Zignaly Review

Zignaly Review

Robert McDougall 

January 8, 2024


Many people have become millionaires through cryptocurrencies, but others have gone bankrupt when their crypto trading went south. That is why experts recommend getting professional help if you want to trade crypto assets and make some serious bucks. For that, Zignaly can help you out!

What is Zignaly?

Zignaly is a profit-sharing service and trading platform that connects investors with professional and advanced traders and allows them to earn together in the crypto industry. The platform is designed specifically for beginners who do not have extensive knowledge about crypto trading and do not know how markets work and how to read the charts. Investors who are time restrained and want to diversify their crypto portfolio and create an income stream can also join Zignaly and benefit from the profit-sharing mechanism created by the platform.

If you think you are a professional trader who has a proven record and remarkable history of trades, you can join Zignaly as a service provider and earn commission from the traders who are copying you. The way Zignaly works is that the platform creates a pool for each service provider, and different traders can join that pool to start copying the trades. The profit is then divided among everyone in the pool based on the investment everyone put in. There is no minimum investment required and no monthly fee, and you get full access to your funds to withdraw anytime you want. You can also regulate the risk by following multiple traders and dividing your investments among several professionals. If you are not planning to copy anyone, you can trade yourself through the trading terminal available on Zignaly.

About Zignaly

Zignaly was founded in 2018 by three friends who believed in empowering pro traders and investors willing explore the crypto industry. Today, Zignaly has over 30 employees from all over the world, ensuring the workflow and enhancing the features to serve their clients in the best possible manner. 

The platform claims to have over 400,000 registered users who are either investors or pro traders who provide their services. There is a total of $120M assets in management on Zignaly, along with an overall trading volume of $5.6B, indicating the trust the users have in them. Zignaly has also been endorsed by many popular media outlets like Forbes, Nasdaq, and Bitcoin.com, making it even easier for users to verify their credibility.

Zignaly Pros & Cons

  • Copy hundreds of professional and verified traders
  • Join Zig ecosystem and enjoy the benefits
  • Launch your own strategy and earn a commission
  • Full control over your assets
  • Premium customer support service
  • Only card deposits are allowed
  • Profit sharing commission can be high

Zignaly Features

Zignaly comes with a lot of features and benefits that can change your perspective on the crypto industry. Take a look below and find out what you can get with a free Zignaly account.

Hundreds of pro traders are available to copy

Starting with the main feature of Zignaly, the platform offers their users a wide variety of professional, advanced, and bright traders that you can copy. There is a profit-sharing section which you can access from the dashboard of your account; this is where you will find several professional traders, along with their analytics and statistics.

You can simply click on any of the traders and start evaluating the past results to see if you should copy that particular trader. Zignaly provides full information regarding each trader, which includes the success rate of that trader, the number of copiers, the commission that is going to be charged, the max drawdown, and the assets that are usually traded. You can also filter out the search results to see only the traders that fulfill your preferences. In case you already have funds in your Zignaly account, you can start copying any trader pretty much instantly and have your portfolio managed by a professional who knows how to trade in the crypto market.

Instant sign-up with no verification needed

Zignaly is one of those platforms that do not require their users to go through a lengthy verification process before they can start exploring the services. To get started with Zignaly, you simply have to enter your email address and password, and you get full access to everything that is available on the platform. There is no need to upload your identity documents or wait for days to have them verified; just deposit the funds, and explore the ways to automate your trading experience with the professionals.

Efficient dashboard with a beginner-friendly interface

To keep things simple, fast, and efficient, Zignaly provides users with a dashboard where they can monitor everything. Whether you want to check the statistics of the traders you have copied, the open or closed positions, or the complete balance table, you will get full access to everything. You can also see how many traders you are copying and how well each of them are performing for you. You can also add funds and access the profit-sharing section or trading terminal right from the dashboard. This makes it much easier for everyone to trade or copy-trade.

And, of course, the ease is not limited to the dashboard only. The overall Zignaly user interface is very beginner-friendly, allowing you to get familiar with all the features with ease. You can take a look at the FAQs, check out the platform’s history, get in touch with them, access their knowledge base, and even learn about the ecosystem without having any prior knowledge or extensive experience.

Earn up to 30% commission by leading your own strategy

Zignaly is not only built for copiers or investors, it is also a perfect choice for those who want to provide their services and lead their own strategy. The benefit of providing your professional trading services on Zignaly is that you can earn up to 30% commission from the successful trades you initiate for others. You can earn much more besides your own equity and enjoy greater profits through commissions. 

You just have to build your portfolio and win the trust of the investors by having a good history of trades and significant profit made. This will help you grab more copiers and investors, and you will automatically be able to earn more by increasing the commission gradually.

Full control over your assets and no minimum investment

There are several automated trading services or copy trading platforms available on the internet, but most of them come with absurd requirements and instances that make people back out and never think of stepping into the crypto industry again. But with Zignaly, you will never have to worry about these aspects as the platform comes with quite reasonable regulations to follow. For starters, there is no minimum investment requirement, and you can start with literally anything you have in your wallet or bank account.

