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Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


What is FMFW?

FMFW is a crypto exchange with the motto “Free the money, free the world.” Rather than offering a single service or focusing on a specific community, FMFW covers almost every aspect of crypto investing and trading. Users can not only trade hundreds of pairs in a professional environment but also buy crypto assets within seconds.

The exchange is currently based in the Bahamas, but its services are available all over the world, except for a few countries. Even users from the US can easily register on FMFW and start using

their services without facing any regulatory restrictions. The exchange is also available in several languages. Due to its professional interface and options, FMFW offers an unmatched experience to traders.

  • Web Address:
  • Main Location: Bahamas
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT, ETH, LINK, BNB, and 300+ more
  • Fiat Currencies: USD, AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, ZAR, TWD, and more
  • Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency
  • Deposit Fees: No fiat deposits
  • Trading Fees: 0.5%
  • Mobile App: Not available

My Overall Thoughts on FMFW

Any standard crypto exchange offers a feasible way for its users to trade or invest money. To be the best, a crypto exchange needs to offer additional features that set it apart from the competition. Fortunately, FMFW has included many of those features, improving users’ experience and expanding trading and investing in ways that users have never seen before.

In addition to a discounted trading fee, FMFW offers tons of monitoring tools, data reports, a variety of charts, a large selection of assets or pairs, and podcasts. Three things stand out to me as the best parts of the exchange:

1) It offers over 300+ crypto assets and pairs:  FMFW offers many cryptocurrencies that investors can buy directly. Along with all the popular assets, you can find many assets with potential. The same goes for the pairs available for trading in the spot, margin and futures markets.

2) The trading interface is professional grade:  Nothing is missing from the trading interface of FMFW. The exchange provides even the smallest of details about an asset or a pair, which helps you improve your chances of successful trades.

3) Users can learn through podcasts and the IEO section:  FMFW’s podcast features interviewees who offer you analysis and insights that a usual trader cannot. The exchange brings on only industry professionals, who can offer ordinary traders and investors a wealth of information. Not only that, but with the IEO section, traders and investors can keep tabs on new projects and invest their money at the right time.

The biggest downside to FMFW, though, is that they do not have trading apps for mobile users. Without mobile apps, many traders might feel restricted. I hope the exchange has plans to offer such apps in the future.

Key Features and Advantages of FMFW

FMFW comes with many features its users enjoy while trading. Traders have access to different markets and tons of assets right in one place. The exchange supports the spot market, the futures market and margin trading, which increases your earning potential.

 The platform also makes investing in crypto easy with the option to purchase cryptocurrencies instantly. The professional monitoring system and other premium features enhance your experience on the exchange. To learn more about these and other features and advantages of FMFW, explore the list below.

Negatives and Disadvantages of FMFW

Even with a great crypto exchange that takes care of its users like FMFW, you can have a negative experience if some key features are missing. FMFW has a few to keep in mind.

What Services Does FMFW Offer?

Whether you want to buy a few assets or you are looking for a professional trading experience, you will find what you need on FMFW. With top-notch security features and verification requirements, you can trade or invest in a safe environment with peace of mind about your funds and assets.

But the services of FMFW do not end there. Take a look below to learn about the particulars of the services of the platform.

Buy cryptocurrencies instantly:  On some exchanges, you have to go through what seems like hundreds of hassles just to get your hands on a few crypto assets. With FMFW, buying crypto is easy. Users can instantly purchase different cryptocurrencies, thanks to the availability of quick payment methods like credit or debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. But keep in mind that this is possible because FMFW has partnered with third-party payment merchants, so you might have to pay a substantial fee every time you buy a crypto asset.

The best thing is the exchange supports tons of fiat currencies, so many users can purchase cryptocurrencies with their local currencies. The platform accepts USD, EUR, AUD, GBP and CAD, so if you pay using any of those fiat currencies you can avoid hefty conversion charges. The diversity of buyable crypto assets is pretty good too. You can buy almost every popular cryptocurrency that has a good market cap and a position in the market.

Great diversity in crypto assets and pairs:  Yes, FMFW does offer great diversity in crypto assets when it comes to buyable assets. But what about crypto assets and pairs for trading? Well, the platform offers more than 400 pairs! I’ve provided a little sneak peek below:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • SOL
  • BNB
  • EOS
  • ATOM
  • XRP
  • SHIB

Visit the exchange section of the platform to look at all the available assets. Some assets are even paired with multiple assets so traders have broader choices. The platform provides more than enough choices to explore.

