Vitalik Buterin net worth

Vitalik Buterin net worth

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Vitalik Buterin's net worth is estimated to be between $440 million and $500 million USD in 2024.
  • His wealth primarily comes from his Ethereum assets, which can fluctuate due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.
  • Buterin has made investments in various companies, including Tierion, Aztec, and StarkWare, but the exact details of his stakes are undisclosed.
  • He has also made significant philanthropic donations to organizations such as the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, SENS Research Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, and India's Crypto Covid relief fund.

In the vast realm of cryptocurrencies, few names resonate as powerfully with other crypto enthusiasts as Vitalik Buterin. This enigmatic figure has left an indelible mark on the industry, steering it toward new horizons with his groundbreaking contributions. 

As the co-founder of Ethereum, Buterin's genius and visionary prowess have propelled him to the forefront of the digital revolution. 

Beyond his accomplishments, what truly captivates the imagination of crypto investors is his net worth. From what we can find, current estimates place Vitalik Buterin’s net worth at around the $440-$500 million USD mark in 2024. Though the accuracy of this number is a subject of debate. 

In this article, we embark on a journey into the captivating story of Vitalik Buterin's rise and the myriad factors that have shaped his financial empire.

Early Life and Education

Vitaly Dmitrievich Buterin was born in Kolomna, Russia in 1994, three years after the fall of the Soviet Union. His parents later moved to Canada at the turn of the new century to find better employment opportunities. 


Even from the early years of his life, we can find indicators that point toward Buterin’s later success in the world of crypto. 

For instance, his father — Dmitry — was a computer scientist. There is no doubt in our minds that Vitaly's father’s career had a strong impact on his interests.

Fortunately, this interest in computers was also paired with an above-average intellect. Buterin’s elementary school in Canada placed him in a special class for gifted children in grade three as he excelled at mathematics, economics, and programming. After that, he graduated from a private high school in Toronto and attended the University of Waterloo after that. 

But before his graduation, we reach a key point in Buterin’s life. In an interview with Wired, he admitted that he learned about Bitcoin from his father in 2011 when he was 17. 

Getting back to his education, in university, he was a research assistant for Ian Goldberg, one of the masterminds behind the Tor Project. Buterin also won a bronze medal in 2012 for the International Olympiad in Informatics, held in Italy. 

So, how did he go from being the research assistant of a cryptographer to creating the second-largest cryptocurrency? Keep reading to find out!

Co-founding Ethereum

What is Ethereum

We’re simplifying a bit here, but at its core, Ethereum is a type of decentralized blockchain. The native cryptocurrency of this blockchain is also called Ether or ETH, for short.  

A major feature of this Ethereum blockchain is the smart contract. Smart contracts, for those unaware, are digital contracts that execute automatically when their terms are met — eliminating the need for an intermediary. Once you’ve created a smart contract, you cannot alter its terms and conditions either. 

Vitalik Buterin's role in co-founding Ethereum

From our research, Buterin formally got into crypto when he started writing for a website called Bitcoin Weekly. At this job, he received five Bitcoins for each article, which equates to 135,000+ USD at today’s prices. 

While this website eventually shut down, we’re positive that Buterin’s passion for crypto was just getting started. A year after winning the International Olympiad in Informatics award in Italy, Buterin published a whitepaper about Ethereum in 2013.

This is where the real story of Ethereum’s development begins as a year after the publication of his whitepaper, Buterin would drop out of university. The catalyst for this decision was a grant of $100,000 from the Thiel Fellowship. This also kickstarted the development of Ethereum which went live on July 30th, 2015.

Of course, while Vitalik Buterin is a prominent name in the development of Ethereum, he did not build it solo. Other founders of this crypto network and asset include Anthony Di Iorio, Joseph Lubin, Gavin Wood, and Charles Hoskinson.

