Best Crypto Charts

Best Crypto Charts

Robert McDougall 

January 8, 2024


Crypto charts are the paths that lead cryptocurrency traders to their next big investment. The peaks of these charts encourage traders to cash out, while the valleys give them the opportunity to anticipate a rise after the dip.

Metaphors aside, crypto charts are perhaps the most essential tools for crypto traders, one that we use almost daily. These charts visualize the movement of an asset’s price in the form of an easy-to-understand graph — allowing traders to make informed purchasing & selling decisions.

So, crypto charts are needed for effective digital asset trading, sure. But, which one should you choose? There are so many crypto chart software and websites on the market, many of which claim to be the best. 

To help you with this dilemma, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best crypto charts on the market. 

Top Crypto Chart Software

After analyzing many popular options in detail, these are the best crypto chart software tools to use in 2024.

#1. TradingView

TradingView is one of our personal favorite crypto charting tools as our experience with it has been excellent from the very beginning. For starters, the technical analysis tools on this chart are unparalleled by most of its competitors. Some of the highlights include:

  • 90+ drawing tools
  • More than 70 supported exchanges
  • Over 20 different timeframes
  • 14 unique chart types
  • 100+ pre-built indicators

Another feature that has saved us a lot of trouble over the years is the TradingView alert system. In simple terms, it allows you to set a price on any asset. Once that asset is close to the price we set, TradingView will send out a notification — allowing you to act quickly on the opportunity.

Pricing plans

TradingView offers three pricing plans in addition to its basic free option, including:

  • Pro plan for $14.95 per month
  • Pro+ option for $29.95 per month
  • Premium plan that costs $59.95 per month

User experience

As we mentioned earlier, our user experience with TradingView has been nothing but excellent. We can also say the same for new users thanks to its clean UI and effortless integration of analysis tools. Not to mention its large community of traders that offer over 100,000 custom indicators and are willing to help you out at all times.

#2. Coinigy

Coinigy has one of the most well-designed crypto charting layouts on our list. Everything is categorized into distinct tabs to allow seamless switching between them. For example, the “Markets” tab opens by default and shows info about the last exchange or market you were looking at. Simultaneously, all of your active orders are grouped together in the “Orders” tab alongside your order history and current balance. 

This categorization makes it incredibly easy for beginners to get a hang of using a chart while also allowing experienced traders to work even faster. Other features of Coinigy that caught our attention include:

  • Supports more than 4,000 different crypto assets
  • Compatible with over 45 unique crypto exchanges
  • Offers more than 130 technical analysis tools & indicators
  • Allows you to set different alerts for different accounts

Pricing plan

Coinigy offers a free 7-day trial to its new users with limited features. After that, you have to choose between two paid plans that include:

  • Pro Trader option for $18.66 per month
  • API Dev Pro plan for $99.99 per month

We recommend the Pro Trader option to most of our readers.

User experience

We did not encounter any issues or hiccups during our time with Coinigy. Plus, we cross-referenced its info to other charts we trust and they were fairly accurate.

#3. CryptoWatch

CryptoWatch is our underrated pick for this list. It is owned by Kraken, which is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. This guarantees a certain level of quality and CryptoWatch did not disappoint. 

One thing that we immediately noticed about this chart is just how fast and responsive it is. Data accuracy and update frequency of market trends are both some of the best we’ve seen. This makes it an excellent choice for traders looking to gain an upper hand by utilizing the smallest movements in the market. 

Key features of this chart include:

  • Portfolio monitoring support for 25 different exchanges
  • Allows trading on nine unique exchanges
  • Covers over 4,000 different markets and assets

Pricing plan

CryptoWatch has one of the most unique pricing systems of any crypto chart we’ve reviewed. It does offer a free plan that’s more than enough for most traders. But, the paid plan is completely custom. You can purchase 100 CryptoWatch credits for one USD and then use these credits to pay for extra features like an API and additional active boards. 

User experience

As expected from a chart associated with Kraken, our experience using Cryptowatch was thoroughly pleasant. Its speed also allowed us to get a lot more granular with our traders than we normally do when using other charts.

