Best Zero Fee Crypto Trading Platforms

Best Zero Fee Crypto Trading Platforms

Robert McDougall 

June 23, 2024


Engaging in cryptocurrency transactions typically involves fees, and for those who trade frequently or in large volumes, even a seemingly modest fee of 0.1% can accumulate to a significant amount.

Fortunately, there are crypto exchanges that offer 0 fee trading, providing an opportunity for traders to save on costs and potentially enhance their profit margins. This feature is particularly beneficial for active traders who are looking to maximize their earnings from each transaction.

In this article, I will explore eight of the top crypto exchanges offering commission-free trading. This overview will help you determine which platform aligns best with your trading style and financial goals, allowing you to make a more informed decision in selecting the right exchange for your cryptocurrency trading activities.

Top 3 Zero Fee Crypto Trading Exchanges

Best Overall

✔️ More than 80+ popular coins supported

✔️ Zero fees for spot trading (maker/taker) and futures trading (maker)

✔️ Futures trading with up to 100x leverage

Highest Liquidity

✔️ Zero fee spot trading on all supported pairs

✔️ Highest liquidity and minimal slippage

✔️ Extremely secure exchange, with multiple regulatory licenses

Free Trading Bot

✔️ Over 700+ different cryptocurrencies and deep liquidity

✔️ Commission-free crypto broker, and zero fee P2P marketplace 

✔️ Zero fee crypto trading bots included in the platform

Best Zero Fee Crypto Exchanges: Reviews

#1. KCEX: Zero Fee Spot and Futures Trading

KCEX is the best crypto exchange for zero fee crypto trading. Spot trading is completely free for both makers and takers, and for futures trading, the fee is 0% for makers and 0.02% for takers. 

To save even more money, KCEX offers a welcome bonus of up to $9,000 for new users by completing certain tasks. If you deposit at least 500 USDT you will receive $10 bonus. To unlock more bonuses, you can deposit more, or trade, with higher volumes unlocking larger rewards. To see how it works, read my review here.

KCEX is also extremely user friendly for newcomers as the site layout is clean and simple. If you are an advanced trader you will also enjoy everything that the exchange has to offer, including advanced charting tools and high liquidity. The one downside I noticed about KCEX is they don't accept fiat deposits or withdrawals, so if you are looking to start crypto trading with USD, you can take a look at the other exchanges in this article.

#2. Weex: Zero Fee For All Spot Trading

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Weex emerges as an outstanding choice for those interested in spot trading with zero fees, as it offers completely free transactions for both makers and takers. 

One of the key strengths of Weex is its exceptional liquidity, surpassing even leading exchanges such as MEXC and Bitget. This deep liquidity is particularly beneficial for high-volume traders, as it ensures rapid order fulfillment and minimizes the likelihood of having to wait for transactions to be completed. Additionally, the high liquidity at Weex significantly reduces the risk of slippage. In a show of confidence, Weex promises reimbursement to users if slippage exceeds certain thresholds.

Regarding security, Weex is highly dependable, maintaining a user protection fund with a substantial reserve of 1,000 BTC to safeguard against unforeseen losses, such as potential hacks. Moreover, the platform is regulated by multiple authorities, including the US MSB, Canada MSB, and SVGFSA, affirming its status as a legitimate and legally compliant exchange operating globally. This combination of zero-fee trading, high liquidity, and robust security measures makes Weex an attractive option for traders looking for a reliable and cost-effective cryptocurrency exchange.

#3. KuCoin: Zero Fee Instant Conversions

Established in 2017, KuCoin has quickly become known for its extensive array of features, services, and a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. The platform supports trading of over 700+ cryptocurrencies, utilizing both professional and advanced tools to cater to a diverse range of trading preferences. Additionally, KuCoin offers the convenience of direct crypto purchases through third-party payment merchants and provides access to a peer-to-peer (P2P) market for straightforward buying and selling.

A standout feature of KuCoin is its zero-fee policy for instant conversions, making it particularly attractive for beginners. This section of the platform is designed to be user-friendly, quick, and easy to navigate. Users can simply select the asset they have, choose the asset they wish to receive, and complete the transaction without incurring any fees.