Success of Ethereum

So, how is Ethereum performing in 2024? In our experience, better than ever. Here are a few stats to help you understand the scale of Ethereum:

  • Ethereum is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization with a figure of over 217 billion USD
  • At the time of writing, there are more than 120 million Ethereum tokens circulating on the market
  • Ethereum’s price peaked in November 2021 at 4,810 USD per ETH
  • The current price of ETH is 1,810 USD which is an increase of about 5820 times from its original launch price of just 0.311 USD

Even these numbers don’t show the full scale of Ethereum’s impact on the crypto market. According to our research, there are more than 450,000 tokens running on the Ethereum network, including some big names like USDT, MATIC, and BUSD. We also found reports of over 3,000 decentralized apps operating on the Ethereum network.

Investments and Ventures

From what we can find in public datasets, Vitalik Buterin is fairly active in the investment scene. The capital market company, Pitchbook, even labels him as an angel investor — someone who invests in small businesses in exchange for a share in the business. 

Investment in companies

To date, Buterin has invested in six ventures. The crypto-related investments among these include:


Tierion is a US-based blockchain company with the primary goal of turning blockchain into a verification network. 

In other words, this company creates tools and APIs that collect key data and anchor them on the blockchain. This way, anyone with access to that data — like medical or financial records — can verify its authenticity. 

Buterin invested in Tierion back in 2016 but his exact investment is not disclosed to the public. That said, the company did raise 26 million USD in funding.


Aztec is one of the most recent ventures of Buterin as he invested in this company in late 2021. Similar to Tierion, Buterin’s investment or stake in the company is not public, but it did raise 17 million USD in funding. But, what is Aztec?

From what we’ve seen, Aztec is a blockchain technology company that enables its users to perform private transactions on the public Ethereum blockchain. This allows Aztec users to utilize the numerous benefits of smart contracts without making their contracts public.


StarkWare is one of Buterin’s oldest and also most successful ventures to date after Ethereum. You can think of StarkWare as a blockchain development company that offers custom blockchain-based solutions and apps to its customers. 

We came across some metrics that show the true scale of StarkWare’s success:

  • StarkWare platforms have facilitated transactions of 957 billion USD
  • There is 511 million USD worth of value locked in StarkWare-developed platforms
  • StarkWare has also mined over 117 million NFTs to date

Not only that, but this company also raised 273 million USD in funding. How much of that was from Buterin? Unfortunately, we don’t know.

What this shows us

As we mentioned above, we were unable to find any authentic data about Buterin’s investment and stake in these companies. However, learning about his involvement in them demonstrated his passion for blockchain technology to us. All three of these companies cover some key aspects of blockchain development and real-world uses.

Investment in crypto assets

One of Vitalik Buterin’s most popular investments comes in the form of a meme coin. Let’s rewind the clock a bit. 

The year is 2016 and Buterin decided to purchase 25,000 USD worth of Dogecoin. At that time, DOGE was nothing more than a meme. He’s on record stating:

“At the beginning, people didn’t take it very seriously. I just remembered thinking to myself, ‘How am I going to explain to my mum that I just invested $25,000 into Dogecoin?' Like, the only interesting thing about this coin is a logo of a dog somewhere. But of course, that was one of the best investments I have ever made.”

How did a meme coin become the best investment of Ethereum’s co-founder? At the end of 2020, Dogecoin caught the attention of the eccentric billionaire, Elon Musk. He started talking about the meme coin on his Twitter account and even stated that Tesla — his electric car company — will begin accepting DOGE as a valid payment. 

We remember when this happened and the crypto community witnessed one of the largest price hikes in crypto history. During this time, Vitalik managed to sell his (originally 25,000 USD worth of) DOGE — for 4.3 million USD. This translates to a profit of more than 172 times. No wonder he labels it as his best investment.

Crypto Holdings and Wealth Accumulation

Let’s get back to our original question; what is Vitalik Buterin’s net worth? Here’s everything we know about it:

Historic net worth

First things first. Most of Vitalik Buterin’s net worth comes from his Ethereum assets. This makes it completely susceptible to the volatile nature of crypto and the exact price of the ETH token.

Nowhere is this more clear than in a November 2021 article from Forbes that estimated Buterin’s net worth at around 1.46 billion USD. This was during the all-time peak of ETH prices when one ETH was valued at more than 4,000 USD. 

However, the price of Ethereum coins has less than halved since then — lowering Buterin’s net worth in the process.

