Anthony Pompliano Net Worth

Anthony Pompliano Net Worth

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


When it comes to the success stories of influential personalities in the crypto world, one name you might come across is Anthony Pompliano. As a popular investor, entrepreneur, and pro-Bitcoin crusader from California, USA, Pompliano has made his name through his active involvement in the crypto world. What's interesting here is how he wasn't always focused on the finance and investment industry. 

Instead, dating back to his teenage years, Pompliano served briefly in the United States Army. Eventually, his life decisions and growing interest in business and entrepreneurship led him to strengthen his grounds as a crypto investor.

Today, Pompliano is widely known for his investments, startups, stance in the crypto world, and huge net worth. So, how much is this huge net worth? And what attributes to it? Read on to learn all that and more about Anthony Pompliano.

Early Life and Career Beginnings 

Born in Hollywood, Florida, USA, in 1988, Pompliano is the son of Tony Pompliano, the founder of ANEXIO, an accredited provider of cloud and IT services. Academically, Anthony pursued a Bachelor's in Economics and Sociology from Bucknell University. However, as we mentioned, Pompliano's early life hasn't entirely been directed toward investment and entrepreneurial experiences. 

Notably, he paused his studies and served in the United States Army. During his service, he was also part of the troops deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2008-2009. His active involvement and dedication in the army eventually helped him become a Warrior Leader Course Distinguished Leader. 

Despite all these achievements, Pompliano's father wanted him to return to school and complete his education before stepping into the professional world. Hence, even after being offered attractive financial incentives to renew his military contract, Pompliano resumed his studies. Back then, it wasn’t a hard decision for Pompliano because he also didn’t have a strong interest in joining the military. 

Eventually, when he resumed his studies in Economics and Sociology, he realized his greater passion for entrepreneurial and financial niches. Over time, Pompliano explored various investment opportunities, exposing him to the rising world of cryptocurrencies. 

Rise in the Crypto Industry

What exactly made Pompliano step into the crypto world? Simply put, it was the significant value that Pompliano saw in Bitcoin and the blockchain. 

His faith in the potential growth of Bitcoin drove him towards this enormous industry, making him a cryptocurrency investor, thought leader, and regular talk show host. Besides, for someone like him who has significantly invested and learned the do's and don'ts of investment throughout his experience, it's only logical to guide and share this experience with others. 

Now, you might be curious about what made Pompliano greatly familiarized with the crypto world. Was it a million-dollar investment? Well, yes, but we'll come on that later. First, let's discuss his first major initiative linked to the crypto world: Morgan Creek Digital Asset Fund. 

As a partner, Pompliano's vision behind this company was to forge a path in the digital asset sector by collaborating with Bitwise Asset Management. This company provides critical tools and digital asset (crypto) exposure to institutional clients such as endowments and family offices. 

Now, coming to his investments in the crypto world, Pompliano has reportedly invested at least 50% of his entire net worth in Bitcoin. This ideally showcases his trust and involvement in this specific investment industry. 

Pompliano's Investments and Ventures

It is worth noting that Pompliano's professional journey isn't just about cryptocurrency and Morgan Creek Digital Asset Fund. Instead, the popular investor and entrepreneur has a broad history of participating and investing in various ventures. For a clearer idea, let's explore his ventures and achievements as an investor, leader, and entrepreneur. 


Co-founded by Pompliano and Matthew Cotter in 2013, Digaforce is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. This company serves as a social media intelligence and marketing solutions provider. The company primarily focused on creating standardized metrics for businesses and individuals to measure and categorize their specific social audience. 

This unique approach to introducing social media marketing solutions soon made DigaForce the "Nielsen of social.” Later, in 2013, the company was purchased by Strategic Link Partners and soon became inoperative.

Facebook Employment 

In 2014, Pompliano began working as a Product Manager at Facebook. Over time, he got promoted to a leadership post, where he had to lead Snapchat's Growth Team. Overall, Pompliano worked there for 19 months. According to his LinkedIn profile, Pompliano launched various notable products during this period, including Voter Registration, AMBER Alerts, etc. 

Full Tilt Capital

Pompliano then teamed up with Jason Williams in 2016 to form Full Tilt Capital, handling the role of a managing partner. Since this was an early-stage venture capital firm, Pompliano and Williams invested in more than 20 deals within three months of its establishment. 

