Best Crypto Launchpads

Best Crypto Launchpads

Robert McDougall 

January 8, 2024


As the world continues to embrace the disruptive potential of cryptocurrencies, the demand for innovative blockchain projects is on the rise as well. 

This has resulted in the emergence of crypto launchpads — platforms designed to support the creation and launching of new crypto projects. You can think of them as the Kickstarter and Indiegogo of the crypto world.

In my experience, many of these platforms leverage blockchain technology to enable decentralized funding models and create a more transparent & open ecosystem for crypto startups.

Unfortunately, with so many launchpads on the market, I can see why some investors & developers find it difficult to locate the most promising options. So, to help you get past this hurdle, I checked out many of the most popular options and compiled a list of the best ones. 

Curious about what makes some crypto launchpads better than the rest? Keep reading to find out!

Top Crypto Launchpads in 2024

After researching dozens of crypto launchpads in 2024, these are the four that stood out to me above the rest:

#1. Binance Launchpad

After testing most of the popular options on the market, Binance Launchpad is my #1 choice. Launched in 2019, the platform is spearheaded by the largest crypto exchange in the world. Given the reputation of Binance, I had high expectations from this platform and it exceeded all of them. 

The most notable feature of Binance Launchpad for me is its strict application criteria. From what I’ve heard from developers, a project has to pass a detailed vetting process before it gets listed on this launchpad. This process involves the evaluation of almost every aspect of its development & future, including the commitment of its development team and readiness for large-scale adoption. 

For investors, this means that any project listed on Binance Launchpad is legit, and not just a scam or a rugpull. For developers, getting featured on an exchange with this much traffic is one of the best marketing opportunities their project will ever get. 

Some of the most successful projects I’ve seen from Binance Launchpad include:

  • Polygon Matic
  • MultiverseX (Previously Elrond)
  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity

#2. Bybit Launchpad

Bybit is one of the most reliable crypto exchanges on the market, and I’ve personally recommended it to many of my friends and readers. The Bybit Launchpad — by extension — is just as reliable and worthy of your consideration. 

Even on my first visit, the main thing that stood out to me is just how successful each new project is on Bybit. In fact, the average growth rate of projects on the Bybit launchpad is at a staggering 1,010%.

Digging a bit deeper, I found three completed projects with the largest yields. These are:

  • GENE with an average first-week return of 3,938%
  • KASTA with an average first-week return of 2,050%
  • REAL with an average first-week return of 1,847%

Given its track record filled with massive success stories, Bybit is a key launch platform to monitor if you want to make it big.

#3. Launchpad

I’m already a big fan of the crypto exchange for its vast collections of altcoins that consists of over 1,400 different crypto assets. What surprised me, however, is that more than half of these started as an upcoming project on Startup.

At the time of writing, this launchpad has successfully launched over 750 unique assets, many of which are quite successful to this day. Some noteworthy names here include:

  • Fetch.AI
  • Harmony
  • Celer Network

The speed at which new projects are added to makes it the ideal choice for investors looking to diversify their investments. 

Another interesting feature of I learned about is that it works on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if you’re early to a promising new project, a venture capitalist can’t just swoop in and buy out the available volume ahead of you.

#4. DAO Maker

DAO Maker entered the launchpad market back in 2017 and has since become one of the most recognizable names in the industry. At the time of writing, I counted over 90 unique projects that were completed on DAO Maker, with three currently running and six more releasing in the near future. 

The most successful of these completed projects are:

  • ChainPort with a strong holder offering of 4 million USD
  • KARATE with a strong holder offering of 3 million USD
  • FITFI with a strong holder offering of 2.75 million USD

One aspect of DAO Maker that I don’t see in many other similar platforms is the constant forward momentum and development. DAO Maker partnered with Venom Blockchain for the development of more real-world use cases of Web3 technology earlier this year. 

It’s true that this has very little to do with the launchpad directly. But, it shows DAO Maker’s willingness to improve and innovate, which adds to the platform's reputation in my book.

#5. PAID Network Ignition

Ignition by PAID Network is one of the youngest launchpads on my list with a relatively recent release in 2021. But, despite this recency, Ignition is already on track to becoming one of the most successful names in the world of crypto launchpads. At the time of writing, Ignition has successfully launched over 90 different projects.

Among these, the ones that caught my attention the most include:

  • Globedx which raised 2,678,000 USD
  • Animal Concerts for raising 950,000 USD
  • Deeper with a total raise of 750,000 USD

While these top earners are certainly impressive in their own right, what interests me more are the 89 other projects I didn’t mention here. 

