Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms

Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms

Robert McDougall 

January 2, 2024


After trialling out dozens of crypto exchanges, I have compiled my list of the best crypto copy trading exchanges. Scroll down to read about each of these platforms in more detail.

The Top Copy Trading Crypto Platforms in 2024

  1. Bybit: Best crypto copy trading platform overall
  2. MEXC: Huge range of 2,110+ trading pairs
  3. Kine: Best DEX for copy trading
  4. eToro: Best for beginners
  5. Weex: Deepest liquidity and minimal slippage
  6. Zoomex: Best new copy trading platform 
  7. Pionex: Crypto exchange with free crypto copy trading bot
  8. Best for huge range of 1,000+ cryptocurrencies
  9. Shrimpy: Crypto portfolio management with copy trading functionality
  10. Kryll: Copy trade any of 280+ verified strategies
  11. Trality: Best crypto copy trading bot marketplace

Since their introduction in 2009, cryptocurrencies have seen a significant increase in value, drawing the interest of numerous investors. Trading in this market demands thorough research, analysis, and dedicated time to understand market trends and movements.

Recent advancements have introduced the concept of copy trading, which is particularly beneficial for new or amateur traders, or for those seeking profits without dedicating extensive time to the process. This approach removes the necessity of developing personal trading strategies, assessing risks, or conducting market analysis, thereby saving considerable time. Essentially, you can replicate the trades of an experienced trader who manages all trading activities on your behalf.

The best crypto copy trading platforms 2024: Reviews

Read more about the top copy trading crypto platforms in 2024. Investigate each one for yourself to see which is best for your personal needs.

#1. Bybit: Best Crypto Copy Trading Platform Overall

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Bybit stands out as a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange, offering a vast selection of over 280+ coins, competitive low trading fees, and a variety of markets including spot and margin trading. It also features a popular copy trading option. The platform boasts that over 150,000 traders have participated in their copy trading program, where users can mimic the trades of seasoned professionals based on their track records and results.

One of the key advantages of Bybit's copy trading feature is the extensive range of copy traders available on the platform. Users can conduct detailed research to identify traders whose strategies align with their own preferences. Bybit enhances this process by providing search filters, allowing users to select traders based on metrics like 7-day and 3-week win rates or profits, aiding in the assessment of a trader's past performance.

Users maintain complete control over their trades in Bybit's copy trading system. After choosing a trader to emulate, you can customize various aspects of your trades, such as leverage, stop-loss settings, and other critical parameters, tailoring the approach to your individual risk tolerance and goals.

Additionally, Bybit offers opportunities for experienced traders to become principal traders. Those with significant market knowledge and a successful trading history can earn a 10% commission on trades executed by their copiers. This feature not only incentivizes skilled traders to join the platform but also provides them with an additional revenue stream alongside their regular trading activities.

  • Massive variety of traders that you can copy
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Set your own parameters
  • Autopilot mode with no hassles
  • Live Chat customer support
  • $10 FREE BTC to get started, when you sign up with our link and deposit at least $100
  • Not available in the USA

#2. MEXC: Huge Range of 2,100+ Trading Pairs

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MEXC stands out as one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms globally, renowned for its copy trading feature. This feature allows users to select top investors based on various metrics like ROI, Total Profit and Loss, Win Rate, Total Equity, or Number of Followers. This flexibility ensures that you can choose a trader to copy based on the criteria you consider most crucial. Additionally, if you have a specific trader in mind, MEXC's search function allows you to find them directly.

The platform is notable for its extensive range of offerings, with more than 1,520+ cryptocurrencies and over 2,110 trading pairs – the highest variety offered by any crypto exchange worldwide. MEXC also boasts exceptionally low trading fees, with zero fees for 11 popular spot trading pairs. For other spot trading pairs, the fee is 0.1%, and for futures trading it is 0.01% for makers and 0.05% for takers.

