox or visit their news and analysis section to access everything right away.

Up to 30% revenue share with partnership program

If you think you have a good network or friends who might be interested in trading with, just refer them to the platform, and you can get up to 30% revenue share with your affiliates. provides two options to their affiliate partners; they can either choose the revenue share model or get CPA up to $800. It’s up to you to choose any of the models. also provides bonuses to the best partners and offers the best promotional material that you can share to attract more people. You can bring as many people as you want to the platform and create a good income stream.

It is an excellent way to have a side income while you trade on All the commission is paid at the end of the month for you to claim and enjoy the benefits while others join through your reference.

Fast customer support available in 9 languages

Users from non-English speaking countries may find it challenging to communicate in English and convey their issue to the support team. To solve this problem, has brought fast customer support that is available in 9 different languages.

Whether you are from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, or the Philippines, you can choose your preferred language and contact customer support, and speak your local language. This will allow you to describe your issue exactly as you want and get a solution as per your scenario. also supports different messenger applications like Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, and email to get in touch with their team and get a quick response.

Things I don’t like about

US users are not supported does not support users residing in the US due to strict laws and regulations. The platform has yet to reveal any plans of accepting US users anytime soon.

The latest MetaTrader is not supported does not support the latest version of MetaTrader, so you will have to use the outdated version of the trading interface which has no new features or services that you might need. But it is not a very big issue, and can replace the version in the future if the traders demand. Fees Deposit Fee

All types of deposits are absolutely free on It does not matter if you are depositing cryptocurrencies or fiat; you will incur no fee, allowing you to have the most affordable experience. You can also use any of the available deposit options, and the platform will not charge you any fee. Trading Fee does not charge a fixed or specific trading fee from their users. There is also no commission involved. The way trading fee works at is that the platform increases the average spread. All the fee is built into the spreads of the CFD you are going to trade and varies depending on the time or day. charges a competitive fee. Withdrawal Fee

All types of withdrawals are also free on, one of the very few platforms that offer free deposits and withdrawals. even covers the conversion fee that you might incur.

Pros and Cons of Capital

  • 6,000 CFDs are available to trade
  • Use MT4 for automated trading
  • Professional trading layout with advanced tools
  • Detailed educational material
  • Different markets are available, including crypto and indices
  • Not available for US users
  • MT5 is not supported

The Verdict

The current era of trading is rapidly advancing towards better tools, diversity, automation, feasibility, and flexibility. has them all, making it one of the best CFD exchanges. The exchange is incomparable in terms of diversity and available markets. The way they have designed their trading interface allows beginners and professional traders to trade efficiently without compromising on the features they would want. With several free payment methods, you can deposit and withdraw your funds from your account without worrying about the fee or any other thing. also provides deep analysis, insights, and new articles that help traders keep up with the world and evaluate what is going on. With’s security features and protective measures, your funds will always remain safe. also follows strict verification processes and complies with the rules and regulations of different countries to provide their services legally. To get started, just enter your details on the signup form, and you will be good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use in the US? offers their services globally, supporting a significant portion of the entire world. However, is not available for US users.

Is it safe to trade with is a safe and secure CFD trading platform offering services for years through the internet. With their precautionary measures, there is no need to worry about your funds on the platform.

Can beginners use 

Absolutely! In fact, is designed for beginners to learn and get started with ease. There are a lot of learning tools and materials available that anyone can access to start learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use in the US?

No, is not available for US users. Besides the US, offers their services globally, supporting a significant portion of the entire world.

Is it safe to trade with is a safe and secure CFD trading platform offering services for years through the internet. With their precautionary measures, there is no need to worry about your funds on the platform.

Can beginners use

Absolutely! In fact, is designed for beginners to learn and get started with ease without confusing themselves. There are a lot of learning tools and materials available that anyone can access and start learning.


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