Top Web3 Job Board 

Top Web3 Job Board 

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


With every passing day the digital landscape of the world is evolving more and more towards a decentralized future. Web3 is very much at the forefront of this evolution and its beginning to attract plenty of attention in the job market. 

The introduction of blockchain, decentralized apps (dApps) and cryptocurrencies has actually revolutionized many industries. In fact, this mini-revolution has opened up plenty of potential employment opportunities for skilled professionals in the Web3 space. The only problem currently faced by both employers and job hunters is finding a serious platform that offers real Web3 jobs. 

In our effort to offer up a solution to this problem, we’ve come up with a list of the top Web3 job boards the online space has to offer. 

Understanding Web3

Before you start hunting for a job in the Web3 space, it's essential you understand what Web3 is all about. The origins of Web3 can be traced all the way back to two individuals, W. Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber who were responsible for introducing the first blockchain technology. 

Unfortunately their idea didn’t get the recognition it deserved till 2009 when Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin operated on the same underlying blockchain technology, becoming our eventual introduction to the world of Web3. 

Now, to dive into the world of Web3, you need to understand how it's different from Web2 (the current system in place). Firstly, Web2 is a centralized system where most services and applications are owned by centralized entities like Meta and Google. On the other hand, Web3 is a decentralized system that’s all about eliminating intermediaries and allowing direct peer-to-peer interactions, which enhances transparency and even security. 

Web3 also gives users ownership of their data and assets, while in Web2 their data and assets are typically owned and controlled by the platforms and services they use. Lastly, Web3 facilitates transactions through smart contracts, which are regarded as much safer than the traditional banking system used by Web2.

Top Web3 Job Boards

Now that you’re well equipped with the knowledge of what Web3 brings to the table, let’s identify some popular job boards you can visit to find employment in the Web3 industry. 

1. Web3 Jobs

Web3 Jobs reigns as the foremost Web3 job portal, boasting a remarkable 30,000+ job listings sourced from over 6,000 distinct Web3 projects. Renowned entities like UNICEF, Polygon, STRIPE, Ripple, and Uniswap trust this platform to recruit top-tier talent for their key roles. Web3 Jobs caters to professionals at all levels, offering opportunities in diverse domains, from content writing and JavaScript development to cutting-edge smart contract and game development. Its distinctive dark-themed user interface, reminiscent of The Matrix sets it apart.


  • A wide array of job openings is available, covering both traditional and cutting-edge roles.
  • A dedicated space for high-paying remote roles.
  • Unique search functionality with an extensive list of trending job categories.
  • A section dedicated to teaching the basics of Web3.


Web3 Jobs accommodates a wide range of specialties within the Web3 landscape, from content creation to software development and game development.

User Experience:

The sleek and unique interface enhances user experience, and the straightforward navbar ensures easy navigation. The platform's commitment to user support is evident through its educational resources, making it a valuable resource for job seekers and those looking to understand Web3 fundamentals.

2. CryptoJobster

CryptoJobster distinguishes itself in the realm of Web3 job boards by focusing on non-technical roles, a rarity among its peers. While other platforms predominantly feature technical positions, CryptoJobster offers a significant number of high-paying non-technical jobs, including content writing and marketing management within the Web3 space.


  • CryptoJobster stands out by emphasizing non-technical roles, expanding opportunities beyond the technical spectrum.
  • The platform simplifies job discovery with tags that display popular keywords near the search bar. This user-friendly feature helps job seekers identify relevant roles and access the most recent postings.
  • CryptoJobster facilitates job searches by allowing users to filter roles, enhancing the job-hunting process.
  • Users can easily find jobs in proximity by selecting their preferred location from the navbar.


CryptoJobster’s standout feature is its emphasis on non-technical roles, making it an excellent choice for both technical and non-technical professionals seeking opportunities in the Web3 space.

User Experience:

CryptoJobster offers a straightforward and user-friendly application for job hunters. It streamlines the job search process, catering to both technical and non-technical roles within the Web3 ecosystem.

3. Remote3

Remote3 stands out with its stunning user interface and exclusive dedication to remote-only job opportunities in the Blockchain and Web3 domain. The platform prioritizes skills over location, connecting employers with qualified talent.


  • Remote3 specializes in remote-only roles within Blockchain and Web3, catering to those seeking high-paying jobs from home.
  • While offering fewer non-technical positions, it lists roles in cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, and smart contracts.
  • Key industry players like Status, Protocol Labs,, and Syndica use Remote3 for talent acquisition.
  • The platform features an up-to-date list of active hackathon competitions hosted by major Web3 players.


Remote3 specializes in remote-only job opportunities within the Blockchain and Web3 sphere, offering roles in cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, and smart contracts, making it a prime choice for those seeking remote work within these sectors.

User Experience:

Remote3 boasts a visually impressive user interface, focusing on remote job opportunities and skill-based matches within the Web3 sector. While not as widely known as Web3 Jobs, its dedication to remote work and commitment to quality matches could propel it to the forefront of Web3 job boards in the future.

Why Web3 Job Boards Are Essential

With the rapid digitalization of various industries and the growing influence of Web3 as a whole, Web3 job boards have become essential in the current technological landscape. Here’s a few reasons why.

Rapid Growth Increases Demand

In the past few years, the Web3 industry has gone through a massive boom period where the space, driven by blockchain technology and decentralized applications, has experienced rapid growth. 