Beyond copy trading, MEXC provides a plethora of other trading options. For a comprehensive understanding of all the features and benefits MEXC offers, you can check out my in-depth review here. If you're interested in starting copy trading on MEXC, there's an exclusive opportunity available through this special link. By using this link, you can receive $30 USDT for FREE, along with a 10% discount on all trading fees, adding value to your trading experience on the platform. Note that MEXC has IP restrictions in the US and Canada. However, if you use a VPN set to Australia you will be able to access the site with no issues. No KYC is required so you can trade, deposit and withdraw easily even if you are in the US or Canada.

  • FREE $30 USDT plus 10% off trading fees
  • Over 1,520+ coins, and 2,110+ trading pairs
  • No KYC required to use MEXC
  • Lowest fees of 0.1% for spot trading and 0.01/0.05% for futures
  • Spot, margin, and futures trading available
  • Limited cryptocurrencies available for direct purchase using fiat

#3. Kine: Best DEX for copy trading

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Kine differentiates itself as a unique option among crypto exchanges, combining the features of both a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a centralized exchange (CEX) in one platform. This dual nature allows users the flexibility to switch between DEX and CEX modes with ease. The DEX aspect of Kine, in particular, offers enhanced privacy, anonymity and security, as users retain control of their crypto in their personal wallets, rather than on the exchange.

The copy trading feature on Kine allows users to peruse a range of traders, examining their profit history, strategies, and fees. This enables informed decision-making when choosing a professional to copy. Many users, including myself, prefer to evaluate traders based on their track record. While past performance isn't always indicative of future results, a strong historical performance can signal a trader's expertise and market acumen.

For those who are proficient traders themselves, Kine offers the opportunity to become a copyable trader. This role can serve as a profitable venture, as you can earn a 30% share of the profits generated for your followers.

Additionally, Kine provides a significant incentive for new users. By signing up with this link, users can receive a substantial welcome bonus, with rewards exceeding $8,000 USDT. This offer adds considerable value for those looking to start their trading journey on Kine, enhancing the appeal of this versatile trading platform.

  • Massive welcome offer with over $8,000 USDT bonus available
  • DEX and CEX platforms in the one website
  • Earn up to 30% profit share if people copy your trades
  • Select from hundreds of top-tier crypto traders
  • Limited number of 21 cryptocurrencies available to trade

#4. eToro: Best for Beginner Copy Trading

Disclaimer: Below content does not apply to US users.

eToro stands out as a highly popular and versatile crypto exchange, particularly suited for beginners. It's a global platform available in many countries, offering a range of markets including stocks and forex, depending on the user's location. A key feature of eToro is its copy trading functionality, which simplifies investing for newcomers who may lack experience or knowledge in trading.

Copy trading on eToro is especially beneficial for beginners or those still learning the ropes of trading. It enables users to earn profits through an automated process. In 2021, eToro reported that users copying the platform’s top 50 traders saw their portfolios grow by over 30%, a notable achievement. This feature is transparent in its fee structure, with no management or hidden fees, except for the commission paid to the principal trader.

Getting started with eToro is straightforward, by signing up with this link. After signing up, users can access the copy trading section, which provides a detailed list of principal traders along with their rankings and win rates. This information helps in assessing their trading prowess. Users also have the flexibility to set their own parameters and preferences, allowing them to maintain control over risk levels and not be entirely dependent on the actions of others.

A unique and advantageous aspect of eToro's copy trading is the ability to communicate directly with principal traders. This interaction enables users to ask questions, share thoughts, and build trust before deciding to copy trades.

Beyond copy trading, eToro offers a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners, yet professional enough for experienced traders. The platform supports a wide range of assets, and provides educational resources to help users develop their trading skills. For a more in-depth understanding of eToro and its offerings, interested individuals can read my comprehensive review.