Current estimates

To put it lightly, current estimates of Buterin’s net worth are all over the place. Some sources claim that it’s near 300 million USD, while others put it past the 500 million USD mark.

For our calculations, we checked out Vitalik Buterin's primary crypto wallet which holds a little over 244,000 Ethereum tokens. At the current market rate of 1,810 USD per ETH, Buterin’s holdings come out to more than 440 million USD.

He also holds more than 680 other types of crypto tokens. Though, they don’t make much of a difference in the final number. 

So, how accurate is our estimate of 440 million USD? Well, we can’t say for sure. But, one thing that’s clear is that Buterin’s net worth is nowhere near a billion. This isn’t speculation on our part either as he admitted so himself. 

In November of 2022, after the fall of FTX, a popular crypto-related Twitter account posted about Sam Bankman-     Fried’s net worth dropping down to 1 billion USD. In response to this, Vitalik Buterin replied “$1b is still much more than I have,” which puts further credibility to our 440 million USD estimation.

Philanthropy and Contributions

From what we’ve seen, Vitalik Buterin appears to have a very anti-establishment mindset. In his aforementioned Wired interview, he states, “I saw everything to do with either government regulation or corporate control as just being plain evil.” He then goes on to describe these major players as “Mr. Burns” from the Simpsons. 

While he did overcome this — frankly — cartoonish worldview, he’s still a large promoter of spreading wealth and empowering the little guy. Later in the same interview, he states, “And personally I say screw the big guy. They have enough money already.”

The good news is that these aren’t just talking points for Vitalik Buterin. We did some digging and found several large-scale philanthropic endeavors by Buterin. The most notable of these include:

Machine Intelligence Research Institute

This is one of his earliest philanthropic efforts where he donated $763,970 worth of Ether to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) in 2017. As its name suggests, this institute is focused on AI development, which is in line with Buterin’s technology-focused mindset. 

SENS Research Foundation

A year later in 2018, Buterin also donated 2.4 million USD worth of Ether to the SENS Research Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to create biotechnologies that can extend human life and, in a way, reverse aging. 

Methuselah Foundation

Methuselah Foundation operates under a similar goal to SENS Research Foundation, that being the extension of human life. To help with their cause, Buterin donated 336 million USD worth of a meme coin called Dogelon Mars (ELON) to the foundation. 

India's Crypto Covid relief fund

This is Buterin’s biggest and arguably most influential donation to date. In 2021, India was hit with a particularly strong wave of the COVID-19 virus, leaving the country’s healthcare system overwhelmed. 

To ease their troubles Vitalik Buterin donated 1.14 billion USD worth of SHIBA coin to India's COVID-Crypto Relief Fund. In our estimate, this donation amounted to about 5% of the SHIBA coins in circulation at that time. 

Speculations and Controversies

It wouldn’t be wrong for us to say that almost every estimate of Vitalik Buterin’s net worth is speculation. No one on the outside can know for sure and here’s why:

Crypto volatility

We touched on this a little before, but the inherent volatility of Ethereum means that no one can accurately assess Buterin’s wealth. We can go so far as to say that not even Vitalik Buterin himself can know his exact net worth at any given time. This is because even a single dollar of price movement will change his net worth by hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Investments and ventures

As we discussed above, Vitalik Buterin has invested in multiple companies. However, the data about his investment and stake in those companies is not easily accessible. So, there is no way for anyone to include the earnings from those companies in the final net worth estimation. 

There is also a possibility that Vitalik Buterin owns several crypto wallets with significant amounts of assets that are not disclosed to the public.


At the time of writing, Buterin has more than 4,100 NFTs in his collection. Unfortunately, the exact value of these NFTs is unknown at the moment. They can have a large impact on Buterin’s actual net worth or they might not matter at all.


To summarize, our current estimate for Vitalik Buterin’s net worth is between 440 million and 500 million USD. But, due to several unknown factors, we cannot calculate an accurate estimate. 

That said, even if we knew about all of his crypto holdings and traditional investments in detail, we might still struggle. This is because the volatility of the crypto market can cause massive swings in his net worth from one hour to the next.

Whatever Vitalik Buterin’s net worth may be, one thing is clear, the impact of his contributions to the world of crypto cannot be overstated.


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