#4. CryptoTrader

CryptoTrader takes the existing crypto trading space and automates it for your convenience. This crypto charting tool has developed an advanced algorithm that makes the trades for you. It combines recent market history with past market trends to predict future movement and trade accordingly. 

We were a little hesitant when trusting CryptoTrader for the first time. But it actually delivered on its promises and turned a profit on our initial investment. The main benefits of using this chart include:

  • Supports trading on Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken
  • Spot market only without any leverage or short selling
  • Human presence during volatile market trends
  • An easy-to-understand sign-up process
  • Complete transparency regarding your funds

Pricing plan

CryptoTrader offers four different pricing tiers based on the amount you want to invest:

  • Signal plan for 99 per month
  • Auto 25 option for 199 per month with automatic trading up to 25,000
  • Auto 50 plan 299 per month with automatic trading up to 50,000
  • Auto 100 bundle that costs 399/month and offers auto trading of 100,000 in assets

The prices above are based on the minimum 3 month contract, and the monthly fees become cheaper if you sign up for the 6-month or yearly plans.

User experience

Signing up to CryptoTrader and starting the automatic trading was easier than we initially thought. Plus, we did not encounter any issues during trading either. 

Top Crypto Chart Websites

If you prefer crypto chart websites that you can instantly access from almost any browser, these are the ones we recommend:

#1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap takes the #1 spot on our list because it offers almost everything a trader needs to succeed in the crypto market. Some of its most notable features include:

  • Latest cryptocurrency pricing and ranking
  • Historical snapshots of market movement
  • A powerful portfolio tracker
  • Exchange rankings with constantly updating info

The accuracy of this data on CoinMarketCap allows veteran traders to make calculated trades with the highest chances of turning a profit. Plus, the on-site newsletter offers all the info you need to understand market trends outside of the price charts.

User experience

We’ve been CoinMarketCap advocates and avid users for a number of years and our experience has been sublime throughout. We especially appreciate the interface for its mobile website which is just as well-designed and usable as the desktop version.

#2. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a closer contender for the number one spot on our list as it is just as accurate and responsive as CoinMarketCap. The best part about this crypto charting website for us is its range. 

CoinGecko offers regularly updated data on over 9,000 different crypto assets. These include almost every token worth investing, from the biggest players like BTC and ETH to new tokens like Reel or Brr Protocol. This charting website also tracks more than 400 decentralized crypto exchanges. So, no matter where your investment lies, you can monitor it from this one website. 

Some of the most notable features of CoinGecko include:

  • Trending search to find the recently popular crypto assets
  • Exchange trust score to help you choose the right platform
  • Advanced portfolio management for all of your investments
  • CoinGecko Candy reward system for just using the site

User experience

Our time on CoinGecko was as effortless as we hoped. While its desktop website is good, where CoinGecko really shines is the mobile version of its site. It is a lot more simplified and easier to use on a touch screen but still provides the necessary data like token trends and price updates. 

#3. TradingView

TradingView took the number one spot on our list for the best crypto chart software, and its website is just as good. 

What we like the most about TradingView’s website is that it’s not a stripped-down version of the app. Instead, it has all the bells and whistles you expect from this charting tool, just in a web format. So, almost all the features we mentioned about the software also stand true for the website. 

User experience

It takes slightly longer to load charts on the site compared to the software, but once they’re loaded, the performance is just as good. We also didn’t experience any hiccups or limited performance on any of the devices we used. 

#4. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is one of the lesser-known crypto chart websites on this list. It found a spot on our list of the best for two main reasons. First is its expansive data management that spans more than 300 crypto exchanges and includes over 6,000 cryptocurrency assets. This large library is useful for both expert traders and financial institutions in the digital currency space.

Secondly, we became instant fans of CryptoCompare's portfolio manager. It has an easy-to-parse user interface that provides the necessary numbers without looking cluttered. Plus, it also includes features like:

  • Sold coin listing
  • Portfolio accounting tools
  • Risk analysis tools

User experience

User experience on CryptoCompare is on par with other chart websites we’ve discussed above. It is a bit on the simpler side for us. But that makes it a solid choice for folks that are just getting into crypto investment and want to follow the latest charts.

