Kiwi Coin Review

Kiwi Coin Review

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


Not every country allows their residents to trade or hold crypto assets due to compliance and legal issues. But there are countries like New Zealand that understand how digital assets can transform the finance industry, which has not been in its best shape for the past few decades. That is why you will find countless global crypto exchanges offering their services to Kiwis and people from other nations. If you are looking for a straightforward crypto exchange with no confusing features and extensive functions, check out Kiwi-Coin which is specifically designed for New Zealanders.

What is Kiwi-Coin?

Kiwi-Coin is a Bitcoin-focused cryptocurrency exchange that is targeted toward the Kiwis only. Traders residing in New Zealand and looking to trade Bitcoin efficiently can join Kiwi-Coin to experience professional trading. As Kiwi-Coin is a Bitcoin-only crypto exchange, you cannot expect much diversity. But their straightforward interface allows users to easily and efficiently access the features and trade Bitcoin.

Right on their homepage, Kiwi-Coin offers options to create an account, read their FAQs, or watch the trading status. You can instantly get started if you are a New Zealand resident and can prove your identity. The exchange is available in English and Russian. If you are a beginner, Kiwi-Coin has a test mode where you can learn how to trade without using actual money. The exchange also provides direct bank transfers to top up your Kiwi-Coin account. You can also go with P2P exchange if you want to use other payment methods that are more suited to your preferences

About Kiwi-Coin

Kiwi-Coin is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand that allows direct fiat to crypto trades. The platform was launched almost eight years ago by Bitcoin enthusiasts who believed in the project. The creators of Kiwi-Coin were already working in the blockchain industry for over three years before they launched their own exchange, making sure that everything worked flawlessly and as per the current standards. Besides providing a simple and fast trading experience, Kiwi-Coin aims to offer the best possible security to users along with easy ways to get in touch with the officials.  You can also chat with the other community members for a quick solution or go through their FAQs section.

Kiwi-Coin Pros & Cons

  • Buy and sell BTC instantly
  • Test mode to learn and implement
  • Automate your trades with API
  • Deposit or withdraw through a bank or P2P market
  • Several ways of communication
  • No trading interface with actual charts
  • No diversity in assets

Kiwi-Coin features

Kiwi-Coin comes with very limited functions and almost no diversity. However, Kiwi-Coin has some crucial features that might make you choose it. Take a look below to find out these features.

Instant account creation

Every crypto exchange requires their users to create an account on the platform to continue their trading activities. But in most cases, traders are required to provide crucial information before they can proceed. With Kiwi-Coin, you can expect instant account creation process without going through much trouble. Kiwi-Coin allows users to create an individual account or company account by providing details accordingly.

You can simply sign up with your email address and phone number and provide some personal information to get full access to the platform. But if you want to trade without any restrictions, you will have to verify your identity first.

Buy and sell BTC with ease

Buying and selling Bitcoin is really simple at Kiwi-Coin. Simply pick a buy order or sell order from the order book, and it will be pretty much it. The best thing about trading from order books is that you can find lower prices than the market, making it profitable for you to trade. 

You will not have to worry about navigating through the whole trading interface, selecting the right pair, setting the order up, and then placing the order. Of course, this might be a negative factor for traders who prefer to trade freely, but this is just not how Kiwi-Coin works.

Different types of orders are supported

There are different types of orders that are supported on Kiwi-Coin. You can get started with simple orders by picking an entry from the order book. Or you can go with floating orders, where you can buy or sell an asset at the specified price. This allows you to buy the asset exactly at the price that you desire. You can place advanced orders through APIs, where different programming tools are used.

Automate your trades with APIs

If you have a custom or pre-built API that can automate trades, you can easily connect it with Kiwi-Coin and let it control your account. You will have to set up everything manually, but it can be worth it in the end, as you will enjoy hassle-free trades with automated functions.

The P2P market is available

Kiwi-Coin has their own depositing and withdrawing methods, but you can also go with the P2P market in case you want more payment options. There are several merchants available on Kiwi-Coin’s P2P market that you can get in touch with and buy or sell BTC with convenient payment methods. But make sure to keep the merchants’ commission in mind before proceeding, or you might get ripped off.

Several modes of communication

Kiwi-Coin offers two live chat options where users can get official support to resolve their problems. You can also go with the community chat channel to discuss your problem with others and get a solution. There are many active users who would participate in your conversation and provide you with the best possible suggestion. You can also use the public chat box for recommendations, updates, news, and market analysis for your own benefit.

Strict security with multiple levels of verification

Kiwi-Coin does not compromise on security and tries to provide a safe and secure environment to their users. They have multiple account verification levels that the users must pass in order to get full access to the features of the platform. Kiwi-Coin is legally registered in New Zealand and strives to comply with all the laws and regulations.

Free test mode with free Bitcoins

Kiwi-Coin offers users a free test mode that comes with free Bitcoins. You can learn how to trade, how to execute orders and evaluate how much you can make if you do everything right.

Supported cryptocurrencies on Kiwi-Coin

Kiwi-Coin might not be the best crypto exchange to go with in case you prefer diversity within the assets. It only allows traders to trade Bitcoin and nothing else. Also, you can only trade BTC with NZD, as the exchange is available for Kiwis only.

