Koinly Promo Code

Koinly Promo Code

Robert McDougall 

January 9, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Koinly does not offer promo codes but provides a unique referral link for a huge 30% discount on all plans.
  • To claim your 30% discount, click on the referral link and sign up for a Koinly account.
  • The discount is automatically added to your account, and you can also share this referral link with others.

Does Koinly offer promo codes?

Koinly does not have promo codes, but what they offer instead are unique referral links that you can use, to receive 30% discount on all plans! The link below is current and has been tested in 2024: 


Clicking on the link and then clicking "Sign up" in the top right corner of the page will let you create an account. Your 30% discount off all plans will automatically be added to your account.

How do I claim 30% discount off plans on Koinly?

You just need to click here and when you are taken to the Koinly home page, click "Sign up" in the top right corner. Enter your name, email and password, then create an account. The 30% discount is automatically added to your account, so any plan you choose will be discounted.

What does Koinly promo discount do?

When you sign up with the unique promo link above, you receive 30% off all plans on Koinly.

Can I share this referral link with friends and family?

Yes, you can send this link to anyone you like, and as many people as you want. But remember to be quick, because this generous offer will not be around forever.

What if my Koinly promo discount code isn't working?

If you are not seeing the 30% discount on plans even after you signed up with the link above, contact the Koinly Support team via the live chat button. This is found in the bottom right of your Koinly account. Let the Koinly Support staff know that you signed up using this referral link: https://koinly.io/?via=2B8C7EBF and that you are entitled to a 30% discount. They will help you apply this to your account if there was some technical issue preventing it before.

What is Koinly?

Koinly is one of the best crypto tax software programs; it is low cost, easy to use, yet packed with features. Koinly will save you the headache of trying to calculate your crypto profits as it is all done for you, with a report included in under 20 minutes.

Koinly supports more than 300+ crypto exchanges and wallets, and you can import your trade data either via API or CSV files. Advanced trading such as DeFi, margin trading, and futures are all covered too. Visit the Koinly website to read all about the platform before deciding to use it for your tax needs.

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