  • Choose from a variety of traders, with the option to chat to them
  • Beginner-friendly interface with professional tools included
  • Excellent customer support with educational material
  • Trade crypto, as well as stocks, forex and commodities, depending on your country
  • Social trading platform, so you can interact with others in the eToro community
  • Limited range of 75 cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum $200 deposit for copy trading

eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

#5. Weex: Deepest liquidity and minimal slippage

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Weex distinguishes itself with its straightforward and efficient one-click copy trading feature, ideal for anyone looking to easily replicate the strategies of successful traders. Users can explore the 'Trader list' on Weex, filtering potential traders to copy based on various metrics like PnL, win rate, win ratio, and number of followers. Once a suitable trader is identified, initiating the copy trading process is as simple as a single click.

Once you start copy trading on Weex, the platform automatically replicates the trades of the chosen trader in real-time. A significant advantage of copy trading on Weex is its exceptional liquidity, surpassing that of industry leaders like MEXC and Bitget. This high liquidity ensures rapid order fulfillment with minimal slippage. Furthermore, Weex offers a unique slippage guarantee, promising compensation if slippage exceeds a certain threshold.

In terms of security, Weex is robustly equipped, featuring a user protection fund with a reserve of 1,000 BTC to cover any unforeseen losses due to hacking or security breaches. Adding to its credibility, Weex holds regulatory licenses in the  USCanada, and China, ensuring that it operates as a legitimate and trustworthy platform.

  • FREE $58 USDT rewards if you sign up with our link, with higher rewards for large traders
  • Extremely secure crypto exchange, with user protection fund
  • Zero fees for spot trading
  • Maximum 10% profit sharing commission for copy trading
  • Deepest liquidity of any major cryptocurrency exchange
  • Not able to purchase crypto directly using fiat

#6. Zoomex: Best new Copy Trading platform 

Zoomex is a young crypto exchange, founded in 2021, and they recently added the Copy Trading feature to their platform. You can find traders to Follow by looking at their win rate, profit, or gain in followers over the last 7 days. You can also search directly for the username of a trader, if someone has been recommended to you.

The fees are reasonable, with 10% of your net profits being paid to the trader you are following. Trading fees are only 0.02% for makers and 0.06% for takers, meaning more money in your pocket.

When you copy trade you choose the amount of leverage, (up to 100x on Zoomex), and set your take profit and stop loss ratio. After that is set up, you simply sit back and wait for the trades to occur, and hopefully profits to enter your account.

  • Trading fees are low at 0.02/0.06% (maker/taker)
  • Only 10% of net profit is taken as fees for the trader
  • Use up to 100x leverage
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Browse through Copy Traders easily
  • Not available in the US or China

#7. Pionex: Platform With FREE Copy Trading bots 

Pionex stands out in the realm of copy trading platforms by offering an array of unique features. Notably, it provides FREE built-in trading bots, with a selection of 16 different types, including DCA bots and rebalancing bots. This allows for the automation of trading strategies, and uniquely, the platform enables users to create their own bots based on specific parameters.

Copy trading on Pionex can be approached in two distinct ways: 1) traditional copy trading, where you follow the strategies of successful traders, similar to platforms like Bybit and eToro, and 2) replicating the parameters of successful bots, essentially recreating the platform's most effective bots for your use.

Pionex offers an attractive low trading fee of only 0.05% per trade, and it frequently hosts zero-fee trading events, eliminating trade costs altogether. This makes Pionex a versatile choice for those interested in copy trading, bot trading, or even traditional manual trading, catering to a wide range of trading preferences and strategies.

  • 16 free built-in trading bots
  • 120+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Copy other people's bots, or copy their manual trades
  • Low trading fees of just 0.05%
  • Easy to use copy trading platform
  • Copy trading only available on the app, not desktop site

#8. Widest Range of 1,000+ Coins to Copy Trade

Purchasing cryptocurrencies, trading over 1,000+ coins, or copy trading – pretty much everything is available at The exchange can be considered an all-in-one crypto platform where you can explore tons of options and make your trading experience efficient.