Later, in April 2018, Full Tilt Capital was acquired by Morgan Creek Capital Management, another renowned investment company co-founded by Pompliano. Ever since, Full Tilt Capital has been operating as a subsidiary called “Morgan Creek Digital,” mainly focusing on investments in the crypto space.

Morgan Creek Digital Assets

As mentioned earlier, Pompliano, along with Mark Yusko and Jason Williams, co-founded Morgan Creek Digital Assets in 2018. This company mainly invests in transformational technologies and solutions based on Blockchain Technology, Big Data, Computing Infrastructure, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Bitcoin Pizza Chain

Anthony also launched a Bitcoin Pizza chain. Impressively, this chain began its Pizza deliveries on May 22, 2010, the same day that 10,000 Bitcoins were paid for a delivery of two Papa John's Pizzas. However, it is worth noting that none of the profit generated from this venture contributed to Pompliano's wealth. 

Instead, all the proceeds are donated to the "Human Rights Foundation" to aid Bitcoin developers in their projects. 

Pomp Investments

Another notable entrepreneurial venture under Pompliano’s name is Pomp Investments, which invests in early-stage companies. Unlike the companies he managed with other partners, Pomp Investments is Anthony Pompliano’s solo firm, founded in Sep 2020. 

Due to its investment flexibility, this company was launched under a rolling fund structure. In this innovative investment vehicle, investors must put money into the funds once a year or every six months. This way, investment managers can make prompt investment decisions using this money on behalf of the investors or LPs (limited partners).

As per Pompliano, the main reason behind introducing this innovative investment vehicle at Pomp Investment was to achieve “a significant advantage when investing in early-stage technology companies.” Following this viewpoint, Pompliano is now working full-time at Pomp Investments.  

Crypto Summits

As a popular entrepreneur and investor, Anthony Pompliano has participated in various prestigious crypto summits. Specifically, this includes his participation in the 2019 Crypto Invest Summit in California and the 2020 Global DeFi Summit in the United Kingdom.

Besides individual experiences and ventures, Pompliano has also made significant investments in the cryptocurrency industry through his firm, Morgan Creek Digital. This includes:

  • Collaboration with Bitwise to create synergy helped create digital assets in the same year they were founded. These assets include pension plans, foundations, and endowments.
  • Investment in two Fairfax County pension schemes in 2019. Interestingly, the company's partners invested a huge sum of money in this scheme and earned great profits. As a result, the two proceeded with a second, even bigger, round of investment of 55 million USD in the same scheme.
  • 15% of Morgan Creek's portfolio holds cryptocurrencies, one of the primary reasons behind the company's excellent performance.

All these investments, regardless of the amount they have acquired, have added to the crypto wealth and net worth of Pompliano. Speaking of which, Pompliano accounts for 15% of Morgan Creek's portfolio. This is one of the main reasons he is considered a notable investor and leader in the crypto world. 

Media Presence and Influence

As a popular crypto investor, influencer, and leader, Pompliano also has a strong social media presence. Specifically, he often posts crypto-focused videos on his YouTube channel, promoting various investment insights for his audience of 536K subscribers

Besides this, Anthony has: 

But there’s a lot more to his social media presence. Pompliano has also gained great popularity through his crypto-focused podcast, where he shares the latest crypto insights, investment tips, and other investors' experiences with his audience. 

Estimating Anthony Pompliano's Net Worth 

With so many successful and value-adding ventures, startups, and investments, it's evident that Anthony Pompliano has a high net worth. But how much is it? Well, there's no certain answer! 

Anthony Pompliano's estimated net worth in 2024 is between $100 million and $200 million, but the exact amount is unknown. After all, it's impossible to determine the exact net worth of a crypto investor, mainly due to the fluctuating prices of cryptocurrencies. However, Pomp did mention in one of his podcasts with Lex Fridman that 95% of his net worth is derived from Bitcoin. 

The rest of his wealth is accumulated through his investments in real estate, startups, and his earnings from podcasts, newsletters, etc. 


Anthony Pompliano's journey from serving in the United States Army to being a prominent entrepreneur and investor is exceptional. Not only has he strengthened his position as a successful entrepreneur, but he has also learned the ropes to make it big as a crypto investor, contributing to most of his net worth today. 

Gladly, Pomp is one of the successful crypto investors who believe in sharing their lessons and insights with the world through his social media presence. That being said, it is most likely that Pomp's net worth and influence will continue to grow even more in the coming years.


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