KuCoin's P2P market is also free, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies at their preferred prices. For those interested in spot and margin trading, KuCoin maintains a low fee structure of just 0.1% per trade. Moreover, using KuCoin's native token, KCS, for payment, further reduces this fee by 20%, bringing it down to only 0.08%. High-volume traders have the opportunity to decrease this fee even more, potentially to zero, depending on their monthly trading volume. This tiered fee structure makes KuCoin a viable option for both casual and serious traders alike.

#4. Binance: Zero Fee BTC Spot Trading

Binance, recognized as the largest crypto exchange by trading volume, offers a comprehensive array of services and a vast selection of cryptocurrencies. With over 600+ cryptocurrencies available, Binance caters to users interested in trading a wide range of digital assets, including both established and emerging projects. For those looking to simply buy and hold cryptocurrencies, Binance provides multiple options, such as various fiat payment methods, bank transfers, e-wallets, and bank cards, along with access to a peer-to-peer (P2P) market.

In terms of trading, Binance enables users to engage in both spot and derivatives trading, offering competitive low trading fees. As part of their recent promotional campaign, Binance is currently offering commission-free crypto trading on a selection of Bitcoin (BTC) pairs. This promotion includes zero trading fees for both makers and takers, allowing users to trade a mix of fiat and crypto assets without incurring any costs.


Binance has also introduced zero fees for makers trading ETH/FDUSD, but takers will still pay the usual fee of 0.1%.

If you only wish to trade BTC pairs, or ETH/FDUSD, Binance is the exchange for you.

#5. Zero Fee Stablecoin Conversions

If you are looking for a crypto exchange that is highly professional, advanced, and secure, should be on your list. has an excellent mobile app, offering more than 250 cryptocurrencies that you can buy and sell at true cost. It also includes many additional features like an NFT marketplace, crypto debit card, and staking to earn interest on your coins.

If you prefer to trade on the desktop exchange, you can access derivatives, margins, and spot trading with considerably cheaper fees. The commission free crypto trading on applies to the conversions between stable assets with a 1:1 ratio. You can convert stablecoins with zero trading fees.

#6. Amplify: Commission-Free trading

Amplify might be one of the very few crypto exchanges offering a completely 0 commission crypto trading experience to users. Their motto is to offer a commission-free Bitcoin and altcoin trading experience to their users so that they won’t have to pay a hefty fee with other exchanges. But do keep in mind that Amplify is limited in regards to their cryptocurrencies, services, trading markets, and investment products.

There are about 20 supported cryptocurrencies on the exchange that you can trade with zero trading fees. If you only plan on trading the top 20 cryptocurrencies, then Amplify is perfect for you. However, if you are the type of trader who wants diversity or more trading markets, we suggest you look at another zero fee crypto exchange on this list.

#7. Lykke: Absolutely Free Trading

Lykke is just another addition to the list of zero fee cryptocurrency exchanges. It has been in business since 2016, and they have always been true to their catchphrase, “Why trade for a fee when you can trade for FREE.” Lykke supports a decent number of cryptocurrencies, but lacks crypto services like direct crypto purchases, diversity in trading markets, and interest earning opportunities.

If you are not interested in the additional features of a crypto exchange and just want a 0 fee crypto exchange, it is a good idea to sign up with Lykke and enjoy commission free crypto trading. The platform also has a mobile app available which gives users convenience to trade from anywhere they want. 

#8. ShapeShift: Buy, Sell and Trade for Free

The last exchange in our list is ShapeShift, a decentralized trading platform that has been around since 2014. It is well known for being a commission-free crypto broker, where you can access fast and hassle-free crypto purchases with zero fees.

If you prefer trading rather than buying directly from ShapeShift, there is a simple trading layout that looks like a simple swap section, making it convenient and easy to trade. It is also possible to trade commission-free here. After you verify your ShapeShift account, you will receive 100 FOX coins (the native tokens of the platform), allowing you to trade up to $1,000 worth of crypto with zero fees for the entire month. If you hold more FOX tokens, you can access entirely zero fee crypto trading.


Every crypto exchange mentioned in this article provides an opportunity for zero-fee crypto trading, enabling users to engage in buying, selling, or trading without the burden of commission charges.

Your next step is to assess your specific preferences and decide on the type of trading you plan to pursue. Once you have a clear idea of your trading goals and requirements, revisit the list of exchanges and select the one that aligns best with your needs, ensuring a more tailored and cost-effective trading experience.


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