Zignaly also gives you full control over your assets rather than restricting you from using your own funds. You can freely withdraw your investments whenever you want and jump back in as per your preferences. You can also keep allocating or reinvesting to take your profits out and continue your journey of copy trading with a professional trader. Note that there is a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee to pay to the platform. You only pay a commission to the trader you are copying and nothing else.

Professional trading terminal with advanced features

Another great thing about Zignaly is that the platform allows users to trade manually and professionally with the trading terminal they provided. The trading terminal comes with a massive list of pairs that you can choose from and start trading right away. You are also provided with the trading charts of all the available pairs to easily determine the market movements with accuracy and precision. You can also integrate indicators, compare charts, and replace the candles. 

You can draw, use trend lines, use patterns, or write as per your preferences. On the right-hand side of the trading terminal, you are provided with a separate order execution section where you can manually set everything up. You can also select different types of orders, enable stop loss or take profit, or even time-based auto close to make your positions as efficient as possible.

Instant deposits with credit or debit cards

Zignaly has partnered up with Changelly, a third-party payment service provider through which you can top up your Zignaly account instantly. Changelly offers you the option to pay with your credit or debit card and instantly buy any crypto asset you desire.

Or you can also go with the direct crypto deposit option, where you will have to send funds from your crypto wallet or another crypto exchange to your Zignaly account.

Vast knowledge base and learning opportunities

In case you are a beginner or just starting to explore the blockchain industry, Zignaly can help you get familiar with everything and even learn advanced concepts to make you a pro. With their knowledge base, you can start reading their articles, guides, and informational posts to learn how to trade, copy, and provide your services. They have even reviewed third-party exchanges, services, and bots in case you are planning to shift and want to try other services. 

20% lifetime commission with referrals

Besides investing, there is another way through which you can earn on Zignaly and even make a passive income stream. If you know some people, family, friends, or colleagues who might be interested in entering the crypto industry or automating their trades, you can simply recommend the platform to them and provide them with your referral link. Whenever someone joins through your link and pays a commission to Zignaly, you get 20% off that. You can earn for a lifetime with every single one of your referrals, allowing you to keep earning for years without doing anything.

Supported cryptocurrencies on Zignaly

Zignaly supports over 350 cryptocurrencies, allowing their investors, traders, copiers, and service providers to diversify their portfolios just as they want. The number gets even more prominent when it comes to trading pairs. There are over 500 trading pairs that you can trade with the trading terminal available on the platform. And, of course, all the popular crypto assets are available on Zignaly that you can invest in or manually trade. Following are some of the cryptocurrencies you can deposit, trade, and invest on Zignaly:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • SHIB
  • DOGE
  • SOL
  • ADA
  • DOT
  • TRX

There are hundreds of more cryptocurrencies that you can trade on Zignaly. It does not matter if you want to copy a trader or trade manually; it will be super easy for you to diversify your portfolio and explore as many markets as possible.

ZIG - Native Zignaly token

Zignaly also has their own native token developed for the sole purpose of empowering the ecosystem of the platform. The token is known as ZIG and comes with a lot of use cases and benefits if you are planning to perform different activities on the platform. But of course, you will first have to invest a little in ZIG and get your hands on a particular amount of tokens. ZIG is a utility token that you can easily buy or sell too and get premium benefits to make your overall experience on Zignaly cheaper.

You can get a 15% discount on trading fees when you trade on Zignaly. You can also save up to 6% on the success fee that you pay to the traders who you are copying. Zignaly also offers rewards in ZIG to users who are holding ZIG for a specific term. To make things even better, ZIG is listed on some of the most popular centralized exchanges and also the DeFi exchanges, allowing you to buy, sell, swap, and trade ZIG with ease.

Zignaly Customer Support

Zignaly takes care of their users and clients in an efficient way, allowing them to get in touch with the officials quickly and easily. To get in touch with the Zignaly support team, click on the chat icon available in the lower-right corner of the interface.

You can also leave a message, and someone will get back to you in a few hours with the solution to your problem. Or you can also let their AI bot help you find the best articles and guides relating to the question you have asked.

Zignaly mobile support

Zignaly does not have mobile applications, so you will have to use the web browser of your mobile and access the Zignaly website from there. The experience will definitely not be as efficient as on a PC, but you will be able to access your account and take a look at the details.

Zignaly fees for users

Zignaly is a free service that only charges users a commission from their successful trades when copying other traders. There is a basic deposit and withdrawal fee that you have to keep in mind when using Zignaly.

Zignaly copy trading fee

The copy trading commission at Zignaly can go as high as 30%, which is a little higher than the competition. But considering Zignaly only opts for professional traders with a proven record, the 30% commission seems justifiable.

Zignaly deposit fee

Crypto deposits are absolutely free on the platform. There is no need to pay a hefty sum when sending funds from your own crypto wallet or through a third-party exchange.