Criteria for selecting the best crypto chart tools

Here are the factors that we consider before we recommend a crypto chart to our readers:


The chart should not be overly complicated or hard to read. A user-friendly interface is the first, and one of the most important factors for us. In addition to a clean UI, the chart should also have intuitive settings, nested menus, and easily accessible customization options.

Charting features and customization

The chart should contain more advanced features than just a graph of the recent price. Tools like different timeframes, chart types, technical indicators, and drawing tools are a must-have in most cases. Additionally, the ability to customize colors, font sizes, and other visual aspects is also just as important. 

Supported cryptocurrencies

An ideal crypto chart should support most cryptocurrency assets, from the most popular tokens like BTC or ETH to meme coins like DOGE and SHIB. This ensures that the trader using this chart can venture outside the established circle of cryptocurrencies and diversify their portfolio with ease.

Data accuracy and update frequency

The chart should source data from reputable exchanges and provide real-time updates, with minimal delays or discrepancies. The world of crypto trading is known for its volatility and moment-to-moment changes. So, unless you get extremely lucky with every trade, following a slow or inaccurate chart would just be a death sentence for your portfolio.

Pricing and subscription plans

If a chart passes the criteria mentioned above, we don’t mind paying for its premium version to access the full feature set. But, this subscription cost should reflect the value that the chart provides. Just remember that expensive doesn't always equal good and cheap is not a sign of lower quality or fewer features. 

Platform compatibility and mobile accessibility

Ideally, you want to have access to your crypto chart from as many different platforms as possible, including. This way, you’ll be able to look up and capitalize on unexpected market movement more quickly and without interruption.

Tips for using crypto chart tools effectively

Yes, the crypto charting software and websites we’ve mentioned above are important tools for crypto trading. However, learning to effectively use these tools is what maximizes your chances of success in the crypto space. 

From our experience trading crypto, here are a few expert tips to help you along your trading journey:

Diversifying sources of information

Before you invest your money in a particular asset, we recommend you to gather info from as many different sources as you can. Relying on a single source can lead to biased or incomplete analysis which can, in turn, have ramifications for your portfolio. 

This includes utilizing various charting platforms, reading news articles, and following the social media accounts of prominent crypto figures.

Understanding technical indicators and chart patterns

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of unique technical indicators and analysis tools on advanced charts like TradingView. But, remember that no one understands them overnight. 

So, do your research. Start with only a few basic indicators and move up to more advanced tools. Learning these tools will help you understand chart patterns and allow you to create more effective entry and exit points for your trades. 

Balancing simplicity and complexity in chart analysis

Even if you have the knowledge and understanding of every single technical analysis tool in crypto chart software, don’t use all of them. Too much complexity can lead to analysis paralysis — leaving you unable to make effective decisions in time. 

On the flip side, don’t oversimplify your chart either. Doing so can lead to overlooking important information that might be the make or break point for your next trade. So, strike a balance between these two sides and stick to a handful of analysis tools at a time. 

Staying updated on market news and trends

Analyzing the price charts is just one part of the crypto trading meta. To maximize your profits, we suggest you to look outside in the real world and note how certain crypto assets are doing. It's important to keep an eye on events like regulatory changes, network upgrades, and new partnerships, as these can have a significant impact on prices. 

One of the simplest ways to stay informed is to follow reputable news sources and industry leaders on social media. Plus, most of the crypto charting tools we’ve mentioned above also include newsletters that are updated on a fairly regular basis. 


To recap, the best crypto charting software in our opinion are TradingView, Coinigy, CryptoWatch, and CryptoTrader. The top crypto chart websites are CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, TradingView, and CryptoCompare. All of these are solid choices for most traders, experienced or novice. So, how can you choose between them?

Remember that we found these top tools based on our personal preferences, requirements, and analysis. You can do the same. 

We recommend you experiment with almost all of these chart software and websites. Use each of them for a few days to get a feel of their features and performance. This will help you understand the core differences between these options and help you find the one that fits your needs. Just keep an open mind when exploring and don’t settle for a tool that someone else labels as the best.


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