Binance New Zealand launches ‘Crypto 101’ educational video series

Binance New Zealand launches ‘Crypto 101’ educational video series

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


Binance New Zealand has introduced a video series named 'Crypto 101,' which aims to educate cryptocurrency traders and investors in New Zealand about the basics of crypto, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

The video series, which will feature local Binancians including General Manager Ben Rose, will offer a clear explanation of the complex world of cryptocurrency. 

The first video of the series will provide an introduction to crypto for beginners.

The second video will explain what cryptocurrency is and its advantages, including how it works, the permissionless aspect of crypto, its censorship resistance, and why it is potentially a cheaper and faster way to transact value.

The third video will cover the uses of crypto, including the frequently asked question of what you can buy with it and the use of crypto in decentralised finance. 

More advanced topics such as storing crypto, hot versus cold wallets, and web 1 vs. web 2 vs. web 3 will also be discussed. 

Binance New Zealand will release more videos, including crypto terminology explanations and what is blockchain in the coming weeks. 

The educational video series will be a valuable resource for both novice traders and investors, offering a fundamental understanding of how crypto works and how it can be a part of their lives.

The video series is available on Binance New Zealand's YouTube channel, and interested parties can click on any video to get started.

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange and has a significant presence in New Zealand, with Binance New Zealand being the local subsidiary.

The exchange is among the top crypto exchanges worldwide, with a strong focus on providing secure and transparent trading services to users.

Read more on the Binance New Zealand blog here.


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