But if you are topping up your account by buying crypto assets from the third-party payment service, you will have to pay a variable fee. The fee can vary between 4% to 6% in this instance.

Zignaly withdrawal fee

Zignaly charges a minimal fee when withdrawing your assets. But do note that the fee is determined by the network and can be higher or lower depending on the network congestion.

What do the reviews and ratings show?

Zignaly has a very strong position when it comes to public ratings and reviews. One of the most popular reviewing sites, Trustpilot, has an average rating of 4.0 stars out of 5, which is certainly good. Over 100 people have reviewed Zignaly: more than 60% are 5.0-star reviews, and around 20% are 1.0-star reviews. Zignaly officials have replied to every single negative review to explain the issue and apologize if there was a mistake on their side. This shows that the platform is working in a legitimate way and is concerned with the best possible experience for their users.

How does Zignaly compare with the competition?

Compared to platforms like Bybit, Zignaly gives tough competition as both platforms come with a good number of professional traders to copy. But it is relatively easier to use Zignaly due to their beginner-friendly exchange and no requirement of verification. 

Pionex and Kryll, which are great names in the automated trading industry, do not offer the option to copy manual traders. You have to set your own parameters and opt for grid bots to automate your trades. Pretty much no exchange offers a 30% commission to the principal traders, but Zignaly allows them to earn this much by leading their own strategy. Also, Zignaly is global and supports users from all over the world, unlike eToro, which restricts several countries.

How safe is Zignaly?

Zignaly is relatively safe, considering the platform’s history. They have been in business for about half a decade now, and there have been no reports of a security breach or a hack. Zignaly offers efficient security methods like 2FA to their users to protect their accounts and funds. The platform also asks for email confirmation if it detects the account is logged in from a unique PC or IP address. Zignaly has also been endorsed by big media outlets, proving their credibility even further.

What makes it unique?

There are several aspects that make Zignaly unique and different from the competition. First, Zignaly only lists the professional traders who actually have the expertise to lead a strategy. This means you would not be blindly following a follower on the platform, which could lead you to lose your position. Zignaly also offers an advanced and professional trading terminal where you can trade manually, which many dedicated copy-trading platforms do not. With their beginner-friendly layout and premium customer support, you can always have a hassle-free experience on Zignaly. With instant deposits and no verification required, you can get started with Zignaly instantly, unlike other platforms where you have to wait for hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zignaly available for US users?

Yes, Zignaly is a global platform that supports users from the US. If you are residing in the US, you can simply sign up on the platform and get started without any issues.

Do you have to verify your identity on Zignaly?

Zignaly does not require their users to go through the identity verification process. You can simply verify your email address and access all the features available on the platform.

How much money can you make by profit sharing on Zignaly?

The amount of money made by the profit-sharing method solely depends on the trader you are following and how much you have invested. You can simply take a look at the statistics of the service providers and see how much they have made in the past to get an idea of how much you would be able to earn.

Can you trade manually on Zignaly?

Zignaly has a separate trading terminal designed specifically for manual traders who want to manage everything themselves. The trading terminal also comes with professional and advanced features to give you a premium experience.

Is it safe to invest with Zignaly?

It is completely safe to invest with Zignaly as it is a trusted platform that has been working in the industry for years. But of course, your profit depends on the trader you are following, and Zignaly does not take any responsibility for that.

How many cryptocurrencies are available at Zignaly?

There are over 350 cryptocurrencies available that can be traded or invested on the platform. There are also several hundred pairs available that you can check out and start trading.

Is it worth investing in the ZIG token?

ZIG token is currently trading at $0.008, and as of 21st Oct 2022, it is down 96% from its all-time high. So yes, it can be worth it to invest in ZIG as the asset holds the potential to grow, and the token also gives you premium discounts and deals on Zignaly.

Can you buy cryptocurrencies on Zignaly?

Zignaly has partnered up with a third-party payment provider known as Changelly, which allows users to buy a variety of cryptocurrencies with their credit or debit cards.

Is Zignaly beginner-friendly?

Zignaly is a beginner-friendly platform that is designed for all types of traders and investors. Their easy-to-understand layout and vast knowledge base allow amateurs without any experience to easily get started.


There are thousands of people who do not know how to trade, and most do not even have time to spend hours learning complex algorithms, strategies, and whatnot. That is where Zignaly comes in. Zignaly is the perfect choice for those who want to automate their trading experience and earn by investing their money. There is no need to spend hours watching the charts or evaluating the market, as everything will be done by the trader you are copying. And the best thing is you will get an equal share of the profit depending on your investment.

Zignaly also allows you to trade manually and buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease. With their user-friendly interface, you will never have a problem understanding a feature or a function. But if you do, there is a quick support team available to help you out. Zignaly accepts users from all over the world and lets you start instantly without going through a troublesome procedure. You can sign up now, make a deposit, choose the right trader, and start making money from the crypto industry while relaxing on your sofa.

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