Carl Runefelt Net Worth

Carl Runefelt Net Worth

Robert McDougall 

November 16, 2023


Key Takeaways

  • Starting as a grocery store cashier, Carl Runefelt, a university dropout, shifted his focus to self-study in cryptocurrencies.
  • Beginning his crypto journey in 2017, Runefelt quickly made his first million by the end of that year through Bitcoin investments.
  • Runefelt manages a diverse portfolio, including Kasta, The Moon Group, and several web3 projects, under the guidance of his wealth management team.
  • With an estimated net worth of around $1 billion in 2023, Runefelt is a significant influencer in the crypto community, bolstered by his strong social media presence.

From being a store cashier to a millionaire, Carl Runefelt or Moon Carl's journey in the crypto world is inspirational. That's certainly not a shocker. Besides, the most popular personalities that have made their name in the crypto world (eg: Vitalik Buterin and Do Kwon) have had inspirational journeys towards success. 

That is why most people starting out or trying to grow in the crypto industry like to follow the tips and guidelines of influential people who have already made it big through smart life decisions. Carl Runefelt is among such billionaires that have made people curious to know how he succeeded and how much his net worth is today. 

If you're one of those curious readers, you're at the right place. This guide will take you through everything related to Carl Runefelt's journey in the crypto world, from his beginning to investments and net worth in 2023. 

Background and Early Career 

Speaking of his early beginnings, Runefelt was born in a Swedish family on September 5, 1994, in Stockholm, Sweden. He completed his early education at a small private school in Sweden. Besides that, there aren't a lot of details available on the internet about Runefelt's college and degree. 

This is mainly because Runefelt is more of a reserved person who avoids speaking much about his family or personal life. Hence, there aren't details available about his parents or other family members. 

As mentioned earlier, Runefelt initially worked as a cashier at a grocery store. Since he was a university dropout, it was probably one of the few employment options he could explore back then. 

However, determined to make a change, Runefelt set new goals and plans for himself to change his life for the better. This led him to self-study and research business concepts, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and how to establish profitable businesses. 

But why did he prefer self-study and research over resuming his academic growth? Mainly because he believes that our success is driven by our thoughts and beliefs instead of our educational background and work experience. 

Hence, with a strong belief in himself, Runefelt invested all his efforts in changing his life by dedicating it to entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency. Notably, Runefelt started his own YouTube channel in 2017, where he shared his learnings with the world. 

Let’s explore more of his ventures in the crypto and entrepreneurial world.

Journey into Cryptocurrency

While we did talk about how Runefelt delved deeper into exploring cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, what's still uncertain is when he started taking an interest in this niche. Specifically, it was back in 2017 when he extensively researched Bitcoin and made his first investment in the asset when it was valued at $3,000. 

With time, his YouTube videos also became entirely focused on cryptocurrencies. Soon after, Runefelt went all in and reportedly made his first million with crypto investments in December of the same year. This hints to the belief that he must have spent $100,000 on cryptocurrency, considering the value of Bitcoin then. 

However, there’s a discrepancy. Runefelt claims to have invested his $1,500 monthly wage in Bitcoin, creating uncertainty about the accuracy of the two statements. Regardless, it’s clear that a big part of Runefelt’s current wealth comes from successful Bitcoin investments.

Why is that? Because Runefelt himself claims that he primarily focuses on investing in new crypto projects and blockchains. His perspective behind this investment approach is his belief that even when 90% of his investments fail, 10% will certainly be a massive success. This aggressive investment approach is what, according to him, will help him pay for all his startups.

Speaking of which, ever since Runefelt made a significant profit in crypto, he also began sharing his ideas and learnings on Twitter. Doing so has strengthened his following not just on YouTube but also on other social media platforms.

Investments and Business Ventures 

Did you know Runefelt today has a wealth management and investment team that helps him maintain the level of success he has achieved? While this isn’t typical, it’s evident that his current level of success stems from his unwavering self-belief, even when others doubted him.

What does this mean? After leaving university, Runefelt’s deep commitment to Bitcoin, considered ‘weird internet money’ at the time, led others—family and friends alike—to view him as a failure. Despite skepticism and considering his focus on spending time and money online, Runefelt’s belief in himself has proven pivotal to his achievements.