Spot and futures trading markets:  In addition to the standard spot market, FMFW offers futures to their users to trade. It is definitely a good idea to understand the difference between the markets before entering either of them. The spot market works best for traders who are looking to open long-term positions.

On the other hand, if you want to use leverage or margin trade, the futures market will be the better choice. You can also enter and exit this market within a short period without facing any troubles.

Easy to sign up and get started:  Getting started on FMFW is effortless. Sign up with an email address or phone number and create a password. That’s it. After verifying your email address or phone number, you can start investing your money into crypto assets or trading pairs with your funds. However, to unlock certain features, you will have to verify your personal info, as one of the safety precautions FMFW has taken.

Professional-grade trading charts:  FMFW is an excellent choice for traders looking for an industry-grade trading experience. With so many features and options, the platform offers an unparalleled trading experience, even for professional traders. Firstly, users can choose between two different charts. The first one is produced by FMFW itself, and the other is fetched by the industry-popular Trading View. With either chart, users are provided accurate and precise data about exact market conditions.

The charts provide information on the market depth and the complete order book for every asset available. They can also be opened in a separate window to make them full screen so users can make better evaluations. The only thing lacking in the charts is the customization. There is no apparent way to change candles or tweak the settings of the charts, but some users may not notice this unless they are used to setting their own preferences.

Detailed monitoring, reports and market overview:  Along with the accurate trading charts at FMFW, users get firsthand  access to detailed monitoring, extensive reports and an overview of the markets. These features might not seem very important to some traders and investors, but they can help if you want to determine your trading history or review market conditions.

The report section lets users fetch data about their own trading and investing history. Users can select any time period and export the whole set of data and even download it in PDF form. The market overview section gives users a quick look at all the available assets along with their price, change and market cap.

Up to 100x leverage:  Leverage trading is becoming more and more popular, due to the benefits and advantages it offers. You can enjoy the potential of a massive amount without having even a fraction of it.

For the usual assets, FMFW offers leverage of 5x, 10x or even 20x on a few, and a very limited number of assets have a margin of 100x.

As you consider leverage trading, remember that margin trading carries a fair amount of risk. You can quickly make a profit with leverage trading, but you can lose your money just as quickly. So if you have not done your homework, including calculating and considering the movements of the market, it would be best to be wary of trading, especially leverage trading.

Podcast:  No matter in which industry you work, there are always mentors or successful individuals to look up to and learn from. The same applies to the crypto industry. You can learn a lot from hearing the thoughts of experienced persons who have tried different ways of trading and investing.

FMFW brings such learning opportunities to their traders through interviews of successful people in the blockchain industry on the platform’s podcast, TokenVerse. Users can even listen to TokenVerse on platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

IEO section for new projects:  In this era of development and technology, it seems like everyone is innovating ways to rebuild the world, make it a better place or simply enhance its current values. Unfortunately, in the crypto industry, many new projects are mostly unnoticed due to lack of support or funds.

That is where the IEO section of FMFW saves the day. In this section of the platform, new projects introduce themselves and pass their vision along. When you visit this section, several projects will pop up in front of you, showing you the overview, their features and their goals right in one place.

Earning opportunities through referrals:  FMFW does not have tons of ways for its users to earn a few extra bucks or a passive income. But you can make use of the platform’s referral program, which pays really well. If you refer friends, family members or colleagues to FMFW, you can earn 50% of their trading fee. The best thing is there is no limit on the number of referrals you bring to the platform. Even your referrals get benefits by receiving a 10% discount on their trading fee by joining through your unique link.

Excellent security and safety features:  Security and safety features at FMFW are impeccable. After you create an account, a pop-up appears at the start of every section reminding you of the option to enable two-factor authentication for your own security. The only way to get rid of it is to enable the security feature.

The security protocols, laws and regulations the exchange follows are top-notch too. With FMFW, users trade and invest their money in a secure environment without risking their funds and assets.

Things I Don't Like About FMFW

No doubt FMFW is an excellent platform with a lot of admirable features, but it has some important things to take care of. If the platform fills in the missing aspects, it will only enhance the experience of its users and let them trade in the best way possible.

No mobile apps:  Yes, you read that right! A platform this professional and packed with features does not offer mobile apps for its users. It is unclear why FMFW lacks this feature, but it could be it has not yet found an efficient way to let users trade on mobile devices.