This is because the vast majority of them were able to raise over 100,000 USD in funding with many hitting the 200,000 or even 300,000 USD mark. It's this consistency that makes me hopeful for the future of the Ignition launchpad as well.

#6. TrustPad

If I had to describe TrustPad with one word, it would be “diverse.” From what I’ve seen, this multi-chain launchpad supports projects on nine different blockchains including Ethereum, BNB chain, Solana, Arbitrum, NEAR, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, and Aptos. This makes it a one-stop shop for both investors and project developers. 

Any doubt I had for this launchpad cleared away when I saw that it has already completed 125 crypto and 10 NFT projects. Some of its highlights include:

  • Solchicks with total funding of $800,000
  • TrustPad with total funding of $500,000
  • FNDZ with total funding of $480,076

In total, TrustPad has raised over 23 million USD in capital across its many successful projects. Many of these projects also raised way more than their original prediction which goes to show the reach of this launchpad. 

If you are interested in TrustPad, I found eight upcoming IDOs on this platform that you can check out right now

Criteria for Evaluating Crypto Launchpads 

These are the key factors I considered when compiling my list of the best crypto launchpads on the market:


The first factor I considered when evaluating each crypto launchpad is security. The last thing you want is to fall victim to a hack or a scam while trying to support an upcoming crypto project. So, when choosing a crypto launchpad — whether as an investor or a developer — go with the one that has a track record of user safety.


Take a deep look at the history of a crypto launchpad and read about what the crypto community has to say about its track record. If it’s known for launching several successful projects, you’ve found the right match. 

User Experience

I’m a firm believer in the concept that a bad user experience can make an otherwise good launchpad frustrating to use. In essence, the platform should be easy to use and navigate, with a clear and intuitive interface.

Token Offerings

Look for crypto launchpads that offer a diverse range of tokens, including both established projects and emerging newcomers. This is an especially key consideration for investors looking to make a profit on the next big cryptocurrency.

Team Expertise

The last thing I consider is the team behind the crypto launchpad. Do they have the experience and knowledge to manage such a platform? If yes, you can be certain that your experience on that platform will be hiccup-free for the most part. 

Case Studies: Successful Projects Launched on Crypto Launchpads

While I did mention a few successful blockchain projects from each of the top launchpad platforms, that was just that — a mention. 

So, let’s dive deeper into two projects financed on my #1 pick, Binance Launchpad. This will give you the full picture of how these crypto launchpads can turn innovative ideas into real, usable products.

BitTorrent Token

As its name suggests, the BitTorrent Token (BTT) is built around the concept of torrenting and peer-to-peer file sharing. All you have to do is seed the file you downloaded and you will earn BTT as a reward for your contribution.

This token started its life on the Binance Launchpad with an initial sale price of 0.00012 USD. But, this price quickly reached up to 0.0012 USD after launch and even peaked at 0.01 USD per BTT in 2021. 


From my research, Injective is a layer 1 blockchain network built from the ground up for finance purposes. It is also one of the fastest blockchains on the planet as it can sustain 10,000+ transactions per second. 

This is, without a doubt, a fantastic technology that will lead to progress in the finance sector. But, what surprised me more is the success of its native token — INJ. It’s a profitable investment opportunity, and here’s why.

Initially, it was sold for 0.40 USD on the Binance Launchpad. After launch, the price of INJ increased to 21+ USD in mid-2021. Even in 2023, it is being traded for 6.22 USD at the time of writing.

Future Trends and Challenges in Crypto Launchpads 

From what I’ve seen, recent market trends indicate that more and more investors are using crypto launchpads to find their next investment. While we don’t have any concrete answer as to why, I can think of two key reasons:


The crypto market is crowded with new projects being launched daily. That’s why investors are starting to rely on launchpads to sift through these options and highlight the ones with the most potential. 


Unfortunately, the crypto market is also riddled with rugpull scams. The strict vetting process of platforms like Binance Launchpads keeps investors safe from these pitfalls — ensuring that their hard-earned money isn’t lost in a pump-and-dump scheme.


I cannot overstate the importance of crypto launchpads for everyone involved. Investors find new crypto projects with the potential for large profits, while developers get to market their projects to more people than they ever could on their own. 

Of course, not all crypto launchpads are equally good for either of them. In my experience, the best launchpads are the ones from Binance, Bybit,, and DAO Maker

Even then, I implore you to do your own, in-depth research before participating in any token sales on any launch platforms.


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