March 17

Crypto exchanges that accept USD in 2021


Not all cryptocurrency exchanges accept fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR ect), so if you want to buy bitcoin or other cryptos using USD then make sure you use a broker or exchange that accepts USD as a deposit method. Luckily for you, I have made a list of the top exchanges here:

Best for beginners: eToro

We choose eToro as #1 because they made it so easy to buy crypto from USD, we even made a guide on how to buy bitcoin with etoro. Its simple, you create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds (etoro only accepts USD) and then choose from 14 different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH & all the most popular). The fees for etoro are built into the spread meaning its a what you see is what you get situation which is perfect for beginners. eToro are a highly regulated global brand which makes them super trustworthy, I feel confident leaving my funds in my etoro account.

  • Allows you to copy popular traders move-for-move.
  • Supports 14 cryptocurrencies.
  • Deposit Method: Bank transfer (ACH), debit/credit cards & PayPal
  • Offers free demo accounts.

eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal. "Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk."

Most Secure Exchange: Gemini Crypto Exchange

Based in NYC, Gemini has FDIC protection for their USD and is regulated by the NYSDFS meaning your funds are safe with Gemini. Like eToro, you can simply deposit your USD and begin buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Gemini offers two interfaces, a simplistic one for beginners and then a more advanced one for more experienced traders. If you want to buy and sell in and out of different cryptos regularly then Gemini is a better option then eToro, but if you want to take trading seriously then Kraken or Kucoin are better options.

  • Heavily regulated means your USD is safe with Gemini
  • Offers access to more than 20 cryptocurrencies.
  • Offers a large number of options; Direct buying, the highly advanced ActiveTrader interface, auction support, and electronic block trades & more.
  • Large number of traders means means high liquidity

Offers Most Altcoins: KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kucoin is a bit of a dark horse, they are not a US based exchange which means they operate with less regulation, whether thats a good or bad thing remains to be seen but KuCoin certainly offers their customers a wide range of options. Users can trade over 200 altcoins for small fees, in addition to this traders get access to a free trading bot, a crypto lending service, a p2p marketplace and much more. You can purchase crypto directly on their platform using your credit or debit card.

  • No verification required upon sign up and no deposit fees. They have varying withdrawal fees.
  • Gain access to wide range of services inlcuding free trading bot, crypto lending and borrowing, p2p marketplace and more.
  • Over 200 different coins against both ETH and BTC trading pairs and over 40 fiat currencies.

Best for Low Fees: Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kraken shares some similarities to Kucoin except they are US based and therefore subject to more regulations. They provide their customers access to a wide range of services and coins at low fees, because they are US based their fees are not as low as KuCoin but they are highly competitive compared to other US based exchanges. They provide so many options that its a little intimidating for beginners, however if you plan is to do some serious crypto trading then Kraken is a great option.

  • Reduced marker fees & volume-based fee tiers.
  • Offers customers access to over 50 cryptocurrencies.
  • Trading fees ranging from 0-0.26%
  • Offers dark pools, margin trading, an OTC desk and more
  • Deposit Methods: Bank transfer (ACH), Electronic Funds Transfer,Wire transfer,FedWire, SWIFT, SEN

Runner up for Beginners: Coinbase Digital Currency Exchange

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange that is based in the US, they target thir platform towards beginners by providing an easy to use dashboard. Their fees are high compared to their competitors but provide excellent security. They offer a similar service to eToro but without the social trading aspect, they do however provide access to more than double the number eToro have.

  • Fees: 0.5% - 4.5% varies by type of transaction
  • Account minimum: $2
  • Offers access to more than 30 cryptocurrencies.
  • Deposit Methods: Bank transfer (ACH), Credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer (SEPA), Wire transfer

Best for USD: Coinmama Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Coinmama is another platform aimed towards ease of use, they are more of a broker so you buy crypto directly from them. If your strategy is to buy and hold then they are a good choice, if you want to dabble in trading then I wouldn't recommend them because each conversion goes back to your fiat currency of choice. Coinmama do charge a high fee (5.5%) and deposit fees can add up too. We placed Coinmama in 6th place because of their speed and ease, although their fees and lack of app is a little disappointing.

  • Coinmama supports payment options for five different fiat currencies.
  • Supports 2 million customers and 10 cryptocurrencies
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Deposit Methods: Credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer (SEPA), SWIFT, Wire transfer

Do I get charged a fee for depositing USD into a crypto exchange?

In most cases no, although a few exchanges do charge a fee (Kraken charge a flat fee of $5), your bank however might charge a transfer fee.

How to the fees get charged when I covert my USD into crypto?

Every exchange has a different fee structure, most charge a percentage fee (for example KuCoin charges a 0.1% fee), some brokers like eToro build their fees into the spread, the spread is the difference between the buy and sell price. So basically when you buy with eToro you pay a fraction more than the market average and when you sell its a fraction less. This is great for beginners because it creates a what you see is what you get scenario.

What are stable coins like USDT?

Stable coins are technically cryptocurrencies but they are pegged to the US dollar, meaning they track the value of the USD. Its easier to think of these as USD because they essentially are. Your stable coin will always be the same value as a US dollar except for minor fluctuations.

Is converting my crypto back into USD a problem?

No, every exchange that allows you deposit will allow you to withdraw, exchanges like eToro make this process very easy, after buying a particular cryptocurrency it appears in your portfolio page with a 'sell' button beside it, by clicking this and choosing the amount you want to sell, it gets instantly converted into USD.


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