The platform has a great variety of principal traders available that you can copy. Each has its own particular fee charged on every trade. All traders also come with their winning rate, total returns, AUM (Assets Under Management), number of trades executed, and the minimum deposit amount. Considering all these aspects, you can select a principal trader to copy, one that you think will perform well and offer you great returns on your investment. allows copiers to use leverage on their trades and set advanced parameters to save themselves from losing their capital. You can also watch several tutorials available on the platform to understand the copy trading concept fully and see how things are done. The whole process is quite simple and can be used by any beginner on the platform.

The exchange also has an option to go with bot trading, which follows the same concept of automation. Only this time, you have to use your own strategies and market understanding in order to guide the bot accordingly. You can also explore their NFTs market, purchase assets, or trade crypto on the markets.

  • Tremendous variety of principal traders
  • Use leverage and set your own parameters
  • Over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Thorough details and history of principal traders
  • Trading bots available on the platform
  • Copy trading fees are set by the principal trader, and can be quite high

#9. Shrimpy: Crypto Portfolio Management with Copy Trading

Shrimpy is a crypto portfolio management tool that provides their users with innovative options to manage their overall portfolio and trade in a unique way. Unlike many other crypto copy trading platforms, Shrimpy has a unique diversity in the tools and resources they bring to their traders. For starters, traders can connect all of their supported crypto exchanges and access their coins all in one place.

After the connection, you can automate the whole trading process by either going with the bot trading option or by copying other professional traders. For bot trading, Shrimpy provides a variety of tools that you can use to create your own strategies and implement them on your bot. You can also backtest strategies and monitor your performance for better insights.

For copy trading, Shrimpy has a wide range of professional, experienced, and advanced traders available whose strategies and trades you can copy. You are provided with your own dashboard where you can keep track of the profits and much more. Be it your social trading leader or your own strategy, you always have access to the best monitoring and management tools so that you won’t miss out on anything.

Shrimpy supports over 30 crypto wallets and exchanges that you can connect to the platform and bring your portfolio to a single place. This makes trading easier and allows you to allocate your funds, keeping your total capital in mind.

  • Connects to more than 30 crypto wallets and exchanges
  • Follow and copy a variety of top traders
  • Crypto trading bots are available
  • Professional dashboard and management tools
  • Need to pay for monthly/annual plan to access Shrimpy

#10. Kryll: Copy Trade 280+ Verified Strategies

Kryll is not a cryptocurrency exchange, like most of the others on this list of copy trading platforms. Instead, it is a crypto trading bot software, solely focused on automation and efficiency. Kryll provides one of the most advanced and feature-filled strategy editors on the internet. It comes with countless features that can be integrated and implemented with an effortless drag-and-drop mechanism. To get started and gain access to these features, register on the platform by providing your personal information.

After the registration process, you get access to bot strategies that you can opt for right away. Instead of actual traders, Kryll offers more than 280+ verified strategies that users can use to automate their trading experience. Each bot comes with its own success rate along with the pair it is trading. You can take a look at the whole variety of bots, understand their strategy, and start using them as you wish. Kryll has a reasonable pricing structure where they charge 1% of the traded capital from users. 

  • Over 280+ verified strategies to choose from
  • Drag-and-drop builder for strategy creation
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Free backtests
  • Responsive, efficient, and secure interface
  • Not a good choice for beginners, caters more to advanced users

#11. Trality: Best Crypto Copy Trading Marketplace

Trality is an Austrian trading platform that offers a variety of tools and features for traders to automate their strategies and execute trades more efficiently. One of its primary features is its copy trading functionality via its two-sided Marketplace, which allows users to replicate the trades of experienced traders and investors.

With Trality's copy trading functionality, users can browse and select from a pool of top-performing traders on its Marketplace, and choose to automatically copy their trades.

Trality's copy trading functionality also offers several customizations and controls to help users manage their copied trades effectively. Users can set limits on the maximum amount of funds to be allocated to each copied trade, as well as stop loss and take profit levels to manage risk. Additionally, users can choose to stop copying a trader at any time.