And why not? Back then, the potential and future of Bitcoin were surely uncertain. In fact, even today, not everyone gets to make it big in the crypto world due to the uncertainty and volatility of this online asset. 

But, Runefelt was always committed to his beliefs and goals. That is exactly how he proved everyone wrong, making a fortune for himself that will surely last for years. Since he moved to Dubai, Runefelt has added multiple investments, businesses, and partnerships under his name. 

For a clearer idea, let's have a concise rundown of Runefelt's investments and startups to date: 


In January 2021, Runefelt co-founded Kasta, a blockchain technology designed to be an alternative to mobile payment services. The main distinction between this and other online payment platforms is that it makes cross-border P2P payments more convenient by allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrencies directly through the Kasta app. 

So, you can easily pay for goods and services in crypto with a simple, secure, and inexpensive approach. Since its launch, Kasta’s team has consistently been working to improve the platform by launching its mobile app and newer updates. 

The Moon Group

Later, in November of the same year, Runefelt founded The Moon Group in Dubai, UAE. This investment firm is based on Runefelt’s vision to create the most extensive blockchain ecosystem in the world. When speaking to, Runefelt mentioned that the firm’s main focus is to “identify and invest in founders that are building game-changing business models in the blockchain sector.” 

Runefelt has also been an angel investor in the following web3 projects:


OneTo11 is a blockchain gaming ecosystem founded in 2021 that promotes a play-to-earn model. How does it work? It’s mainly through its social networking platform. This platform introduces various play-to-earn games that can meet the interests and preferences of every gamer while leveraging blockchain, NFT trading, and next-generation gaming technologies. 


Bonuz is another web3 platform introduced in 2021 that accelerates virtual engagement by combining the physical and digital worlds. The main vision behind this platform is to provide an innovative solution for celebrities, brands, creators, and communities to communicate and engage with their target audience. 


This financial platform was founded in 2021 to promote non-fungible tokens and blockchain trading. Having said that, this Global Consortium maps, monetizes, and distributes web3 assets across all the metaverses and Gaming NFTs. Through this platform, founders can improve their brand promotion and influencer marketing within the metaverse.


Founded in 2019, H3RO3S is a blockchain-based social gaming platform that uses an AI-driven talent-based matching system to help users connect. This platform was designed in response to the public’s inability to engage socially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, you can use this interactive platform to connect, become friends, and complete tasks for others to gain tokens. 

Besides all this, Runefelt consistently contributes to charitable causes that support disabled children. 

Social Media and Online Influence

Coming to Runefelt's crypto-centric social media stardom, what's interesting here is that it came less by plan and more by chance. According to Runefelt, he didn't plan to create a strong social media presence for himself. Instead, he simply started discussing his views on crypto over social media. Eventually, Runefelt believes it made him "one of the most followed online personalities in the crypto space." 

He slowly gained millions of followers, becoming one of the most follower leaders and investors in the crypto world. This huge following eventually helped him get affiliate and sponsorship deals, helping him build his first capital to begin trading and investing. This is another example of social media's immense power in helping people seek recognition and success. 

Speaking of which, Runefelt has a strong social media presence to date with:

Estimating Carl Runefelt's Net Worth 

Now, let's talk about the most anticipated aspect of Carl Runefelt's success journey, i.e., his net worth. Here, it's important to remember that we can't exactly determine a crypto investor's net worth due to the constantly fluctuating value of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. However, Carl's estimated net worth in 2023 is around $1 billion. 

What contributes to this huge net worth? Besides the frequent investments in various businesses, Carl has been aggressively trading crypto for the last five years. This alone speaks volumes about how Carl has accomplished his fortune. 

Forbes also featured Carl as one of the 30 Under 30, an annual list that recognizes and features 600 young business figures under the age of 30 across American, European, Asian, and African industries. 


Standing strong on his beliefs in the potential of Bitcoin and continuing to invest majorly in this specific asset has helped Carl Runefelt achieve an estimated net worth of $1 billion. 

Considering this, there's no doubt that Runefelt will continue to dedicate most of his wealth and efforts to crypto investments while exploring other investment endeavors. Nevertheless, Runefelt's interests and active involvement in Bitcoin investment will help him maintain his influence on the crypto community in the coming years.


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