Zoomex Referral Code

Zoomex Referral Code

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


Does Zoomex offer promo codes?

Yes, Zoomex has promo and referral codes, where new users can receive free bonuses and coupons for completing certain tasks. Here is a current referral code: ZX900124

You can also click on this link, which will automatically direct you to the registration page, and add the code for you. https://partner.zoomex.com/aff/ZX900124

What does Zoomex referral code do?

When you use the referral code ZX900124 to sign up to Zoomex, you gain access to tasks in the Rewards Hub, and you can receive up to $330 USDT in bonuses and coupons!

When you make your first deposit of $100 or more, you receive $10 USDT bonus.

After you trade $100, you receive $10 USDT coupon. 

Trading more than $100,000 gives you a $100 USDT coupon, and trading $500,000 gives you a $200 USDT coupon.

How do I receive my FREE $20 USDT?

To receive your free $20 USDT, you need to do two steps.

  1. Deposit at least $100 (receive $10 USDT bonus)
  2. Trade over $100 (receive $10 USDT coupon)

You can see the tasks in the Rewards Hub in your Zoomex account. To access this, click on the 'Account' icon (see red arrow below), then click on 'Rewards Hub'.

What is USDT bonus and USDT coupon?

Zoomex USDT bonuses can be used as margin, and can also be used to cover trading losses, and offset trading fees for perpetual contracts prior to user's own capital. USDT bonus cannot be withdrawn, but profits made from trading with the bonus can be withdrawn. You will receive $10 USDT bonus when you make your first time deposit of $100 or more.

Zoomex USDT coupons can be used to offset trading fees for perpetual contracts. These coupons are deducted to cover fees prior to the user's own capital. You receive $10 USDT coupon when you trade over $100. If you are a large-volume trader, you receive $100 USDT coupon and $200 USDT coupon when you trade more than $100,000 and $500,000 respectively.

Can I share the Zoomex referral link with friends and family?

Yes, you can spread the word to your family and friends by sending them this link: https://partner.zoomex.com/aff/ZX900124

Note that this offer will not last forever, so be quick before it expires.

How come I can't see my $20 free USDT?

To receive your free $20 USDT, you need to fulfil the criteria listed here. Once you have completed the tasks, the Zoomex team will check your eligibility, and then credit the bonus or coupon to your Rewards Hub page. If you have waited a few days and you still can't find your free USDT, reach out to the helpful customer service team via live chat.

What is Zoomex?

Zoomex is a licensed and secure crypto exchange that focuses on derivatives trading. It is unique in that you can use the centralized or decentralized versions of the platform, based on your preference. You can learn more about Zoomex from our detailed review.

Where else can I get FREE crypto?

There are a few other options if you are looking for free Bitcoin or USDT:

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