Overall, Trality's copy trading functionality is a powerful tool for traders who are looking to learn from and leverage the expertise of successful traders, while still maintaining control over their own trading accounts.

  • Profitable copy trading Bot Marketplace for creators and crypto investors
  • Binance, arbitrage, margin, grid, intraday, & index-tracking bots
  • Automated trend-following and reversion strategies
  • Binance-backed Trality wallet
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Limited number of exchanges
  • No crypto futures

What is crypto copy trading?

Crypto copy trading is a strategy where users replicate the trades, strategies, and market insights of professional traders. This method is particularly beneficial for individuals with little to no experience in trading or the crypto market, as it operates on an autopilot system. Users simply choose a trader to copy, decide on the investment amount, and can then leave the process to run autonomously, without the need for constant monitoring or market analysis.

What are the benefits of crypto copy trading?

It’s not easy to trade and win in the market if you have not done your homework. Homework includes a lot of time, years of experience, deep research, patience, funds allocation, and much more. This is where crypto copy trading comes in. Let’s check out the benefits!

No extensive knowledge required

This is the whole point of crypto copy trading: users don't need deep knowledge of the crypto markets or trading experience. This makes copy trading accessible to beginners who can still participate and potentially profit in the market.

Time efficiency

Since it operates on autopilot, crypto copy trading is ideal for those with limited time. Users need only occasionally check on the performance of their chosen trader and their investment returns.

Risk management and customization

Many platforms offer tools to help manage risk effectively, allowing users to set limits and criteria to protect their investments. That is where you can set certain limits or even create criteria so that you won’t lose your whole investment in case the trades by the professional trader go sideways.

What are the disadvantages or negatives of crypto copy trading?

There are a few risks involved when it comes to crypto copy trading. You can take a quick look below to understand the risks of crypto copy trading.

Market volatility

While copy trading seems easy and profitable, remember that cryptocurrency markets are known for their high volatility, which can impact the profitability of copy trading, even for experienced traders. Crypto copy trading might not be always profitable for a single trader, so it is better to plan accordingly and diversify your investments with different professional traders. Of course, make sure to check their history and trading style to evaluate the profits you can earn through them.

Copy trading fees

Copy trading is not free of charge. Each professional trader available on a crypto copy trading platform charges a specific percentage commission or a flat fee for every trade. 

Minimum investment requirements

The minimum investment for copy trading is usually higher than standard trading, often ranging between $50 to $200. If you don't want to risk larger amounts of capital, copy trading may not be the best option for you.


The top crypto copy trading platforms are ready for investors to explore in 2024. Your next step is to consider your individual preferences and select the platform that aligns best with your needs. Consider your investment budget, whether you prefer automated bot trading or replicating the strategies of experienced traders, and evaluate your own trading expertise. Once you've addressed these factors, choose a platform that offers the features and advantages you're looking for.

Keep in mind that crypto copy trading carries inherent risks. It's crucial to invest only what you can afford to lose and consider consulting with a financial advisor prior to trading. By diversifying your portfolio and choosing to copy the strategies of top-performing traders, you increase your chances of achieving profitable outcomes.

Is copy trading better than manual trading?

It depends on your skill level, and the time you have to dedicate to trading. If you are a total beginner with no hands-on experience, copy trading is the better option for you. On the other hand, if you have  some experience, know how to analyze markets, and have time to trade, manual trading will likely give you better results.

Is crypto copy trading safe or risky?

Copy trading can be risky due to the highly volatile assets being traded. However, if you opt for traders with excellent success rates and history, and sensibly invest amounts you can afford, you minimise the chance of losing your capital.

How much should you invest in copy trading?

It is always a good idea to start with a lower investment amount, and understand the process better, before moving on to bigger investments. provides all its content for informational purposes only, and this should not be taken as financial advice to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency or use any specific exchange. Please do not use this website as investment advice, financial advice or legal advice, and each individual's needs may vary from that of the author. This post includes affiliate links with our partners who may compensate us. 

To read our terms of service please click the link.


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