That growth has led to an increase in the demand for skilled professionals who understand blockchain development, smart contract, cryptography and decentralized applications. Web3 job boards fulfills this growing demand by matching the right talent with the right company. 

Specialized Skill

Individuals who want to work in the Web3 space must have specialized skills that are tailored to some important position in that industry. Even now there’s no shortage of developers in the world, but Web3 technologies require skills and knowledge that may not be as common as traditional web development skills. 

Job boards that have a central focus on Web3 can connect employers with individuals that specialize in programming languages like Solidity (used to create smart contracts). Moreover, they can even connect professionals that are experts in decentralized finance and blockchain protocols with companies searching for these skills. 

What Employers Are Looking For

You’ll be surprised to know that the advent of Web3 has not only led to an increase in the number of technical jobs in the world, but it's also done plenty for non-technical individuals.

Evident from the fact that the most in-demand Web3 skills and positions require a mix of both technical and non-technical individuals. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand positions in the Web3 space. 

Software Developers (Specifically Smart contract Developers)

With the world quickly moving away from traditional bank transactions and moving towards cryptocurrencies, software developers who excel at creating smart contracts are sorely needed. 

So, if you are a traditional software developer, we’d urge you to learn how to create smart contracts, as that could land you a high paying job.

Unity Developer

An unexpected side effect of the rapid development in Web3 has been the increase in demand of developers with experience using the Unity platform. 

Companies require Unity developers for building 2D and 3D games that fit their target audience within the Unity platform.

Community Manager

Web3’s fast becoming a new community-centric version of the world wide web. Due to that development, companies need effective community managers who can help give a Web3 company a voice. 

Tasks that’ll fall under the belt of a community manager include planning and scheduling social media content and campaigns, and interacting with a company’s customer-base. This position is perfect for non-technical individuals who possess a knack for marketing.

Navigating Web3 Job Listings

While there has been a marked increase in the number of Web3 jobs in the past few years, the number of reported scams in the Web3 industry have also steadily increased. Thus, it's incredibly important for you to recognize the right warning signs to save yourself from falling into a potential scam when applying to a Web3 job listing. 

Conduct Proper Research

The number one thing you can do before applying to any project is use due diligence and properly do your research. By that, we mean researching the project’s founders and the team members. Thoroughly research their previous projects, professional backgrounds and online presence. 

Social Media Presence

Legitimate Web3 projects often have a decent social media presence on platforms like Discord and Reddit. Reach out to their community on Discord or Reddit and ask them questions, or better yet, just observe the discussions. 

Check Source Code

Another unique trick you could use to evaluate if a Web3 project is legitimate, is by checking its source code. Verified Web3 projects usually share their codebase on Github, allowing developers to scrutinize their code for security and legitimacy. 

All in all, it's your job to ensure that you don’t get caught up in a scam by efficiently researching every aspect of the project, using some of the ways we just mentioned. 

Preparing for a Web3 Role

If you’re new to the world of Web3 and are actively looking for employment in the space, then there’s a few skills you’ll need to learn immediately. Granted, every Web3 role is different and thus has different requirements. Some roles are quite non-technical like that of a community manager or copywriter. 

Learn the Basics

However, even for these positions you need to know a fair bit of programming and be in tune with Web3 technologies to be eligible. We’d recommend starting out by learning the basics of blockchain technology. Learn the fundamental concepts of how blockchain systems operate including decentralized ledgers, cryptography, consensus mechanisms and smart contracts. 

Specialise in one Programming Language

You’ll also have to learn at least one programming language that’s relevant to Web3, for example Solidity (for making smart contracts). Apart from that you’ll also have to learn either JavaScript or Python, if you want to get into making dApps. 

Study Popular Blockchain Platforms

Lastly, make sure you study the most popular blockchain platforms that currently exist including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot. Understand how they work and dive into their ecosystems. 

There’s plenty of resources available on the internet in the form of informative articles, video tutorials and online courses. In fact, we’d actually recommend enrolling in online courses specifically focused on Web3 technologies. Currently, there are plenty of popular platforms offering Web3 courses including edX, Coursera and Udacity.

Future of Web3 Employment

The future of the Web3 space is bright indeed, with more and more traditional companies looking to make the switch to a more decentralized model. Tokenization of real world assets like real estate is expected in the future and the number of decentralized apps created each year seems to be on the rise. 

Our overall prediction is that the Web3 world will continue to grow throughout this decade and will eventually result in the entire world wide web being decentralized. Naturally, with the growth of Web3, job opportunities in the space are also expected to increase. The demand for skilled professionals with expertise in blockchain development, smart contracts and decentralized applications is expected to increase greatly. 

Also, as mentioned before, if Web3 is to become the new template for the world wide web, then companies will also require non-technical professionals who excel in the fields of marketing and business that have knowledge of blockchain systems. 

Thus, we urge all professionals to quickly get acquainted with the blockchain and understand how current Web3 systems are working and how you can fit yourself into this space. 


To recap, Web3 job boards currently are doing an excellent job in connecting companies with talented, skilled Web3 specialists that have immense blockchain knowledge. They’re allowing companies to seek the highly specific talent that they need and allowing skilled professionals to separate themselves from the pack and get employed quickly. 

We actually expect more job boards to pop up as the years progress just because of how rapidly the Web3 space is growing. 

So, to anyone reading this, start learning about blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized applications and cryptography now, because Web3 is undoubtedly the future.


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