But with the prevalence of, and dependence on, mobile phones, a profession like crypto trading should be accessible through an app. Without one, users cannot trade anywhere or anytime they want, which puts FMFW at a disadvantage with the latest trading generation.

Not a very beginner-friendly interface:  While some platforms welcome users with a very friendly environment or interface, FMFW does not. The platform was built with professional traders in mind. Right after signing up, you are redirected to an interface with all the essential options to trade and invest on the top bar and trading charts, pairs and details at the bottom. You will have to figure the options out yourself. You might get confused a little if you are a beginner, but it gets easier the longer you use the platform. However, I see it as a disadvantage that the overall interface is not very beginner friendly.


FMFW Deposit Fees

Depositing cryptocurrencies at FMFW is absolutely free. FMFW does not support fiat deposits.

However, if you want to instantly purchase crypto using a fiat gateway, this is possible using third-party payment merchants like Banxa or Simplex. There is a hefty fee that depends on which payment provider and method you choose.

FMFW Trading Fees

The trading fee at FMFW starts at 0.5% for both takers and makers. The fee might seem a little expensive to some traders, but considering what the exchange offers to its users in return, it can be justified. Users receive premium discounts on the trading fee by simply increasing their 30-day trading volume, as demonstrated in the following chart:

The account levels go as high as 12, and the discounts continue through the highest level. In short, it can be cheaper to trade with FMFW if you have a massive trading volume within 30 days.

FMFW Fiat Withdrawal Fee

FMFW does not support fiat withdrawals.

FMFW Crypto Withdrawal Fee

FMFW offers free withdrawals for a few assets, but many of them come with a withdrawal fee. You can check out the exact withdrawal fees for any coin from within your account.

Pros and Cons of FMFW

  • More than 400 crypto pairs available to trade
  • Instant purchasing of cryptocurrencies
  • Margin trading supported
  • Professional trading experience with tons of features
  • Earn commissions through referrals
  • No mobile app supported
  • Not a very beginner-friendly platform


It can be very difficult to find a crypto exchange that has everything you want. Many traders and investors have varying preferences, and some platforms cater to only specific aspects, rather than offering a wide variety of options. Fortunately, FMFW has almost everything a crypto geek would want.

The platform has all the necessary investing and trading tools, a next-gen trading interface and detailed podcasts. If only the platform would develop a mobile app for its traders and make the interface a little beginner friendly, it would be one of the best in the industry. 

If you want to research some other crypto platforms before deciding to use FMFW, you can read about the best crypto exchanges here. There is also a quick comparison table below that can help you decide.

Comparison Table of the Best Crypto Exchanges in the USA

Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange
Fiat Currencies
Fiat Currencies
USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, JPY & 21 more
USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, NZD, SGD, JPY & 10+ more
MEXC, BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC & 2,300+ more
BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETC & 110 more
BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, COMP, DOT & 125+ more
BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, CRO, ADA, DOT, SOL, DOGE & 250+ more
Deposit Methods
Deposit Methods
Visa/Mastercard, Bank Cards, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency
PayPal, Debit card, Wire transfer
Bank Transfer (ACH), Bank Transfer (SEPA), Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Faster Payments Service, SWIFT, Cryptocurrency
Credit card, Debit card, Fedwire, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Bank Transfer (ACH), BPAY, SEPA, Credit/Debit card, PayPal, TransferWise, Fedwire, SWIFT, Cryptocurrency
Trading Fees
Trading Fees
0% for spot, 0.0%/0.01% for futures
Fees included in the spread
2.93% - 3.90% (depending on loyalty level)
Included in spread

Cryptocurrency is offered by eToro USA LLC (“the MSB”) (NMLS: 1769299) and is not FDIC or SIPC insured. Investing involves risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can US residents join FMFW?

Residents from the USA can join FMFW and use its services without restrictions. The platform supports tons of other countries too.

IS FMFW legit and trusted?

FMFW is a legit crypto exchange trusted by millions of traders and investors from all over the world. Its years in the industry make it trusted in the blockchain industry.

Can beginners use FMFW?

Yes, beginners can use FMFW, unless they do not know the meaning of basic terms. The interface might seem a little packed, but you can get a hold on it quite easily. provides all its content for informational purposes only, and this should not be taken as financial advice to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency or use any specific exchange. Please do not use this website as investment advice, financial advice or legal advice, and each individual's needs may vary from that of the author. This post includes affiliate links with our partners who may compensate us. 

To view our privacy policy read this page.


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