Gunbot Review

Gunbot Review

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


The crypto trading market is open 24/7 which makes it easier to participate, no matter which time zone you’re from. However, this also makes it impractical to monitor the market at all times. This — combined with the inherent volatility of crypto prices — increases the risk of missing the ideal buying or selling opportunity. To combat this issue, digital bots that automate the crypto trading process are becoming increasingly popular.

One of the most notable names in the crypto bot space is Gunbot. It is a crypto trading platform with plenty of automation and charting tools at the user's disposal. We’ve also heard a lot of praise about the effectiveness of this bot. So, we decided to put it to the test.

Here's what we found:

Features of Gunbot

Gunbot has plenty of eye-catching and useful features under its belt. The ones that caught our attention the most include:

Automated Trading

One of the most significant features of Gunbot is its automation that’s accessible to almost anyone. It allows you to set up parameters, and the bot will automatically make trades as soon as those parameters are met.

This way, traders can be sure that their portfolio is getting updated according to the latest market trends, even when they’re asleep or busy with something else. You can also set up multiple crypto assets at once without having to monitor all of them manually at the same time.

Trading Strategies

The main thing that makes Gunbot effective is the number of buying and selling strategies it offers. These include Bollinger Bands, EMA spread, Average True Range, and more. Each strategy can be customized to suit individual preferences and trading goals.

With this much variety, you can set up Gunbot to employ a trading strategy that fits your portfolio perfectly — maximizing your profits as a result.

One of the most notable Gunbot trading strategies for us is Reversal trading. With this, Gunbot ensures that the user makes a profit even when prices are going down by continuously buying and selling the asset.

Technical Indicators

Gunbot is not a profit-making machine that you turn on and watch the earnings roll in. You still need to keep an eye on the market and configure the bot accordingly.

To make this process easier and more efficient, Gunbot offers a number of technical indicators and charting tools. These tools help you understand market movement and predict any upcoming changes so you can set the best trading parameters.


Unless some major unexpected event happens — like a crypto ban in a large country — cryptocurrency prices follow certain trends. Gunbot's backtesting feature allows you to take advantage of those trends and test your trading strategies using historical data before using them in live trading.

This way you can fine-tune your strategies and identify potential flaws before putting real money on the line. You can also use this feature as an educational tool to create new custom strategies and understand how different crypto markets behave over time.

High Compatibility

Compatibility with crypto exchanges is one of the first factors we consider when reviewing a crypto trading bot and Gunbot does not disappoint.

From our testing, Gunbot works well with over 100 different exchanges, including big-name players like Binance, Bitfinex, and Kraken. This vast compatibility makes trading more convenient and efficient by allowing you to trade across multiple sources from a single platform.

This is especially useful for experienced traders who prefer to diversify their portfolios across a variety of different exchanges.

Excellent Interface

Gunbot's interface strikes the ideal balance between user-friendly and feature-rich.

It is straightforward — making it easy for beginners to navigate the platform. But it’s also customizable with different color schemes and layouts for experienced traders.

The best part about its interface for us, however, is its focus on presenting all the important information in a coherent and easy-to-read manner. This ensures that traders can get an understanding of where the market is headed quickly and accurately.

Pros of Gunbot

The biggest advantage of using Gunbot for us is its availability. Just like the crypto market itself, Gunbot also works 24/7 without needing constant human monitoring.

This allows Gunbot to take advantage of almost every profit-making opportunity. As long as you use the correct parameters and strategy, you’re very likely to see growth in your overall portfolio with this trading bot.

We’ve also discussed the backtesting feature already, but it deserves another mention just because of how useful it is. The ability to test strategies with historic data helps traders make well-educated decisions. It also gives them greater insight into the crypto market trends.

To top it all off, Gunbot is also extremely customizable while also offering effective pre-built strategies.

The customizability features help veteran traders transform the trading landscape to their needs and preferences. Simultaneously, the pre-existing strategies allow newer traders to get up and running without any confusion.

Cons of Gunbot

There is a lot we like about Gunbot, but it still has a few limitations and potential risks that you should know about before giving it a try.

The most important point for you to understand is that Gunbot — or any other automatic crypto trading platform for that matter — is not perfect. Even the soundest trading strategies can fail during high market volatility and can lead to some unexpected losses. So, use Gunbot as a helpful tool instead of a replacement for you, the trader.

Also, while we didn’t experience any issues during our testing, be wary of potential glitches and technical issues in the platform.

User Feedback and Reviews

From what we’ve seen, user feedback for Gunbot is mainly positive. It has a fairly good rating of 4.2 stars on Trustpilot with more than 110 reviews at the time of writing.

Most of the positive reviews are about how Gunbot delivers on its promises and has an easy initial setup. Reviewers also appreciated Gunbot’s intuitive user interface which does not overcomplicate things.

Some mixed reviews were about the difficulty they had when looking for a certain feature or action. That said, many of them also mention how the support team was responsive and super helpful.

There are also some low-star reviews about an unpleasant experience in the Gunbot telegram group. But, there are also just as many, if not more, five-star reviews mentioning the usefulness of the same group.


The Gunbot crypto trading tool has plenty of features that are useful for both novice and experienced traders. It also includes some of the most effective automated trading strategies and customization options.

From our time with this bot, we definitely see it as a solid choice for many crypto investors and recommend you to check it out.

That said, we still suggest doing your own research before going all in with your crypto portfolio. This suggestion is not just for Gunbot either. No matter how well-reviewed a crypto trading bot or platform is, make sure you understand its pros and cons before using it.


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