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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Robert McDougall
About Free Crypto Trading Course for Beginners

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular trading asset, particularly among younger investors who are looking for large short-term gains. The main advantage of trading crypto vs stocks or forex is that the volatility is much higher, making it easier to secure higher profits in a short timeframe. Of course, that also means that you can lose your money much faster, if you are on the wrong side of a price swing.

This is where an understanding of crypto trading, technical analysis, and trading techniques becomes important. If you learn how to study the charts properly and discover the best way to set up your trades, with stop losses and take profits, you will be more successful in your trading.

With our FREE course, you can access all our trading knowledge and experience without having to pay a cent! There's no catch, we won't require you to sign up via email to unlock the last section, or give your credit card details at any stage. It is completely free, and we offer this because we want to see our readers (especially those new to cryptocurrency) profit from crypto. The last thing we want is to see newcomers sign up to a crypto exchange, lose all their money because they don't understand what they're doing, and then leave the industry forever.

In this 9 part course, we will run you through everything from the basics of cryptocurrency, to technical analysis of charts. If you already have some knowledge of cryptocurrency or trading, you can skip the earlier lessons, and jump to the sections that are relevant to you.

Simple and Easy

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Learn about what cryptocurrencies are, and how to research them before you start trading.

Learn about trading pairs, stablecoins, and other basics of crypto trading.

Find out how to choose a cryptocurrency exchange, and follow a step-by-step guide on how to set up your account.

Learn how to read an order book, and understand the supply and demand for the cryptocurrency pair you are looking at.

Learn about market orders, limit orders, and stop orders, and how you can use them effectively when trading crypto.

In this lesson we explore the various strategies that you can use when trading cryptocurrencies.

Learn how to read cryptocurrency charts and identify patterns, to identify potential trading opportunities.

Learn how to conduct further technical analysis by looking at trends, support and resistance, and indicators.

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Learn how to trade using all the knowledge from previous lessons. With our step-by-step guide, you can begin trading confidently.

About the Teacher

Robert McDougall

After discovering cryptocurrency in its early days, Robert has spent countless hours researching and trading crypto. He remembers how confusing it was when he first dabbled in crypto trading, and that inspired him to create this course to teach beginners learn to trade.

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