Kiwi-Coin Customer support

There are multiple ways to contact the officials of Kiwi-Coin and get your queries answered. If you are looking for fast response, go with the live chat option. But if you want to describe your issue in detail and the problem is critical, it is better to submit a ticket explaining your problem and have a professional get back to you with a response.

Kiwi-Coin Mobile support

Kiwi-Coin does not have any sort of mobile application, so you will have to access your computer or trade through your mobile browser. Kiwi-Coin appears to have no plans to launch their own mobile applications, so it is better to get yourself familiar with the web version.

Kiwi-Coin Fees for users

Following is the Kiwi-Coin fee structure:

Kiwi-Coin deposit fee

Deposits are absolutely free on Kiwi-Coin. You can deposit NZD or BTC through the provided payment methods, and you will be charged a zero fee at the end.

Kiwi-Coin NZD withdrawal fee

Kiwi-Coin charges a fixed fee of $10 per transaction.

Kiwi-Coin BTC withdrawal fee

BTC withdrawal fee on Kiwi-Coin depends solely on the network congestion. It might be low or high depending on the network traffic and miners’ demands.

Kiwi-Coin trading fee

Kiwi-Coin charges makers a fixed fee of 0.4%. On the other hand, traders have to pay a fixed fee of 0.6% as takers.

What do the reviews and ratings show?

Kiwi-Coin is not really popular among global traders as it is targeted towards Kiwis only. This is why it is hard to find legitimate reviews of Kiwi-Coin on trusted sites that we can consider for our evaluation. But some popular sites like Cryptowisser have ratings of Kiwi-Coin based on less than ten reviews. The platform has a rating of around three stars, which is not ideal but is understandable, as the platform lacks diversity and global support.

How does Kiwi-Coin compare with the competition?

It is challenging to compare Kiwi-Coin with the competition, as the platform is not built to compete with others. While 90% of the exchanges are global and support users from all over the world, Kiwi-Coin is one of the very few exchanges that is targeted towards a specific community only. Moreover, Kiwi-Coin focuses on Bitcoin only, primarily because they cannot cater to multiple digital assets paired with NZD.

But in terms of security, privacy, hassle-free experience, and automation, Kiwi-Coin is still ahead of many crypto exchanges. If you are living in New Zealand and want to trade Bitcoin only, Kiwi-Coin will meet your needs.

How safe is Kiwi-Coin?

Kiwi-Coin is safe and secure, thanks to their security precautions. One cannot fully use the exchange without verifying their identity and going through several levels of verification. You can also secure your account with a strong password and keep your account protected at all times. As Kiwi-Coin is a registered financial service provider, you can rest assured your funds are safe from fraud or scams.

What makes it unique?

What makes Kiwi-Coin unique is its simplicity. You’ll have no problem dealing with tons of features, thousands of cryptocurrencies, or options you have never heard of. You can head to the exchange, trade, and head out without engaging with unnecessary features. Even the trading interface is very simple and easy to deal with. Just check out the charts, evaluate your position, and execute the trades from the order book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy and sell Bitcoin on Kiwi-Coin?

Yes, in fact, Kiwi-Coin is solely made for the buying and selling of Bitcoin.

Is Kiwi-Coin a global crypto exchange?

Unfortunately, Kiwi-Coin is not a global crypto exchange, as they only offer their services in New Zealand. If you live outside of New Zealand, you will have to find an alternative.

How many cryptocurrencies are available at Kiwi-Coin?

Kiwi-Coin supports only Bitcoin as a tradable asset. There are no other cryptocurrencies available on the exchange, and the platform currently has no plans to expand their list of digital assets

Do you have to verify your identity on Kiwi-Coin?

Yes, it is necessary to verify your identity on Kiwi-Coin if you want to explore all the features of the exchange. Otherwise, you will be restricted from withdrawing your funds or making direct deposits

What fiat currencies does Kiwi-Coin support?

Only NZD is supported as a fiat currency on Kiwi-Coin. You can deposit NZD in your Kiwi-Coin account and trade it against Bitcoin as per your preferences.

Is automated trading available on Kiwi-Coin?

There are no grid bots or premade bots available on Kiwi-Coin. But you can use your own APIs in order to automate your trades on Kiwi-Coin without any problems.


There is no doubt that Kiwi-Coin is a reliable, trusted, and secure crypto exchange that has been serving traders from New Zealand for about a decade now. Since the beginning of the exchange, they have kept things simple and sound, offering a straightforward Bitcoin trading experience to their users. Of course, some people might complain about the lack of diversity, professionalism, and advanced features, but Kiwi-Coin is simply not designed for them.

Kiwi-Coin targets users who only want to trade Bitcoin and do not want to indulge in complex features. So, if you are living in New Zealand and want to have a hassle-free Bitcoin trading experience, Kiwi-Coin will not disappoint with their beginner-friendly interface, quick deposits and withdrawals, P2P market, good customer support, and massive order book. provides all its content for informational purposes only, and this should not be taken as financial advice to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency or use any specific exchange. Please do not use this website as investment advice, financial advice or legal advice, and each individual's needs may vary from that of the author. This post includes affiliate links with our partners who may compensate us. 

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